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  1. Nice chapter The interaction between Belle and Aden was so cute, especially when she was shaving him lol Please update soon
  2. Awesome chapter as always LOL at Amanda baking Cant wait to read more, especially Irene's reaction to the news
  3. You wrote that chapter so well, but the ending was really sad, poor Aden Please update soon
  4. That chapter was great and the ending, awwwwwwww So cute, more soon please
  5. Loved the interaction between Nicole and Aden, especially when he was trying to find Belle's ring Awesome update as always
  6. Chapter 15 - Belle should have told him, but at least Aden knows about the baby at least Chapter 16 - You wrote that chapter so well, especially Aden's reaction at the end Chapter 17 - AWWWW, So cute, glad Aden didnt leave Chapter 18 - Superbly written, loved the interaction between Aden and Roman, even if there was little dialogue lol
  7. Chapter 42 - Glad Colleen is not going to tell people about Lucas and Cassie. Interesting twist with Aden finding out that it was Tom's brother that Jason killed But Belle , hope she will be okay, dont let Jason hurt her Chapter 43 - Phew, glad that Belle is safe Loved how Annie and Geoff protected her
  8. Great to see the sequel was posted so quickly It was awesome as always, Aden and Belle getting married with a little baby on the way, too cute Please update soon
  9. Aden, look at the picture, please Awesome update as always
  10. Cant Aden and Belle just get along together Like LAURZY said, someone should bang both of there heads together Please update soon
  11. Yeah, go Belle, I was so happy when she told Colleen off But I dont like Jason at all, please dont let him hurt Belle
  12. Just read the whole fic from the start, I love it, please update soon Hopefully Aden and Belle will forgive each other
  13. Cant wait to read it Taniya, I know it will be great as always
  14. Aw, Belle's letter to Aden Hopefully Aden will tell Belle to get to the city Cant wait to read more, especially Belle having a go at Colleen
  15. I'm only on UK pace at the moment The latest scene between them was Charlie telling Ruby she didnt want to upset Roman by being to clingy to him. I just wish the H&A writers would allow this couple to develop, they are a great couple if they are just given the chance
  16. I noticed there wasnt a thread for Charlie and Roman, so I thought I would great one I am a huge fan of this couple. I like Roman and Charlie both as seperate characters, but as a couple I think they are even better I think they would make a really cute couple. It is obvious that they really like each other, but there relationship seems a bit strained at times. I would like the Home and Away writers to give this couple a chance. It may not be one of the most popular couples on the show at the moment but I think they compliment each other so well What do you think ?
  17. I am a huge fan of Aden, he is my 2nd favourite charactor in the whole show The way that Todd Lasance portrays the charactor of Aden is simply brilliant. He can show a soft caring side (like with Belle) or anger (like with his dad) or even fear (like when he spoke about his grandfather) Keep up the good work Todd
  18. I love the character of Belle and she is one of my all time favourite characters. I instantly liked her when she made her debut in H&A and as time has gone on, she has become my favourite character Jessica Tovey is a fantastic actress, and as bailey4 said, I could not see anyone playing the character as well as Jess could
  19. Adelle Just read the final 2 chapters. Loved them, brilliant like always But I cant believe that this fic has finished, I will miss reading it, but at least there is a sequel to look forward to
  20. Cant wait to read it monkeysmoke How long do you think it will take until it is up ?
  21. Aww, that was such a sweet ending chapter I loved it, I loved reading the whole thing, and you have no idea how happy I am that you are going to write a sequel I actually prefer this fic to the show, that's how good a writer you are, please please please keep up the good work
  22. Great chapter Hope that Jason stays away from Belle, wonder how Aden will react ? Ric and Mattie was so cute
  23. Just read those final 2 chapters, loved them, great as always I'm glad that Aden is going to help Ollie Please update soon
  24. Interesting twist, Belle taking Aden hostage Didnt see that coming
  25. Chapter 37 – I don’t like Jason, he better stay away from Belle. Ric and Mattie Chapter 38 – Okay, I really really don’t like Jason now. Lucas and Cassie . Hope Aden will be okay Please update soon
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