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  1. Im good thanks. Ah ok still cold?! ooh ok is your friend staying too? x

  2. Heyy. How are you? How's Canada going now? Still enjoying it? When you coming home then.. was it September you said.. xx

  3. ah cool! sounds good. haha i know i noticed you started a new fic! lol still been catching up with home and away? i passed my driving test a few days ago!! finallyyyy. are you still coming back in september or you staying for longer then? xx

  4. ahh thats good to hear. what do you do over there then job wise? yeah egypt was really good thanks xx

  5. Heyy hows Canada? x

  6. yeah egypt next week! found a job yet? i failed my driving test again today! :( lol x

  7. aw lol. Any luck finding a job?

  8. have a good time in Canada! dont miss home and away too much!!

  9. kevinnnn. your phone call and texts made me laugh so much but your gonna end up with no credit soon if you keep calling and texting england!! haaa xxxxx

  10. Happy Birthday David!

  11. happy birthdayyyy! hope you have a great day xx

  12. Happy birthday for yesterday!! x

  13. I misss you! xxxx

  14. yeah i'm the same.. although i'm not on here as much as i used to be. you got msn? x

  15. Happy Birthday :) xxx

  16. haha so am i :P always seem to find myself on here lol. me too, met so many people on this forum since i joined. x

  17. good :) i'm good thanks. seen you on here quite a bit thought i'd message you lol x

  18. Heyy how are you? x

  19. come on msn, im scared! x

  20. Hey im so glad your my friend even though we dont know each other it feels like we do! your like my best friend and i know im yours too! haa you even told me yourself the other day love you xxxxxxx

  21. come on msn when u get this i want to tell you about last night!

  22. Laura

    Happy birthday! x

  23. Happy birthday for the other day! xx

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