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  1. Danni you tease lol. I wonder what the result could be. Liked the chat with Bianca and April
  2. Great chapter, the Ruby & April parts were sweet
  3. It was a good chapter, cant wait for them to hold their son
  4. Congrats on the job Danni, and woah... I hope Bianca and Heaths baby will be okay
  5. I have'nt been able to get onto this forum for ages, but i have been reading this and i like this fiction its fab.
  6. Good final chapter Danni, its been a great fiction. Good luck with the move and hope to see / read more fictions from you soon
  7. Great chapter, shame its nearly the end.
  8. Suprised this is ending so soon. Looking forward to seeing how it ends and that's not nice of April's mum taking off like that. (Kind of reminds me of my dad) good chapter. Librarian Note: Please use proper SPAG.
  9. just had to catch up on some chapters, they were really good danni.
  10. Glad that Casey was supportive, athough was suprised. Good chapters
  11. aw the twins were cute when they found out brax was coming home. good update,
  12. Aww Brax wanting Charlie cuddles was cute. And glad Ruby and Romeo are back on track. Librarian Note: Please use proper SPAG when posting.
  13. Ruby was being a bit rude, looking forward to more
  14. Great update. On tenterhooks about Ruby getting her results back.
  15. Didnt give her a thought, hope Georgie returns the baby to its parents. Good chapter
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