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  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting for a while- too much xmas madness The last couple of chapters have been great! I particularly loved the one with the scan- so gorgeous Ahh I can't stand angst. But you're absolutely right- nothing is normal in Summer Bay!
  2. Oh wow that was great- it had everything that I expected a honeymoon should have And Aden is such a charmer!
  3. Ohh I loved this chapter- it had all the right elements- a reunion in her room of all places with him coming through the window, a subsequent light-hearted convo and then Aden declaring his love for Belle I don't know how to cut out my fav excerpts cause I would comment on them so you're going to have to excuse my lack of fancy computer skills
  4. Oh that brilliant! You are one very talented writer. I loved the parts where Belle drunkely accused Aden of kidnapping her, when she revealed Bridget's secret, and when she threw herself on Aden! Belle's lines were hilarious and Aden is all charm.
  5. Oh that was just a gorgeous chapter - As you can tell from all the comments above we love the fluff so keep it coming Though I wasn't terribly thrilled with the ending- speaks volumes Belle's line about 'as long as you come back'- better not be a premonition!
  6. damn this computer...I had written a longish reply and got the IPS message Anyway what a brilliant chapter! I absolutely loved it. I was most intrigued to see how Aden would react when he saw Belle for the first time after six months. You actually proved me wrong majorly...I was anticipating that there would be anger or even tears but he showed empathy and care for Belle which goes to show how much he's grown. Maybe the time away from each other will prove to be the defining change in their relationship. One can only hope!
  7. Oh I adored that chapter...your chapters never fail to put a smile on my face! And Aden is just so perfect- the scrapbook He better not miss his own wedding- Belle wouldn't be terribly thrilled!
  8. That was great. Like everyone else I wonder how Aden is going to react to the incredibly generous wedding present?! And Belle's line about being hormonal after Amanda told her about the house
  9. Oh wow I go away for a few days and come back to 4 brilliant chapters! I love it! I loved them all- particularly the scenes with Belle and Aden picking names, the phone convo about choosing a wedding venue, Aden asking Roman to be his best man, Belle and Aden just 'hanging' out on the bed! I'm a sucker for fluff so bring them on!
  10. That was great. Loving all the flashbacks
  11. Sorry I haven't commented for a while- been a bit crazy with uni The chapter was brilliant- it's nice to see other characters being woven into the story. Was lovely to see the brotherly-sisterly relationship with Aden and Nicole and her attempts to hug him after hearing the pregnancy news and then the quick mood change when she found out that Roman already knew . Aden certainly knows how to handle her with chocolate cake! I laughed when Belle threatened Nicole not to touch her stomach- so many other pregnant hormonal women have the same reactions! But it's really believable in Be
  12. Oh wow that was simply fantastic. I love how you weave their emotions into the dialogue. Conveys so much more when we witness the person's perspective of what just occurred ie after Belle was forced to admit to the annoying Angelo that she loved him when in reality she doesn't and then the subsequent reaction from Aden pretty much said it all. At least Belle was honest enough to admit to herself that saying that comment was one of the worst mistakes she made. Hopefully this will allow for more self-reflection on her true feelings. I absolutely loved the mistletoe, the friendly banter b
  13. Ohh like everyone else I want an Aden too! Very sweet, caring and so optimistic that things will eventually work out. And I absolutely loved it when Aden said he would be a stay-home-father (not many would offer to do that! ) and allow Belle to have best of both worlds. Just goes to show how deep and meaningful their relationship is.
  14. Aww that was so sad. I just knew that Belle wouldn't let Aden in. She's such a feisty, independent character that's it's understandable. I hope they make up soon.
  15. Oh I loved that! It has now instantly brightened my day- am so snowed under with exam studying that I just loved escaping into your fic. And the text that Aden sent to Belle Enough said!
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