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  1. Leah - 1 Ruby - 38 Tony - 64
  2. Leah - 2 Ruby - 39 Tony - 62
  3. Leah - 3 Ruby - 40 Tony - 60
  4. Leah - 3 Ruby - 42 Tony - 58
  5. Leah - 3 Ruby - 44 Tony - 56
  6. Leah - 3 Ruby - 50 Tony - 50
  7. Leah - 3 Ruby - 54 Tony - 46
  8. Leah - 3 Ruby - 60 Tony - 40
  9. Leah - 3 Ruby - 64 Tony - 36
  10. Leah - 3 Ruby - 69 Tony - 31
  11. Leah - 3 Ruby - 73 Tony - 27
  12. Leah - 3 Ruby - 76 Tony - 24
  13. Leah - 3 Ruby - 76 Tony - 24
  14. Aww Laura this is coming along brilliantly. It's so incredibly sad and you write it in such a way it makes you feel connected to all the characters involved, even the ones with smaller parts like Mattie and to an extent, Lucas. Jack's speech was really moving and heartfelt. I love how he talked about his childhood and tried to make it a celebration of Tony's life The little Martha/Rachel scene outside the church was beautifully written. It's so sad that Rachel is sort of pushing people away from her but at the same time she's kind of admitting she needs people close to her. Martha was incredibly understanding with her and it's so lovely she just sat with her; waiting for Rachel to be ready. You protrayed Rachel's feelings perfectly. The little Matilda/Lucas scene on the beach was pretty powerful and i love how you're developing Lucas story. It's so sad that his anger is continuing to build up and he is lashing out at everyone close to him. I hope someone can get through to him eventually before things go too far and he says/does something he regrets. My heart broke for Rachel at the funeral. It must have been awful for her to be in a room with people who didn't even mean anything to Tony. Although i don't think it's the best idea i completely understand why she wants to just sit and get drunk with Jack. They both seem so desperate to escape and i guess right now alcohol is the only way to do it. I understand Martha being so angry, it doesn't really look good to get drunk at your fiances/dad's funeral. This part was so tragic though: That was so beautifully written and nearly made me cry. Rachel's pain is so raw and it's so well written i can actually feel it. She is right, Martha has no idea and will never really understand what Rachel is going through. I hope Leah helps her as poor Rachel really needs someone right now. Her waking up and getting all worried she'd never be able to talk/see him again was heatbreaking. And poor Lucas Rachel giving him the dirt from Tonys grave was so sad. This is amazing and i can't wait for the next part.
  15. Leah - 5 Ruby - 84 Tony - 17
  16. Leah - 6 Miles - 0 Ruby - 84 Tony - 15
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