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    TV! Lol, I love my programmes. They are mostly American, with the only exceptions being H&A and Neighbours which I've watched since I was a kid and Dr Who.<br /><br />I love going out and just hanging wit my mates. I'm in love with the internet because it keeps me in contact with my mates and family back at home who all keep me grounded, and I can come on here and be all crazy about Adelle lol!<br /><br />I travel quite a bit. I always have, though I have to cut down now as I'm at university.<br /><br />I love sports too. And music. I can play a load of instruments. Lol.<br /><br />Not much more to tell...

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  1. Hiya, just got your comment and sent you a pm. I've got zillions of chapters to catch up on your fic and can't wait. :)

    I will get round to commenting soon, I promise. :)

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