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  1. I like Angelo. I liked him when he first arrived and was the funny, cheeky guy. I loved the episode where him and Belle were in the Surf Club having a drink before they were actually going out, it was soo funny. I am also liking this new side what has been shown lately. I am hoping that him and Charlie get together .
  2. Hey

    I saw you like Instant Star and that you were looking for season 3 online to watch so I thought I would let you know that some of the episodes are on youtube as that is where I watch them and so is season 4


  3. I like Charlie At first I didnt because of the way she treated Morag and she really annoyed me back then but now we've seen a different side of her I quite like her and she has become one of my favourites. I really like her with Roman but I think she would be good with Angelo aswell after them two went on a date to the beach
  4. Laura

    hey i was wondering if you could tell me how to put a pic up like i put one up but that was my personal pic and i dont no how to get another one up like the one what is shown when you post messages please help thanks

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