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  1. Great chapter, loved the fluff LOL at Nicole Please update soon, cant believe this story is coming to an end though , at least there is a sequel to look forward to
  2. WOW, just wow at that last chapter, superbly written Poor Aden, poor Belle. I could actually feel there pain, thats how well you wrote it Cant wait to read more
  3. Chapter 75 - loved that chapter, Adelle. Hope Belle will give Aden a chance soon Chapter 76 - aw, that was so sad, poot Kirsty, but I cant believe you left it there Chapter 77 - Awesome, loved the Aden/Roman interaction, glad Aden still has a place to stay Chapter 78 - Glad that Geoff is giving Annie and Jai a chance, but who was Aden talking too on the phone ?
  4. Great chapter, loved the summary at the beginning, but Jason better not break up Adelle
  5. Rihanna - Disturbia Oasis - Shock of the Lightning Kaiser Chiefs - Never miss a beat
  6. Great chapter, interesting twist with Robbie and Tasha returning Cant wait to read the next chapter, although I also agree with LAURZY, Belle is with Aden and no one else Please update soon
  7. Poor Aden, although Im glad he didnt push Belle away Please update soon
  8. Chapter 72 - that was so cute, Adelle . Loved Geoff's reaction and Annie sticking up for Aden Chapter 73 - poor Aden, I feel so sorry for him, you wrote it so well. Glad Belle was there for him Chapter 74 - Another emotional chapter superbly written. Poor Kirsty
  9. Awesome chapter, cant believe that Belle is pregnant Wonder how Aden will take it
  10. Aw, Aden and Belle It was so cute when Aden gave Belle his mother's pendant Please update soon, cant wait to find out what is going on with Aden's dad
  11. Chapter 69 - Loved the Adelleness, the conversation between the two of them was so well written Chapter 70 - Aw, so happy for Nicole and Roman, great update as always Like the green font btw, makes it easier to spot the updates lol
  12. Poor Aden, hope he will be okay. Glad that Belle is getting used to the idea of being a mother Hope Ric will be able to help Mattie Please update soon
  13. Chapter 32 - Awesome chapter, so many different storylines Aden in prison Belle is pregnant The baby is Ric's, not Lucas Chapter 33 - Poor Belle, poor Mattie, poor everyone actually Please update soon, cant wait to read what happens next
  14. Chapter 67 - Glad that Kirsty is letting Jai and Annie try to help, but poor Ollie, hope he will be okay Chapter 68 - wow, just wow, that was so well written It was cute between Jai and Annie, and I loved the ending Please update soon
  15. Loved that line, classic Nicole LOL But seriously, great chapter, I felt so sorry for Nicole and Roman, and Aden as well, hope they will all be okay Please update soon
  16. Excellent chapter, really well written Glad that Belle was there for Aden when he needed her Please update soon
  17. great chapter LOL at Nicole Loved how protective Aden was of Belle, even if Belle wasnt LOL Please update soon
  18. Aden, what is he going to do to Sean I cant believe the baby is dead, poor Lucas and Mattie Please update soon, I cant wait to see what happens next
  19. chapter 64 - lol at Nicole, but whats up with Irene ? chapter 65 - Aw, how cute, Jai and Annie trying to help Please update soon
  20. Great chapter LOL at Ric and Belle but I cant believe Larry is back Please update soon
  21. How could you end it there, so many questions need answering Who has Aden seen ? What is the secret ? What does Lucas want Mattie to see ? Please update soon
  22. Great chapter, loved that Belle didnt want to leave because of Aden Glad Drew tried to warn Belle that Amanda was coming Please update soon
  23. Just read the whole fic, great story Interesting way for Aden to find out about the baby, hope he and Belle will be okay Please update soon
  24. I didnt think Aden was out of character at all, you write him quite well I felt sorry for Miles, but glad that Aden got tested Please update soon
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