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  1. hey laura, how are ya? did you get my message a few minutes ago?


  2. happy new year.. hope you've had a good one celebrating it over in australia :)

  3. yeah, next time you go onto myspace, and you view my profile, the one after todd, and there is someone called chad, thats his brother. and yeah he is really nice, when your on myspace, i'll show you a email he sent me, its really good. there are lots of fansites on myspace supporting todd, and home and away fans, go to add his brother and he denied them, but he accepted when i added him :) som

  4. yeah i know, its really cold in the west midlands today, think i might go shopping tommorrow though, see what the sales are like. nah not done much today, its been too cold, just been on myspace, talking to chad, todds brother.


  5. hey,

    im good thanks, what you been upto today?

  6. hey, how are you today?

  7. yeah sure, you can have a look at it, and add it if you wish :) www.myspace.com/toddlasancefans

    yeah it is private but you can still add it anyway :D

  8. aw thats good. not much, just on my fansite on myspace for todd that ive done, had to send him a really long email about some stuff a couple of hours ago.


  9. yeah im good thanks, lol aw why?

    what you been upto?


  10. hey, how are you?

  11. aw thats a shame that your dad never got in touch with you. i just got clothes, dvds, money, and jewellrey x

  12. aw thats a shame that your dad never got in touch with you. i just got clothes, dvds, money, and jewellrey x

  13. hey, im good thanks yeah christmas was good, and i did hear from my dad over christmas, he just sent a gift voucher in the post and with 2 cards from him and my step mum, was quite suprised actually as he wrote my card out, normally my step mum does it lol. what did you get for xmas? x

  14. hey, how are you? did you have a good christmas?

  15. yeah ive got one up of jess tovey now, thanks. you know when you've saved the avatars though, cause i have some saved, do you know how you put them ones up?

  16. you know that picture that you have of nicole/tessa, how do you get one of those up. ive got a picture of todd,& tessa and rebecca at the emirates, just wondered how u put a picture like you've got of tessa


  17. yeah im good thanks, how are you?


  18. ~Zoe~

    hey, hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend. ive put a picture up in the personal part, but where do you go to put a picture in the bit where you post comments onto these forums

  19. hey, i added you as a friend, hope you dont mind x

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