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  1. The only thing Belle is guilty of is stringing Angelo along when she knew full well that she still had feelings for Aden. But if Aden had not done what he did she would have not been in that situation...so if anyones to blame its Aden!!...Belle is a fantastic character, and i don't understand how shes portrayed as this person who uses sex to get what she wants!! I don't think so. Maybe her staying with Angelo gives that impression but we didn't see her trying to sleep with him every second chance she got, in fact she was the one that tried to avoid him a lot when he tried to get closer to her, that to me doesn't sound like she was using him AT ALL for sex... ...in saying that Belle is a wicked character who from day one has been able to still posess her bad ass feisty attitude, the fact that she hasn't changed says a lot about who she is as a person. No other character on this show is as interesting as her not even close!!
  2. yep i fully agree with you there!!! At first I was sweet with the whole Aden storyline drama thing, but then we get the whole drama with Belle and the development site and to top it off they had to also add the whole Belle cheating on Angelo...arrggghhh frustrating and confusing!! Im a HUGE fan of both Aden and Belle, but why soooo much drama!! I know (hopefully) that this will probably be the only big storyline that we will get from this couple for this year anyway and then hopefully when it all dies down we can see them finally blending into the community being all lovey dovey and supportive of other peoples problems!! I think the writers may have learnt there lesson from the Martha and Jack storyline judging from the "hatred" fans now have towards this couple, so hopefully they don't fully destroy Aden and Belle with the writers concentrating more on making them strong like Sally and Flynn were. For me personally in the beginning i was soooooo "woop, woop Adelle" now its like "hurry up with the drama already" I want to be able to watch the show with excitement again because they trully are a fantastic couple. So i too want to see them breath and just relax in each others company as well as others...crossing my fingers that the writers won't destroy this couple too!!
  3. Interesting pov, but to me there chemistry goes beyond anything that I've ever seen on H&A! I think its too early to "judge" whether they still have chemistry or not because they have only just started back up again, but I think the writers are at this point focusing on the strength of their relationship and how they support each other through the difficult times in the coming weeks rather than all the lovey dovey stuff...i think down the line once their characters have been put through their emotional turmoil we will see how great they will be together again
  4. For me personally I find this couple BORING with a CAPITAL B!!!!....I'm really sorry, but they don't do anything together apart from ....nope can't think of anything they just don't do anything, theres no chemistry no nothing!! I like them both as individuals but as a couple its just not working, The whole Roman and Martha thing seems like a natural fit although i don't see how the writers are going to approach that!...but thats just what i think anyway, please don't take offence its just an opinion
  5. I'm a HUGE fan of Jessica Tovey, i really do think she is, if not the best actress currently on Home and Away! The way she portrays Belle is fantastic i can't see anybody else doing it as good as Jess at the moment!!
  6. Rihanna - Rehab cheesy but a really catchy song
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