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  1. Sorry but you already asked about Tony's age just a few months ago and it was explained that there was basically a mess up with the whole Jack and his birthday thing. . When Tony went to his high school renunion in 08, he said it had been '25 years since he'd been in a room with some of these people.' Say you're 18 when you finish high school, that would make him 44/45 now. Plus he celebrated his 40th soon after arriving, so it's all fits. At the moment i'm finding his excuses for wanting to stay a little pathetic. He's hardly mentioned the Jack issue and that's the one i assumed would be the hardest for him. Instead he says he likes living next door to his sister I just don't understand why he is not even willing to discuss it. That's not the Tony we know. And would he really risk losing his wife and child all because he wants to stay living in the same place? And i wish Rachel would really tell him how she's feeling about it instead of hiding it. Surely they could compromise - try it for a year and if Tony is not happy then move back? I think it was a good story idea in theory but they way it's been handled has been pretty awful.
  2. So when did Tony get his personality transplant? I can't believe he refused to even discuss moving seriously with her - instead he pretty much said well i love my life here and i'm happy so so be it. Nevernind the fact she told him she's not exxactly happy with her life in Summer Bay and that this job would actually work out better for Harry. I can't believe he let her leave the house knowing she was about to cry and he just sat there. I understand him not wanting to go but i find him to be acting pretty selfish - they don't have to commit to Boston forever. His refusual to even discuss it infuriates me. I know he is giving up a lot in Summer Bay but it's for his wife and son - they should be his first priority. And Lucas is in America - i can't believe he's even a little bit excited about the possibility of being closer to him. Instead he seems more concerned about leaving Gina and Xavier Right now he's acting like he doesn't give a damm about Rachel at all I am pretty much appalled at the writing of this.
  3. I'm just making chilli with lots of extra spice!
  4. Wow that was amazing as always! Oh my poor Charlie!! Things are rapidly going downhill for her I can't believe Angelo let it go as far as her getting arrested!! That's disgusting behaviour for him. And to think just a few weeks ago they were so happy. It must have been embarrasing for her to be taken to the station by work colleagues. I like how you set that scene up; her reflecting on how wonderful her life had been and how quickly it changed. It's lovely Tony's home And nice to see him have a little welcome home party! Loved this line: It's good Rachel is trying to make light of the situation and all things considering he got off pretty lightly. I hope it doesn't casue too many problems though. I loved that Tony and Rachel were able to reassure Elijah about his job/faith and i hope they helped him realise that he actually helped them more than they first thought. And yay Mattie came to see him, that was lovely That last section was heartbreaking I was wondering when he was going to find out about her suicide attempt. I don't blame him for being angry, it must be horrific finding out someone you love was so desperate that they actually tried to end their own life. I thought it was really well writtien and Tony's outburst was really realistic. I like how you set it up, in a normal everyday situation where Rachel was probably unaware he'd even notice her scars. It's easy to see why she'd just want to forget about it. The little bit about the tv show too showed that Tony's memory loss is always going to be with them and no matter how frustrating it gets they're going to have to get used to it and not let it take over. Poor Rachel though. You can tell how ashamed she was and how hurt she was when Tony accused her of not thinking about the baby. I guess he got such a shock he wouldn't even consider the fact she didn't find out she was pregnant until after. Can't wait for more.
  5. ^ Agree!! What the hell got into Tony today? He was acting like a complete jerk. I can't believe he told Rachel she doesn't value what they have That's such a nasty thing to say. I would have slapped him or stormed out! The lack of consistency is driving me crazy. Last week he was being pretty supportive and now suddenly he won't even talk to her about the possibility of it? Instead he makes stupid childish comments I don't understand why such a big deal is being made of moving. It's not exactly anything you wouldn't expect one day. Yet more awful writing of Tachel. It's pretty clear the writers don't give a damm about them and it shows. They don't deserve so much rubbish.
  6. This is Rachel we're talking about. She can do just about anything I really loved them in these past 2 episodes. It's wonderful to see them both supporting each other and i'm very glad Rachel seems to be able to talk about the boxing and actually be happy for him that it's going so well. I think Tony was probably quite proud of her and it was very sweet how he kept saying how good she was at her job and how much the patients love her. I'm very surprised he didn't completely knock back Daniel's offer. It was lovely that he encouraged her to think about it and it's great they actually discussed it together and that a lot of Rachel's concerns were to do with Tony and Harry. I still don't like Daniel much. He's very pushy and i can't believe he expects her to make such a huge decision so quickly. I feel sorry for Rachel because i think deep down she wants the job desperately but she also doesn't want to uproot her family just because she wants to go. And i did love how she made it clear to Daniel that if Tony was willing she'd go. I think she is in a really difficult situation and just doesn't want to upset anyone I think Tony probably liked the idea in theory but when reality started to sink in it maybe hit him exactly what moving would mean. Although he made it clesr he was happy in Summer Bay i don't think he is completely against the idea. And with Lucas living in America it would be nice for him to be on the same continent. And the little mushy stuff was just great. Loved Tony's face when Harry interrupted their kissing
  7. Laura those past 2 chapters were amazing! I loved the easy banter between Tony and Rachel about the baby. It was lovely too see them all happy and joking with each other after so many months of misery. Tony trying to look after her but actually probably stressing her even more was pretty funny Bless him though. I loved this line: Hahah very Rachel like!! I'm glad things are okay between Rachel and Jack. Poor Jack worrying about it but it's good they've cleared the air and Rachel being all optimistic is sweet - it's nice she finally has something positive to go on. But now it seems like something else has gone wrong - and it doesn't sound good. Poor Tony, he must feel like an idiot. I hope it's nothing too serious, maybe after everything he's been through a little memory loss is too be expected? I did like that scene though - it was very well written and you build up the tension perfectly. You can feel how tense the atmosphere must have been in that room. Tony running out is very true to his charatcer so i liked that. It just made me feel so sorry for him though, it's like he is taking one step forward, 2 steps back And it must have been awful for Rachel and Jack to suddenly have their hopes slashed like that. I really liked that it was Lucas who went after him. He's grown up so much in the writing of this and i think he gave Tony some really good advice, considering how scared/worried he must have been himself. I can't believe Lucas thinks Tony didnt love him as much as Jack - that must have been so hard for Tony to hear. But i love how you ended that scene, it tied it up nicely and i think what Lucas did right there says so much about their relationship. I am disgusted at Angelo and can't believe he is letting Charlie take the blame for his own incompetence!! What a pathetic coward. He's really on a downward spiral in this!! However i think Angelo is quite pathetic anyways so it's pretty realistic to the one we know. There's no way she's going to understand. Poor Tony I understand his embarrasment though and think it's quite good he went himself to see the doctor. I think he's desperately trying to prove he can do it alone. I just hope he doesnt push people away. Rachel is being amazingly supportive even though she must be breaking up inside. I hope all of this doesn't impact negatively on the baby. Poor Tony. It's terrible what's happened but i guess to come out of a coma after the accident and have no side affects would have been a miracle. I hope this is something they can work through as a family and i hope Tony doesn't let thing destroy him. Can't wait for more.
  8. It was lovely to see Tony and Rachel actually talking to each oher and being happy for once! It was all very normal and sweet. I like how she asked about his boxing classes and seemed genuinly interested in how they were going. I understand her being bored with her job - i think it's only natural you'd feel a little jaded after doing the same thing for so long. And i guess all that paperwork is not really what she signed up for. But i'm not sure about this Daniel guy - i feel like he's trying to convince her that she's unhappy. He was almost condescending; suggesting she had lost her spark or was setting just becasue she'd married and had a baby. The Lady Godiva story was funny and i loved Tony's 'you've seen my wife naked!' line I love how Rachel acted all embarrased and hid in Tony's shoulder. I guess though long term there's not much chance to progress in a small town. But i think the writers forget Rachel s only 31 years old and already is a Head of Department. She's doing pretty amazing for herself. About the 4 hourly feeds thing, i assume she was just meaning when he was baby, not at that very moment. She was kinda talking about things in general i think.
  9. Alf - 6 April – 7 Bianca - 5 Colleen - 6 Constable Avary - 4 Constable Watson -6 Dexter – 4 Elijah - 1 Gina - 2 Harry - 5 Indigo – 9 Irene - 5 Leah - 7 Liam - 5 Marilyn - 7 Miles - 6 Mr Oddly - 5 Nicole – 9 Nurse Julie - 6 Nurse Vermonica - 5 Penn - 2 Rachel - 9 Romeo - 13 Sid - 5 Tony - 6 Xavier - 6
  10. Danni there is not need to be so rude, keep you're rolling eyes for other people who deserve it Alf - 6 April – 7 Bianca - 5 Colleen - 6 Constable Avary - 4 Constable Watson -6 Dexter – 4 Elijah - 1 Gina - 3 Harry - 4 Indigo – 9 Irene - 5 Leah - 7 Liam - 5 Marilyn - 7 Miles - 6 Mr Oddly - 5 Nicole – 9 Nurse Julie - 6 Nurse Vermonica - 5 Penn - 3 Rachel - 900 Romeo - 13 Sid - 5 Tony - 6 VJ - 0 Xavier - 6 VJ is out! Ooops my finger slipped on the 0, my bad.
  11. Laura that was another amazing chapter I loved Rachel being all overprotective and a bit bossy - that's very much like her! I did enjoy the little affectionate moments between them and it's lovely Tony seems to be making good progress. Like how you've kept it all realistic though and he's still in hospital and feeling a bit weak (if this happened on the actual show he'd have been home the next day and trainning for a marathon ). Rachel's reaction to Angelo is very much in keeping with her character - she is extremely forgiving towards people when only she is involved but as soon as someone she loves is affected she changes. I love that she's so angry though - everything that happened to her is a direct result of Angelo's incompetence. I didn't expect Tony to be so understanding but i expect after everything he's been though he's just happy to be alive and have Rachel and his sons in his life. Tony finding out about the baby was brilliant. It was so cute and funny. I can't believe Rachel forgot about it for 2 weeks. I guess she was just overwhelmed with everything. Tony's reaction was lovely and i'm so glad they have some real happiness and something wonderful to focus on after everything that's happened. Loved that her shrieked Just Beautiful. Oh wow things are really awful for Charlie and Angelo. That line by Charlie just sums out how serious the whole situation is. If Rachel had succeeded then she would have died for nothing - and imagine Tony having to be told his fiancee killed herself becasue of a mistake made by someone they considered a friend. I have no idea how he is going to get out of this one. I can't believe he's gotten Charlie involved in it as well He's such a pathetic coward. You wrote this part so well; Angelo's shame and Charlie's obvious hurt by everything he'd done - just really well written. Can't wait for more!
  12. Alf - 4 April - 9 Colleen - 4 Dexter - 2 Indigo – 17 Irene - 9 Leah - 4 Marilyn - 54 Rachel - 13 Romeo - 6 Tony - 8
  13. Alf - 6 Angelo - 5 April - 7 Charlie - 0 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 8 Elijah - 2 Indigo – 12 Irene - 9 Leah - 5 Liam - 5 Marilyn - 15 Miles - 5 Nicole - 8 Rachel - 7 Romeo - 5 Ruby – 5 Sid - 4 Tony - 7 VJ - 4 Xavier - 6 Charlie is out
  14. Alf - 6 Angelo - 5 April - 7 Charlie - 2 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 8 Elijah - 2 Indigo – 12 Irene - 8 Leah - 5 Liam - 5 Marilyn - 15 Miles - 5 Nicole - 8 Rachel - 7 Romeo - 5 Ruby – 5 Sid - 4 Tony - 6 VJ - 4 Xavier - 6
  15. Alf - 6 Angelo - 5 April - 7 Charlie - 4 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 8 Elijah - 2 Indigo – 12 Irene - 7 Leah - 5 Liam - 5 ]Marilyn - 15 Miles - 5 Nicole - 8 Rachel - 7 Romeo - 5 Ruby – 5 Sid - 4 Tony - 5 VJ - 4 Xavier - 6
  16. Alf - 6 Angelo - 5 April - 7 Charlie - 6 Colleen - 5 Dexter - 8 Elijah - 2 Indigo – 12 Irene - 6 Leah - 5 Liam - 5 ]Marilyn - 15 Miles - 5 Nicole - 8 Rachel - 6 Romeo - 5 Ruby – 5 Sid - 4 Tony - 5 VJ - 4 Xavier - 6
  17. Laura that was a fantastic update. I loved it. I don't blame Tony for being a little confused when he first woke up; it's only natural after spending so long in a coma. I love how he asked for Rachel though and i'm glad she wasn't angry at him. I felt sad that Lucas couldn't tell Tony exactly how he felt but in a way i think it's too soon for him to be spilling his heart out. Tony's initital reaction should be enough confirmation for him. I love how it was so subtle but it means so much. That made me laugh. Bless Tony for cracking a joke after waking up from a major accident! It's still so sad how Rachel blames herself for all that happened and i'm glad Tony made her realise he wasn't angry at her. She's been carrying it around for so long it must be a huge relief for her to have it taken away. I love how she just blurted out that they buried him without really thinking about it. Tony just came across as being confused and i love how you wrote all that. It all worked really well. I think them having to sit down and explain what happened wouldn't have had the same affect. The end scene with them was lovely and it was so nice they were just alone together and Rachel finally relaxed for possibly the first time since the accident. And bless Tony for trying to make her see he wasn't ever mad at her. Eeek all the stuff with Charlie and Angelo I can't believe Angelo has been so stupid! He's completely messed up and i don't think he realises how serious it is. I loved Charlie's anger towards him - she must be a little mixed up about everything given her position and also her relationship with Angelo. Plus she's friends with Jack, Rachel etc. I feel kinda bad for her - she must feel guilty even though it's not actually her fault. I'm excited to see where all this is going. I have a feeling Jack, Rachel etc are going to be furious.
  18. Omg Laura this is so amazing! I think Jack and Rachel were in a terrible position regarding the trial and i understand both their reactions. Of course Rachel being a doctor would want to try it becasue as she said he's been in a coma for a long time and it's unlikely he'd wake up considering . But i also get where Jack is coming from. Having a new drug tested on your immediate family is a scary prospect especially when there's no guarantee. I loved that line. It was like there was a sudden switch in Jack and he just released all this anger but felt immediately guilty. I'm glad Rachel didn't take it to heart though. It was nice to see Lucas being emotional and actually confronting his feelings. I think that talk with Alf helped an awful lot. I'm glad he agreed with Rachel although i hope Jack doesn't feel too angry at being pushed out. The opening paragraph of the last chapter was so serious and sad. I like how you made it free of medical jargon! But Rachel just holding his hand and realising it had been over 6 hours was so incredibly sad; after everything they've been through it must have been just heartbreaking for everyone. But even more heartbreaking was him waking up and not asking for Rachel Just when she must have been celebrating inside her heart gets broken again. I loved that even though she must have been falling apart inside she still managed to stay strong for Lucas and Jack. I don't know where she get's the strength from. It's just so sad she still feels guilty about their fight. I just hope Tony is a bit confused and he'll ask for her soon. I don't want to believe he doesn't recognise her or something awful like that. So amazing though. Can't wait for more.
  19. grilled salmon with thai sweet chilli sauce and salad with balsamic vinager.
  20. I'm so sick and tired of this boxing rubbish that seems to be going on and on without reaching any conclusion. It's such an insult to Amy and Jon to give them such trivial stuff to do. Really disappointed in the writing of them this year I think they're both behaving as bad as each other I understand Rachel's concerns over the whole boxing thing and i guess maybe she's worried that if a girl gets hurt then Tony is going to get into trouble - but - she is going a little over the top with the whole injury thing. But Tony seems a bit obsessed by it - why decide to teach boxing when he knows how much his wife hates it? I don't blame her after all the rubbish with John. Rachel supports the whole idea of him giving classes and the theory behind it - so why couldn't he have taught self defence, fitness in a different area? There's tons he could have done. Just awful, lazy writing And i think it was a little mean of Tony and Sid to set her up like that, they made her look really quite stupid. The Tony of 08 and 09 wasn't like that. The only good thing was seeing little Harry again - that baby is just adorable. And he's finally in his big boy sitting up buggy Oh and i loved Rachel's dress
  21. Oh wow Laura that was amazing I can't believe they got chased by security! I loved all the drama of that. And Oh.My.God. Tony is alive What a sudden change in events! Brilliant though. Jack's reaction was so well written and i loved how he was just so overwhelmed with everything. At first he couldn't even talk then he was all exicted and thinking about having to tell Lucas. Everyone's emotions must be all over the place and i think you showed that really well. Jack went from being daxed and confused to acting like a kid at Christmas. Rachel's reaction was just really lovely. Her just lying next to him and taking in his smell and just holding him was just beautiful and i'm glad she got to be alone with him. It was so meaningful that it was just the two of them. I'm glad she didn't completely go crazy and jump all over him, although i wouldn't have blamed her if she did. It's so very sad so she still feels guilty about their fight. She's been carrying that around with her for months and i really hope she gets to let go of it soon. I loved that paragraph. I feel incredibly sorry for Rachel though and it's tragic something so massvie had to happen to make her realise what's important. She seemed to get a little peace at the end though and i loved she just closed her eyes and allowed herself to let go a little bit. The Lucas and Alf stuff was nice and i hope now Lucas realises just how much Tony loved him. It's sad he thinks that his dad loved Jack more than him and that he didn't mean as much to his dad as his brother did. Alf's gesture was sweet and i only hope Lucas took it as being genuine. Although now he's gonna be knocked for six when he finds out about him being alive!!! The end stuff was really good, nice little twist at the end adding more friction it it!! I love that Rachel had fallen asleep next to him though; the poor girl probably needs to sleep for a week! And then Jack and Martha having a little moment. I think that he reflected on everything that had happened though and the little part about Martha asking how such a massive mistake could have been made. I guess in all the excitement it's easy to forgot the underlying issues and how serious it is going to get. The whole trial thing is interesting and i suspect it's going to casue yet more tension. Love it though, can't wait for more!
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