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  1. hey, what do u think the score will be tonight? i hope the england team win tonight. 2-1 or something. but im thinking it could be a draw 1-1. should be a good game anyhow :-)

  2. wow, it really is brilliant news!! pauline quirke is joining emmerdale, as jacksons mother :D which means jackson is defintly in the show for the long terms, what great casting :o emmerdale just keeps getting better & better x

  3. guess who else from emmy, has joined twitter, mark charnock, (marlon dingle) lol, also james thornton tweeted tonight saying hes going to get natalie and sophie tweeting, that would be the whole barton clan then ha! x

  4. guess who else has just joined twitter, mark charnock, emmerdale's marlon dingle. ha, next thing u know the whole cast will be on twitter, people are tweeting james thornton now sayin get daddy paddy on, dominic brunt lol.

  5. and i spoke to the lovely tom lister on wednesday night, ive worked on a website for him and he had a look at it and likes it :D

  6. you'll like this weeks episodes when u get bk, they've been fab, felt so sorry for aaron when jackson rejected him. woo nicola and jimmy wedding in two weeks

  7. tom got back to me tonight, he said tht i dont need to change anything, and that it was all correct., so that was good of tom to have a quick look at it for me :)

  8. lol yeh very true :) x

  9. lol i bet u will when i had my laptop broke for 4 months. i had to use the ones in town on the libarby, i was'nt impressed lol. yea i think i will do that then & see if he will have a look. xxx

  10. ah right, hopefully it wont be long till you get it fixed then xx

  11. lol, I might not do actually might be a bit weird, him looking at a website of himself ha. its his birthday on 21st june, so im sending a card to him at the studios, will need to tell him about that, that he needs to check his fanmail :)

  12. thats cool, will catch up and leave a comment on it later, we have megan here too.

  13. thanks for checking out and giving me ur opinion on it :)

    dont know whether to tweet tom and see if he can look at it, see what he thinks too :) ah cool, how long till it gets fixed?

  14. www.tomlisterfans.tumblr.com

    need to catch up on ur fiction now ive done more stuff to the site, will read it later tonight x

  15. can u look at and tell me what u think of it so far? and have a look at the biography ive wrote :-)

  16. I know u dont really watch emmerdale, well actually the other day u said u like it now. i set up a website for the actor tom lister, who plays carl on emmerdale.

  17. yeah good photos from the airport, i know danny looks great, i like that hat of his :-)

    yeah tom & jeff did look handsome, very smart! lucy looked stunning too, liked her outfit & her shoes

  18. yeah, he did look funny pulling that face when lucy took that photo, I think its cause they were fed up, because of the trouble with the flights yesterday morning.

  19. http://aaronofemmerdale.blogspot.com/2010/05/danny-and-crew-at-airport.html

    Great photos of them all at the airport yesterday before the awards too x

  20. if you search on getty images, theres some great photos of the emmerdale cast from the awards last night. just type in the search bar, tv now awards 2010! tom and jeff hordley look gorgeous!! :D

  21. yeah u should see the picture of tom on lucys twitter from earlier this after, the face tom is pulling, very funny! I know, he'd better win at the tv choice awards.oh well at least eastenders didnt win this time

  22. where did u see that, did u look on toms twitter?

    well danny didnt get best soap actor, it went to someone in faircity, an irish soap. oh well, at least they got the best family award for the dingles :)

  23. did u see that photo of tom and danny then, sweet was'

    nt it :) dingles have won the best family at the tv now awards, no news about danny yet though

  24. Woo, just had an update, the cast are now safetly in Dublin after the trouble they had this morning! :D Fingers crossed for Danny & the team at Emmerdale! x

  25. they've finally got their travel arrangements sorted and are now on their way to dublin, i really hope they win something this time! Tom posted a really sweet picture of him and danny aswell :-)

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