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  1. cant beleive someone would do that to a gravestone, thats just sick! good chapter,
  2. Oh dear, I hope Brax tells Charlie about whats happening. Good update.
  3. welcome back Danni. Great chapter. Suprised Ella managed to stay and sit still for that long and cant wait to see how Bianca reacts.
  4. Great update. thought it was funny when joesph peed on brax. have a good holiday
  5. Ruby should go and get herself checked out
  6. Great chapter. Hope Ruby will be ok
  7. loved the chat with brax and heath. looking forward to more.
  8. woah, thats a bit hurtful. Good job Brax found them. x
  9. Poor Charlie, felt sorry for her when she had that dream. Good chapter.
  10. aw love the bracelet that brax got for charlie
  11. dont need to be sorry, that was a great update.
  12. been busy over the weekend so had to catch up on the last two chapters. looking forward to ella's reaction lol.
  13. Loved that, glad that Chax are back on track.
  14. had to catch up on a few chapters i've missed. they're good.
  15. aw that was a beautiful chapter, loved it.
  16. Loved Ruby & April in that chapter. Suprised at her reaction to Charlie's pregnancy news though.
  17. Aw, hope Brax does get to propose. Good update.
  18. I do enjoy this one just as much as trust in me just been a lil busy so just catching up on them. great update
  19. Great chapter, cant believe Bianca still wont accept it
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