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  1. Case and Sash ftw aka for the win No spoilers please isn't here in UK yet
  2. Monster Munch and about to have a glass of coke
  3. Aww good chapter. I loved the nice Brax and Charlie stuff at the beginning. Poor Brax still hasn't got lucky though! lol. So sad at the hospital with Charlie and Romeo. Looking forward to reading more and finding out if one of them is a match.
  4. Great chapter I loved the Ruby/Charlie stuff . I know it must be a bit hard for Brax too but Charlie isn't going to choose sex over Ruby ! lol
  5. Just two things.. Car tax Dinner out last night
  6. Good chapter. I love Bianca and Charlie in this. And Romeo is so good with Ruby, shame hes a complete waste of space in the show! Looking forward to more and seeing what Charlie says to Brax about him knowing about Heath and Bianca.
  7. Yay you posted It's good! Looking forward to reading more! And yes you are slightly addicted to writing fics
  8. An all in one pyjama thing! haha they are amazing, you should get one!
  9. Bottle of coke currently and not long had chilli
  10. Skittles Bottle of coke Closer and Heat magazine (came together)
  11. Vest top and my work trousers. About to get changed into my nice warm pyjamas!
  12. Lunch out (bruschetta to start and a pizza and some chips). A onesie Some black shoes
  13. Only thing I can think of is drinks out Saturday night nothing since then.
  14. About to have spaghetti bolognaise for dinner.
  15. My work uniform.. I finished like six hours ago but I couldn't be bothered changing lol. Grey shirt and black trousers.
  16. Been a while since I've been in here. These are all amazing. The colouring is amazing. I can't choose a favourite
  17. Got them then?! lol Only two things Bottle of Lucozade A new bag
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