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  1. Last nights episode - the bridge they walked over and next to the water was in Bobbin Head National Park in North Turramurra. I think the little cows & horses/barn was somewhere out in the Hawkesbury? I think they have used that in All Saints in the past??
  2. The house was part of Jackeroo Ranch, it was a horse riding school/farm. The area is mostly bush and is in a beautiful piece of the world. If that's a google earth image, they're a few years old now and haven't been updated, the google earth image of my house is at least 3 years old now.
  3. The Police Station is Frenchs Forest Police Station
  4. Thanks Dan! I knew I was right It's a beautiful spot.... apart from the occasional smells that waft across from the mushroom farms and the like!!!
  5. . Why oh why does Angelo Rosetta have to literally RUIN his character and reputation?! What makes you say that?? I can't find anything that indicates that? I said "Predict", meaning it might not happen yet. Jeez, I was trying to have a joke with yers. Oops... I missed that bit... it was too early in the morning when I read your post... I hadn't had coffee!!
  6. . Why oh why does Angelo Rosetta have to literally RUIN his character and reputation?! What makes you say that?? I can't find anything that indicates that?
  7. Good to see Luke Jacobz sneak into Dancing With The Stars last night.... "unofficially" Try and pick him!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhifOuvUNk0
  8. Thanks Dan! I love knowing where everything is filmed!! Quite a few of them are around my area too
  9. Well done Thanks Dan... I do however feel for those filming there, it is near a sewerage treatment plant and some of the smells that go across that area are horrendous!! We live about 10 minutes from there, and when we drive over a bridge nearby you near throw up!!!
  10. Dan - With Martha's Farm, do you know if it's on Level Crossing Rd in Vineyard?
  11. Dan - Where is the externals of the Hospital & Police station filmed?
  12. Where are the football scenes being filmed?
  13. Thanks Dan, I suspected the same, as I live on a road that comes off Castlereagh Road, and I swear I probably drive past the house that is in the shot about 100 times, and it's driving me mental!!! I remember you had said they shot at Penrith lakes, so put two and two together. Cheers
  14. Does anyone know where the scene of "Gardy" coming into "town" on the bike, with Charlie chasing him is filmed? It looks extremely familiar but I can't place it
  15. Does anyone know what happened to Luke Jacobz? Apparently he's hurt his knee at work....
  16. Just up the road from my house too!! I wonder where in Vineyard it is, because there isn't a great view of the mountains from there, unlike Pitt Town...
  17. Are we any closer to the location of the farm? Also, where Gardy was pulled over by Charlie?
  18. Oh dear God, why must my husband sit and watch Home & Away with me... He hates it, but sits with me and tells me how he prefers Hugo... and I have to stick up for poor HOT Angelo.. Oh husband.. some alone time with Angelo would be lovely!!
  19. I could have written your post word for word! I am so glad he's back!!
  20. We saw a snippet of him on Friday night, more this week..... thank Goodness! I too have been suffering from Angelo/Luke withdrawals... Hopefully we get to see heaps of him in his police uniform!
  21. I live in the Hawkesbury. http://www.hawkesburytourism.com.au/pitt-t...-buildings.html Would it be Bona Vista? or any of the others on that link? I have sent an email to the local hawkesbury newspaper, they're reporting that All Saints has been filming around here
  22. Are you any closer to working out where it is? I am busting to know where it is.
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