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  1. Who did you write to? I'm writing to Todd and Lincoln tonight, and going to send them in at the post office tommorrow
  2. Thanks Barbara, yes I dont live in Australia, i am from the UK. so would you be able to help me out with a few questions? Im writing to Todd tonight, and to Lincoln, and my friend she told me to send a letter from the UK to Australia just go to the post office, and ask for a engish stamp and a airmail stamp for Australia, is that right? And how big are the fancards, as i dont know what size envalope to use? How would Todd and Lincoln send them back out from Australia back to the UK where i live, do i need to send a self addressed stamped envalope or anything?
  3. What is the address to send letters to the cast? I'd like to send a letter to Lincoln and Todd
  4. Thanks for that, my friend was right then. ill write the letters tommorrow and go the post office on monday. i asked because i have'nt sent a letter to any country outside of the UK before. and yeah i will let you know if i hear anything back, what was the size of your envolope that you sent?
  5. Hey im a home and away fan from the UK, and i was just wondering how to write letters to the cast, i know the address, but what sort of stamps would you need to send a letter to Todd Lasance, its it just one first class english stamp, with one air mail stamp for australia. or do you need one of those international reply coupon things for Todd to send the fancard back, how big are the fan cards by the way? as id like to know which size envalope to use. and do you send a self addressed stamped envlope for him to reply with, Todd and Lincoln Lewis are my favourite actors in the show. and how long would it take for them to send a reply from Australia back to the UK. thanks
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