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  1. Great chapter Poor Belle, and poor Aden, hope they will be okay But Belle has to tell Aden about what he is doing to her when he has nightmares, before Belle get seriously hurt Please update soon
  2. Chapter 62 – Such an emotion chapter, I feel so sorry for Kane and Kirsty, and Miles as it, it must be so hard for him Good to see Kane in the story though Please update soon
  3. LMAO, that was so funny Gladys , Aden at the beginning and the end Hope Kane is a match for Ollie, although it would be pretty funny seeing Belle and Aden trying to steal a kidney Please update soon
  4. Your not a sloppy writer, not at all Anyway, half the fun of writing these fics is finding out what other people think, like you said in a previous comment
  5. In defense of xknomex, I can see where she is coming from But I dont thing that Belle was angry with Aden, I think she was being independent, not letting Aden see how much pain she was really in That what I think anyway, probably completely wrong lol
  6. Larry How could he do that to Belle Poor Belle, and poor Aden, hope they will both be okay Awesome chapter, please update soon
  7. Great chapter, good to see some Jai/Annie interaction Cant wait to read more, please update soon
  8. Awesome chapter, loved how much Belle cares for Aden , despite the fact she is with Angelo Please update soon
  9. You cant leave it there, who was in Belle's room ?, and who has hurt Belle ? Please update soon
  10. Poor Aden, such a powerful chapter, with Aden going back and forth between his father and brother arguing and Nicole and Roman arguing Great writing, please update soon
  11. Thanks for the late update Loved that chapter, Belle calling Geoff bible boy LOL, and then Belle and Aden Please update soon
  12. Great chapter, loved it when Aden was teaching Belle to play the video game, so cute Please update soon, cant wait to find out what happens next
  13. Chapter 56 – That chapter was so sad, poor Ollie, poor Kirsty and poor Belle. The song at the end was a perfect choice Chapter 57 – The way you right humour after such an emotion chapter is just, wow. Such a funny chapter, I can just imagine Roman and Aden’s faces when they walked into the house And to add to what has already been said, Aden loves Belle Please update soon
  14. LOL at Belle and Aden in the diner Whats the present Aden is hiding, Im dying to know Please update soon
  15. Thanks for the updates, its been a while LOL They were both great, glad that Aden was okay and the arguing between Geoff and Belle was funny Please update soon, if you can
  16. Just read the whole fic, loved it, really great work Please update soon
  17. I am glad that you did decide to post that chapter, it was great I am so glad that Roman is helping him, when Aden needs him the most Just need Belle to come around, then everything will be perfect (hint, hint LOL) Please update soon
  18. Chapter 52 – Loved who Kirsty covered for Aden, despite the fact he was probably too mean to her. Hope Ollie is okay Chapter 53 – Yay, an Adelle hug, but grr at Nicole for breaking it up Chapter 54 – No, poor Ollie, you have to make sure he stays safe Please update soon
  19. Just read the whole thing (took me 3 days to do it LOL), but seriously, it was great Love the Adelleness
  20. Hard to argue with what has already been written I wonder who caught Aden, I hope its not Bartlett Please update soon
  21. All together know, aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww That was so cute, that they finally got to kiss Superb writing as always
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