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  1. That was awesome, loved the Kirsty/Jai interaction and the ending was just perfect More soon please
  2. Awwwwwwwwwww, so cute, I loved it Loved the Adelleness, then again how could you not LOL Please update soon
  3. You cant leave it there , then again I ended my story on a cliff hanger LOL Great as always, and cant wait to see what Belle says to Aden
  4. Loved that chapter, LOL at Nicole, you made her so realistic, it was like watching the actual show Please update soon
  5. Another brilliant chapter, loved it So sweet between Aden and Annie, they interact so well together
  6. Chapter 41 – Cute chapter, loved how Nicole reacted to the diner LOL Chapter 42 – Poor Miles, he tries so hard. Wonder what Jai and Annie will do next ? Chapter 43 – loved that chapter, Aden was so sweet to Annie protecting her from Geoff. I feel a little sorry for Geoff as well Please update soon
  7. So sad thats its over, but thanks for writing it, I have really enjoyed reading it Loved the ending
  8. Hi guys, I have a question about avatars I have created my own image on my computer (using paint), is it possible to upload this image as my avatar and if so, how do I do it Thanks, Aden+Belle forever
  9. Loved that chapter, LOL at Geoff in his dressing gown and Belle for being jealous at Kirsty Please update soon
  10. Wow, lots of chapters to catch up on, LOL Chapter 31 – Poor Aden, how could Irene blame him. Loved the interaction between Kirsty and Aden. Chapter 32 – Yay for Roman, he is finally getting through to Aden Chapter 33 – Loved how you made that chapter, with all there different thoughts about Aden. Chapter 34 – loved that chapter, so funny. I laughed all the way through it LOL Chapter 35 – Poor Aden, glad Roman is there for him. Really sweet chapter Chapter 36 – LOL at Miles jokes, just like he is in the actual show. Loved how they all interacted together as a family Chapter 37 – Poor Aden, I wonder who was at the door? Chapter 38 – LOL at Morag. Loved the bits with Aden and Nicole, I wonder how Roman will react?
  11. That was a great chapter, but I wonder what Aden will do Cant wait to find out
  12. Please let them find them LOL at Roman taking charge of the situation, just like in the army Once again, please let them find them, please update soon, I cant wait to see what happens next
  13. Great chapter, but I dont know what Aden will do. On one hand he could go back to Summer Bay and be with Belle and Roman, or he could stay with his brothers Can wait to find out what happens next
  14. That was great, but poor Annie, and poor Aden It was such an emotional chapter, I cant wait to read more
  15. Just read the last 2 chapters, loved them both LOL at Glady's I wonder who was on the beach with Annie. My head says it was Aden, but I think that is too obvious Cant wait to find out, please update soon
  16. Just read the last 2 chapters, great as always I wonder what will happen between Aden and kirsty, I am eager to find out what is going to happen between the two of them And then Annie and Geoff, I feel sorry for both of them Please update soon
  17. Poor Annie, I feel really bad for her, Jai is a jerk for saying what he said Hope you update soon
  18. Another great chapter, loved the friendship between Miles and Roman, but why was Aden sleeping on the beach Hope you update soon
  19. Great update Loved how Belle acted like a big sister to Annie, the way it should be Hope you update soon
  20. Another 2 awesome chapters Loved Aden and Belle in both chapters, the interaction between them was perfect But like Taniya said, dammit it Aden, who did you have to lose it like that at the end with Annie Please update soon, cant wait to find out what happens next
  21. Dont doubt yourself, that was excellent, well written like the rest of the chapters so far Poor Cassie, and poor Aden as well. He is trying but it is hard for him. Hopefully Roman will speak to him Please update soon
  22. Great update I am glad there are all there with each other, together. The way it should have been from the beginning
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