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  1. I kind of like these but not so much as she is quite annoying. I preferred him and Charlie! I'm glad he stills mentions her.
  2. M&M's from M&M world in New York. McDonald's ( in Times Square!! ) A scarf
  3. Drinking a can of diet pepsi at the moment and eating some dairy milk chocolate from my 1KG bar Just had five minutes ago a sandwich and Doritos too.
  4. Dollars for New York Saturday Starbuck hot chocolate Joggers ( well technically I didn't buy them as I had a gift card for New Look from my sister for my birthday six months ago! )
  5. Ted when it first came out. I don't watch movies a lot!
  6. Tickets to some air show what we went to yesterday Chips And I can't think of a third thing so the next thing I will be buying will be petrol later on.
  7. I thought it was some kind of Hyundai but wasn't sure. Thanks
  8. What car did Charlie drive? The blue one?
  9. Can of coke and chicken chow mein from the chinese
  10. Gift voucher for a friends birthday Christmas present for brother in law Car park ticket
  11. I watch season 3. I was behind for months and months and finally caught up last week.
  12. Jeans, a vest top and a cardigan. Wrapped in a blanket too to keep me warm.
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