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  1. dont know if you've heard, but danny, tom and lucy are all having trouble with their flight to dublin, bless! I hope they can get their in time to pick up their award tonight!

  2. tom lister and danny miller fly out to dublin tomorrow for the tv now awards, hope they do better than the BSA's, as we know they deserve it x

  3. tom was filming today, did a scene him topless - didnt watch the webcams was out most of the day, i like the sound of tht scene though (shallow i know ha) he is good looking i think, even if he is married with two kids

  4. yeah i liked the interview! thank you for voting for emmerdale and for danny as they were robbed at the bsa's this year :(

    hopefully they will get the justice they deserve and win at the tv choice awards!! xx

  5. haha well im very glad you did remember! nah, just taking my reference down to the college later. what about you?

  6. Thank you :) Thats good you remembered then, didnt know if you would lol.

    Yeah, hopefully he will win this time x

  7. awesome, thanks very much for that :D

    when did you go and vote?

    I'm good thanks x

  8. Hey,

    how are you?

    you done the voting yet?

  9. Hey,

    Seen the Danny interview :-)

    Can u do me a big favour & vote for Danny & Emmerdale in the TV Choice Awards, www.tvchoicemagazine.co.uk/awards/vote

  10. Thats brilliant, danny miller is fantastic, one of my favourite actors, thanks for letting me know x

  11. we have more voting to do :)


    vote for danny miller and emmerdale

  12. aww so sorry to hear about the misscarriage x

  13. nah i didnt know, thanks for telling me.

  14. have you read dannys tweet yesterday. 'won nothing'! bless him. onwards & upwards now though got another great week of episodes, jacksons back tonight! :D

  15. yeah I know. james thornton also tweeted saying that we all need to vote emmerdale in the tv now awards :-) Yep everyone was, craig gazey wrote on his twitter aswell that danny should of won

  16. Aw Nick Miles (Jimmy), he said on Twitter this morning that it was astonishing that Danny didnt win anything, everyone one was shocked, Danny was gutted, Nick said that even the cast of Corrie went & consoled Danny

  17. ill have a look on getty images aswell later for the arrivals, also looking forward to seeing them all in the suits and what dress's the emmerdale lot will wear :)

  18. lucy pargeter said on twitter earlier, that shes not going to the awards this year, dont know why that is, she usually goes.

  19. yeah you should watch the this morning interview from thursday, it was good, danny was very funny with that impression he did. I'll probarbly look on Digital Spy later on for the winners

  20. yeah someones told him on twitter to run topless for this charity run that hes doing in july in leeds, & he said he will consider it if gets over £1000 lol

  21. soap awards are tonight in london, i really hope emmerdale does well tonight and win some good awards, its about time they got the most nominations, they deserve it, now I hope they get them tonight. especially danny, if he does'nt win i (and many others) will be very dissapointed

  22. haha yes, I liked topless lyndon in thursdays episode :P yeah i seen lyndons interview on loose woman, it was a good interview. did you see the cast on this morning aswell, that was so funny, danny miller did an impression of kevin webster from corrie, he was good aswell lol.

  23. do you remember paul lambert then? yeah it was good to spot tom filming this time. the actor who plays paul, he is back for nicola and jimmys wedding as he is nicolas half brother :)

  24. heya,

    been watching the webcams today, seen some filming going on. seen lucy on the webcams, also seen tom aswell, :D & nick miles, & sian reese williams, guess who else was back for the wedding, mathew bose, who played paul lambert :)

  25. yeah I did watch the webcams this afternoon, but when i kept checking they all must of been filming in the studios today, as i could only see vans and stuff, they're filming the wedding all this week though thats what kelsey beth crossley said on twitter, the girl who plays scarlett

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