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  1. I want more scenes for Irene - maybe for her to get an actual storyline. She's just there most of the times...
  2. Maybe I should start watching Home and Away again in 2018... I've kind of stopped watching, actually I don't know when the last time I actually watched the show was, I think it might have been VJ & Leah/Irene and Ash were all trying to go for custody of Luc. Speaking of, whatever happened in that department? Are Leah & Irene friends again? Who got custody... I'll admit I stopped watching Home and Away because I stopped caring about the ridiculous storylines. Maybe if 2018 has better storylines. I'll start watching again. Can someone give me a brief summary of everything that's happened
  3. Watch. They're going to make Nate and Ricky a couple for a few months, then break them up and then she'll get back together with Brax. It's becoming really predictable.
  4. I think he's cute :3 http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/news/article/-/18809521/kyle-pryor/ http://au.tv.yahoo.com/home-and-away/cast/article/-/18810065/nate-cooper/
  5. I've been watching over the Johnny Cooper episodes/storyline of Home and Away and I must admit. Heath has nothing on him.
  6. I hate how they got rid of the theme song for the show.
  7. I think deep down Heath is a really nice person, So is Brax. It's because they've been part of the "River Boys" for most of their lives I think. If I saw someone like Heath Braxton on the streets, I'd be scared.
  8. Casey seems to be all over the place. One minute he's nice the next minute he's acting like a total jackass. I think it's because of Heath.
  9. I'm just wondering whether Heath and Nicole will hook up eventually. If they do Heath and Nicole will be my new favorite couple after Liam and Bianca.
  10. Dexter is one interesting character. Do you think that Dex and April will go out ?
  11. What do you guys think about Casey ? It seems to me like he's getting the most screen time.
  12. I really like Heath and Brax. I like Casey too. Except they need to show more of Heath.
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