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  1. Aw, that was sweet of Charlie... telling Brax she loves him
  2. Loved the part with Ruby / April at the start
  3. Poor Brax... feel so sorry for him. And the kids. x
  4. Such a heartbreaking chapter, feel sorry for Brax. Your one awesome writer Danni
  5. blimey, a lot seems to have happened since that last chapter..
  6. Just to remind those who live in the UK that the clocks go back an hour tonight
  7. Aw, that was sweet of Brax... I agree, hope she suprises him soon and says 'I love you'
  8. Aw, good part with Ruby & April at the end. And nice name for the dog, Rolo
  9. Great chapter, liked the beginning with Dex / Adrian & Ruby / April
  10. The puppy conversation was cute, made me smile.
  11. Hope April & Ruby are able to marry one day
  12. Nice bit with Heath and Bianca at the end there
  13. Great update, liked the mother / daughter bit with Charlie & Ruby
  14. She did go through with it then, glad April has her family and friends to support her
  15. Wonder what April will do, I hope she keeps the baby.
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