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  1. there is filming going on, its a bit quiet on the two webcams though, all the cast and crew must be at the church to film the wedding scenes

  2. cool, sounds like you've got a busy day planned then :) yeah it is hard to work out who's who on there sometimes, i did manage to see nicola and nick filming on friday afternoon though, then a lot of the cast were dressed up as ladybirds, which that has to be for nicolas hen night, seeing as they start filming the wedding tomorrow.

  3. yeah he probarbly will be in a lot of scenes, hopefully we will spot him this time. :)

    Thanks she is cute! Nah, just helping to look after Megan again tomorrow, & will take a look at the webcams, what about you?

  4. I didnt do much on saturday, just been tidying up my room, then today i watched the chelsea and liverpool game, and helped to look after megan, as my cousin and her husband moved into there new house today

  5. yep, jimmy asked him to be his best man it was in the episode when carls kids left, i think. thats good, hopefully, ill get to see one of my favourite actors (tom) filming then

  6. yeah my weekend has been good thanks :) what u been upto then?

  7. yep, toms just wrote on his twitter too that hes filming, which i gathered he would be seeing as he plays carl king lol, dont know if we can see them on the webcams, ill look tomorrow anyway :)

  8. As he's filming the wedding of Nicola & Jimmy. Obviously with it being a King wedding, might get to see Tom Lister on the webcams too

  9. if you can, watch the emmerdale webcams tomorrow, i am lol. nick miles, who plays jimmy hes just tweeted sayin that hes off to bed as hes at work for 6.30AM

  10. yeah im good thanks, how are you? you had a good weekend?

  11. yeah the character of sally webster has'nt been on screen since xmas. it was mentioned in corrie that sally the character, just went to visit an aunt or something.

  12. nah I think they planned that storyline before hand, but then when the actress found out she actually had it, the writers rushed & scrapped the story, as it was meant to go on for longer, to give her time to recover, thats why the character has'nt been on screen since xmas.

  13. you heard about sally, the actress who plays sally webster in corrie, she actually has breast cancer in real life, so thats why she has'nt been on screen

  14. lol I know, I thought that was funny too. Yeah I bet she would be scared, as hes the only one who knows that she killed his dad. Yeah I read that aswell, even when he was on holiday in india, people still recognised him & give him abuse because of how nasty nathan is lol, at least it shows hes doing a good job with his character, as lyndon is nothing like nathan

  15. yeah nathan tries to get rid of declan from home farm so nathan can be the man of the house lol. really liked the way natasha was when she saw him "what the hell are you doing here" lol.

  16. for the wedding with Nicola & Jimmy :)

  17. seen plenty of filming going on though, lucy and kelsey, they were dressed up as ladybirds, and so were a few other actress's. I think they were filming Nicolas hen night

  18. i was talking to tom today through twitter & he said to watch out on the webcams at 4, today as he would wave to the webcam, but that didnt happen, didnt even see him on the webcams.

  19. yeah I really liked that interview, will be so good to have lyndon back as nathan. Yeah, whilst nathans been away, Lyndon went to India for a holiday, so thats probarbly why. Yeah, will be good to have scenes with Nathan & Ryan again

  20. Yeah thats good that your watching his interview now, it was good, really liked it, made me even more looking forward to monday now. Plus there is a good scene with him & James Sutton, when Ryan has a go at Nathan

  21. Yeah, my favourites was'nt in it tonight, eg, Aaron, Chas, Paddy & Carl, but yeah it was still good because of the Bartons were in it

  22. I personally would like Danny for Best Actor, James Thornton & James Sutton for Sexiest Male, & Lyndon for Villian of the year.

  23. Yeah I think that your right that Eastenders will get most of the awards cause of the live episode they did ect! but I do hope emmerdale to well, they've had a great year since gavin blyth has been the producer

  24. oh my god, when your online, go onto itv.com/emmerdale, and play that interview with Lyndon Ogbourne & watch it! I seriously cant wait for Monday now, for Nathans return, it looks so good!! :D

  25. was a bit of a rubbish episode tonight, no carl, or aaron. adam & the bartons were in it though so that was good.

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