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    love H&A (Aden & Belle) and a lot of other tv shows:) spending time with my boyfriend and friends.

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  1. I saw Body Of Lies yesterday and Twilight now for the 4-5 time I love that movie.
  2. What percentage is your download?

  3. eating candy from my 2 easter eggs and drinking Bacardi Razz mixed with sprite
  4. I got this in November. I still haven't heard from Jess yet. But the wiered thing happend in January. I got an envelope from the 7 network that send H&A on tv in Australia. In there was a new fancard from Todd??!! Has that happend to anyone off you? I sent one letter and got 2 fancards from Todd back. The second one is a saying: Thank you for your support or something. A little different from this one.
  5. Yay a new chapter Maldives I so wanna go there
  6. Aww loved the wedding night chapter Wonder where they are going on honeymoon
  7. Yeah it took me a few hours I love this 3 fics so much I loved the reception chapter I see you have updated again yay. I'll read it tomorrow since I'm dead tired now since my early start this morning.
  8. Puh I've finally read all the chapters and OMG the wedding Loved it Taniya Can't wait for the next chapters!
  9. I totaly agree with you I still haven't seen the season finale episode yet, but will later today. And I also wonder what will happen with Aden & Belle in 2009.
  10. Went to see the James Bond Quantum of Solace with my boyfriend and other members of my family on Sunday I love Daniel Craig as Bond, but I liked Casino Royale better.
  11. Yay another new chapter And i'cve just started reading this story. Have a lot of cathing up to do Love your stories a lot Taniya
  12. http://www.backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showforum=103 If you started a thread in that forum and put the links in your thread whenever you upload a clip, would be my best guess. Thank you I'll post it there.
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