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  1. Nicole.... where do i start?! i hated her when she first arrived. i thought she was a horrible snotty little princess and i didn't see any potential for her. how wrong was i!

    i absolutely love the friendship her and aden share now. i think he has helped level her out. and let's face it, any storylines involving aden are hot!

    anyway, back to nicole... i love that since she's been with geoff she is a lot happier and nicer. i think they're really cute together and really bring out the best in each other. nicole has seemed to realise that she's still young and not to take everything too seriously. she's stopped trying to be such an adult. i have really enjoyed the evolution of her.

    i think her calling roman dad now is sweet. i'm glad they have a good daddy/daughter relationship.

  2. Melody is a complex character, there is no dispute there. I really liked her when she was slowly breaking free from her mother and even when she first got together with Geoff. I understand that she's still finding her feet and "adapting" to the big, wide world that has opened up around her, but I do think that the obsession with Geoff is slightly annoying. I can see she's testing boundaries, working out how the world works, because I think it's understandible that given her upbringing she's going to be curious about things.

    This does bring up an interesting thought though, who would you pair with Melody? Because I don't know if there is anyone in the Bay at the moment that I think she would couple well with.

    Melody is 15 right? why does she need to be paired up with anyone?

  3. Just wanted to register my dislike of the new character discussion board! the posts are way too formal and i feel like i'm walking on eggshells if i want to post something, for fear of offending people or getting in trouble.

    I'd really like to have a chit chat type of thread for couples like adelle. I know you will get lots of messages like this, i guess if enough people ask then maybe we will receive!

  4. This is a pairing i would love to see! wouldn't they make a hot couple!?!

    i don't think it will ever happen though... not sure home and away would be game to take the storylines there. plus, as much as i'd love to see it, i don't think i could bear him being apart from belle.

    but if they ever break up sometime in the future...

  5. I love these two. They really compliment each other. and I like that, like most teenage realitionships, they think they are in love. It's cute the way Nicole mocks him a bit but also makes him smile that gorgeous smile! I think he has really helped Nicole mellow out and become a more friendly person. She is a lot happier within herself too.

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