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  1. Happy Birthday Laura :)

  2. Happy Birthday Ellen :D x

  3. hey,

    not spoke to you for a while, how's you?

  4. im great thanks, how are you?

    did you have a good birthday?

  5. im good thanks, you been upto much?


  6. Im okay thanks. I loved Thursdays episode aswell, how good was that, I couldnt keep the smile off my face either when I watched it, lol I know what you mean i keep watching that on youtube, added it into my favourites on there. the best adelle episode it was :D yeah i hope we get more adelle fluff before belle gets cancer xx

  7. hey stephy, how are ya?

  8. Happy Birthday Barbara :D hope you have a great day! x

  9. woop aarson (aaron/jackson day) tomorrow!!! so looking forward to the episode. good scene with aaron and chas tonight, trust carl to interupt them lol

  10. hey julie, how are you?

    did you like thursdays episode when adelle got back together? i really liked watching that


  11. Happy 16th Birthday Olivia, hope you had an awesome day :)

  12. yeah, they are looking into it and just said i did the right thing in calling the cops.

    I know, i've just read the spoilers for week 23, and there great, i reckon that too, either they move in together or its a proposal. sounds like a great week :D


  13. Heya,

    Yep, I agree with all of that I think it was the best wedding on Home & Away this year, well ever :D Yeah same, I loved it when Belle said there was'nt going to be a wedding & then Aden turned up and said "since when" - it was short, but still fantastic to watch. Belle looked beautiful, and Aden in his suit *sigh* :)

    Ive watched that episode so many times now lo

  14. hey, i added you as a friend, hope you dont mind x

  15. ~Zoe~

    hey, hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend. ive put a picture up in the personal part, but where do you go to put a picture in the bit where you post comments onto these forums

  16. yeah im good thanks, how are you?


  17. you know that picture that you have of nicole/tessa, how do you get one of those up. ive got a picture of todd,& tessa and rebecca at the emirates, just wondered how u put a picture like you've got of tessa


  18. yeah ive got one up of jess tovey now, thanks. you know when you've saved the avatars though, cause i have some saved, do you know how you put them ones up?

  19. hey, how are you? did you have a good christmas?

  20. hey, im good thanks yeah christmas was good, and i did hear from my dad over christmas, he just sent a gift voucher in the post and with 2 cards from him and my step mum, was quite suprised actually as he wrote my card out, normally my step mum does it lol. what did you get for xmas? x

  21. aw thats a shame that your dad never got in touch with you. i just got clothes, dvds, money, and jewellrey x

  22. aw thats a shame that your dad never got in touch with you. i just got clothes, dvds, money, and jewellrey x

  23. hey, how are you?

  24. yeah im good thanks, lol aw why?

    what you been upto?


  25. aw thats good. not much, just on my fansite on myspace for todd that ive done, had to send him a really long email about some stuff a couple of hours ago.


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