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  1. I absolutely love the colouring on the last ones! My favourite is probably the Dex "talk nerdy to me" icon
  2. First part would be in character, second wouldn't, but it would be a lot of fun to watch Indi get herself into a flap. I don't think Annie would be that interested in him, but Indi would imagine she was. But somehow I don't think it will happen. Oh I don't think it will happen and I don't mean she comes and intentionally is a bitch and tries splits them up, just that when Romeo sees her, etc...
  3. I think Annie should come back from Japan to be there for Irene and mess things up for Romeo and Indi
  4. Wow, I love these avs so much Bec. Everything about them is perfect. I haven't made avs for such a long time ( about two years ) and seeing your avs has inspired me to make some!
  5. I cannot stand Casey! I never have liked him but he annoys me so much with his nice guy, dropping out school bad guy thing, nice guy again, etc... Getting boring now too. I want him to leave and Ruby find someone better.
  6. Ah I love this film! Friends with benefits.
  7. Im good thanks. Ah ok still cold?! ooh ok is your friend staying too? x

  8. Heyy. How are you? How's Canada going now? Still enjoying it? When you coming home then.. was it September you said.. xx

  9. Cinema tickets McDonalds Krispy Kreme doughnut
  10. Orange juice and about to have fajitas for dinner
  11. Drinks at the pub last night Food for breakfast this morning A newspaper
  12. Holiday to Disneyland bottle of coke car park ticket
  13. Bottle of diet coke Petrol Chicken Caesar sandwich
  14. ah cool! sounds good. haha i know i noticed you started a new fic! lol still been catching up with home and away? i passed my driving test a few days ago!! finallyyyy. are you still coming back in september or you staying for longer then? xx

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