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  1. i just dont get why they dont open up a new home and away chat section
  2. ive got an easy solution - open up the adelle appreciation thread in the archive section then its not in anyone's way and you can win back the numerous adelle fans that have left this forum
  3. where do you think it would be best to chit chat about adelle?
  4. hi, i know the characer section has changed but can you make a thread somewhere for adelle chit-chat somewhere on the site that will not effect others its the main reason i used this site anyway
  5. not normally my thing katy perry - hot and cold
  6. oasis - i'm outta time check it out on youtube
  7. Laurzy - youve got great taste in music - if i remember you are a big oasis fan - and fans is also a top song princess - listen to the original Wonderwall by oasis - its the nuts! better than ryan adams version IMO (But youre allowed to like whatever you like)
  8. kings of leon - sex on fire oasis - shock of the lightning
  9. just anything oasis: live forever, wonderwall, don't look back in anger, supersonic, shakermaker, cigarettes and alcohol, roll with it, rock and roll star, some might say, champagne supernova, morning glory, all around the world, stand by me, do you know what i mean, let it out, the hindu times, acquisce, masterplan, little by little, stop crying you're heart out, lyla, the importance of being idle, shock of the lightning etc... find a bad song out of that! Absolute legends!
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