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  1. Heyy girl. Hope you're well :)

    Sorry to bug you again, but what happened tonight? Just the Tachel news, hehe.


  2. Hey hey come on msn, lol!! xxx

  3. Hellloo, if you're around come on msn, hehe..i'm watching it again! lol xxxx

  4. Heyy, how are you? Hope all is well and good with you, not seen you around much! Take care xx

  5. Thank you again!! Glad you like it, should have next chapter up at the weekend. I'm just going to work soon, not happy, hehe. Hope you're well, have a lovely evening! xx

  6. Aww thank you!! That means a lot, hehe. I'm going to post a new chapter today! How are you? xx

  7. Charlotte!! How are you? How was Morocco? Lol!! Missed you at the boards!! Get posting hehe!! xxxxx

  8. Heyy my lovely! hope you're well, i'm at the library, joys!! xxx

  9. hello lilbrown, lol. haven't seen you in tachel spoilers for ages, tsk! i finish uni on friday, wohoo!! xx

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