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  1. I'm okay thanks. Just a bit tired, only got two hours of sleep last night. Aw thanks. Yeah, theres 5 albums full of Megan on my cousins Facebook, yeah she does love the camera, allways posing lol. Plus she allways likes to look at herself in the mirror.


  2. What are your predictions for the BSA's next week then?

  3. aw I know, I liked that Chas & Aaron scene at the end, at least she is making an effort with her son now. :) Farmer Barton looked good in the episode too, James Thornton is gorgeous!

  4. which i think is a bit silly really, as it would be too late by then, im looking forward to it too, shame they've moved it back a week.

  5. Yeah its because of the football apparently. thats what i read on digital spy, so it wont be shown on the 12th as planned they are moving it back a week, not sure of the date yet, but it might be the 19th now

  6. aw I know, I like adam, & the actor adam thomas. yeah me too, I just adore the aaron & paddy scenes, it was very good the way chas called paddy & he helped him, & that smile too.

  7. oohh and danny miller has nice eyes too lol :D

  8. aww, I love the paddy & aaron scenes in emmerdale, tonight when aaron had the panic attack and chas didnt know what to do, & paddy helped him.

  9. nah I didnt go shopping, I was planning to but i just stayed in, in the end, it was raining heavy all day. You heard about the BSAs? It wont be shown on ITV1, on the 12th, its been moved back a week, because of the football, not sure what date it will be shown now.

  10. I know, I was looking forward to her interview too, lyndons should be good next week. yeah i am very pleased that lyndon is following me, I like lyndon, hes lovely unlike his character lol

  11. I liked the episode too, will be another good one tonight with aarons panic attack & paddy is the only one to calm him down

  12. heya julie, how are you? do you like my new picture of my cousins daughter! shes 10 months & is walking now. Shes a right lil poser too lol x

  13. At least Lyndon Ogbourne is on Loose Women next Thursday (6th of May) I like Lyndon, so that should be a good interview to see :D

  14. lucy is'nt on loose women today anymore, she cancelled it. was looking forward to her interview aswell, shes my favourite actress. Hope she resecules it for another time.

  15. Have a good holiday then :D x

  16. awe.. awesome.. have a good time on holiday, when you going?


  17. Yeah I've been good thanks, been busy looking after Megan, she wouldnt sleep yesterday kept getting woke up. But she slept for two hours today, how are you? x

  18. shes only 10 months old aswell, clever lil girl :)

  19. Hey Reilly, how are you?

    Megan is walking now, its very sweet! she learnt to walk last week, & has improved a lot, were really impressed :D

  20. thats good, im going shopping tomorrow, but ill go after ive watched lucys interview. Lyndon is following me on twitter now :D Did you like tonights episode?

  21. lucy pargeter is on loose women tomorrow :D looking forward to that as shes my favourite actress. Plus next Thursday, (6th May) Lyndon Ogbourne will be on Loose Women too, talking about Nathans return.

  22. Yes, you'll like it.. more great acting from everyone. the scene with adam & aaron you'll love! <3 plus the chas & aaron scenes are awesome, danny miller made me cry again at the end of the episode, great acting from everyone in the episode tonight :)

  23. I was watching the emmerdale webcams earlier, spotted marc and danny filming together! good to see jackson still around, as the court case scenes have been filmed allready. good he's still in the show.

  24. ive not been upto much today, just been tidying up my room & watched the london marathon today

  25. yeah, I think he probarbly would of been, was good of tony to talk about james. have you been upto much today?

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