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  1. Liked the talk between Charlie and Bianca, and also that she showed concern about where Brax was staying, good update.
  2. Shame Heath and Bianca split up. Looking forward to more.
  3. aww, so glad that Conner is staying with his mom. Loving this story Danni
  4. Glad that Brax is not the father but sad they're having some time apart.
  5. Looking forward to seeing/reading Brax's reaction to this. good update.
  6. Good chapter, looking forward to more when your back from your holiday
  7. Good chapter. Glad that the baby is ok. Have a good holiday and looking forward to more.
  8. Oh dear, I hope she does'nt lose the baby. Good chapter, update soon.
  9. Loved that chapter, really enjoyed it looking forward to more.
  10. Hope Ruby tells April before its too late. And grr at Brax. Great update.
  11. Blimey, he should never have said that to Connor, no matter how much hes greiving. Great update.
  12. Good chapter, Brax annoyed me in this one. Not paying much attention to Noah and Ella.
  13. Beautifully wrote that was, well done. Glad Charlie opened upto Brax
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