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  1. I don't know if this is the right place for question, but mods, please free to move it. I am trying to find a dress Denny Miller wore. I have no idea when she wore it or for what event. It was a sky blue knee-length dress with a scooped neckline and she was all dressed up. Sorry, but that is all I remember. Any help, would be HUGELY appreciated. Thanks! xx
  2. I am being logged out of forums that require passwords once every week - Spoiler Section and Australian Discussion. However, I stay logged into BTTB. Is there a way out of this?
  3. Thank you team for a job well done. The new look is great! My favourite feature has to be the "Mark site as read" button! Unread forums are a pet peeve of mine ;)
  4. Mods feel free to move if in wrong place Hey Abi! I am unable to read the article. I get a message about some internal error. Can't access the article through google or the daily telegraph website either. Could you maybe copy and paste the article in a PM for me? Thanks!
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