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  1. ahh thats good to hear. what do you do over there then job wise? yeah egypt was really good thanks xx

  2. Dinner last night, petrol and food/drink at cinema.
  3. Heyy hows Canada? x

  4. yeah egypt next week! found a job yet? i failed my driving test again today! :( lol x

  5. aw lol. Any luck finding a job?

  6. have a good time in Canada! dont miss home and away too much!!

  7. kevinnnn. your phone call and texts made me laugh so much but your gonna end up with no credit soon if you keep calling and texting england!! haaa xxxxx

  8. Happy Birthday David!

  9. happy birthdayyyy! hope you have a great day xx

  10. Car insurance, a takeaway last night and some socks.
  11. About half hour ago I bought a chicken sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and a drink for lunch. 4 things but oh well, all bought at the same time.
  12. Snowing! It started getting better, now we have sooo much. Its soooo deep! At least I got the day off college
  13. We've had our first snow today! Now its getting really heavy and theres quite a lot
  14. I have finally caught up! It's really good! Hope Ruby starts getting over everything soon and I want to read what is Charlies problem with Angelo. Cant wait to read some more
  15. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Reallyyyy dont want to wait till July for the next part
  16. Saw Paranormal Activity 2 Saturday night. I haven't seen the first one but everyone was saying how scary they both are but to be honest I found it pretty rubbish..
  17. Jeans, a white vest and my dressing gown cause I'm cold.
  18. Orange juice. Thinking about what I can have to eat though..
  19. Happy birthday for yesterday!! x

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