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About Me

Please... call me just, Kaiya or... well, anything you like. Does not bother me in the slightest :lol:

I live in Queensland, Sunshine Coast. 'Tis a lovely place but... I'm a traveller. I would much rather be overseas or anywhere really. I like change. I like new and exciting things, it's all part of the fun :D

Should warn anyone, I find everything funny. I laugh at everything and anything. Awkard silences, weird moments, even if someone yells at me, I laugh.

I have an autistic brother, Daniel.

You can't win with him.

You can't argue him.

You can't interrupt him.

You can't have something when he wants it.

But, you can't not love him. He's given me that extra lesson in life :)

My sister Lainey always watches home and away with me. She likes a lot of people I tend not to on the show.. because she's just a fool!

Anyway, I'm kinda off so... goodbye ^_^

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