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  1. So it's been about a week since Spencer left at UK pace and I'm wondering what Chris is still actually doing on the show. IMO he hasn't really improved as a character since the last time I posted here. The main reason why he came to the bay was because of Spencer so it would be logical to leave with him as well, especially considering that their father is in a coma. I feel that he serves no purpose except to annoy people. Irene obviously cares about him but it's clear that she often finds him a pain in the backside. He doesn't seem to have any friends. I'm not counting Maddy as she is just his brother's ex. Why would someone his age stay in a town with not a particularly high population of people when he's not meeting anyone? I think Spencer said to Chris when Chris actually offered to leave with him that he loves it at Summer Bay. Is that really the case? It doesn't seem so given the last episode at UK pace where he was so lonely he imposed himself uninvited on John. He annoyed me intensely when Marilyn called and he just took the phone and tried to get rid of her even when John wanted to speak to her. So I was glad John told him to get lost and was disappointed he apologised afterwards and sat down with him and watched the movie purely out of guilt. Chris remains one of those people who never seems to get the message. Same old.
  2. ​ Thanks Chris. There are a couple of things I like about the new version of software. 1. Making an actual post seems smooth and seamless. It was different to before when you hit the post button and it would take a few seconds and on the odd occasion when the Forum was under stress would generally be a lottery if the post actually went through. 2. The notifications are a lot better. They used to come via email but now are displayed within your profile once you've signed in - This makes a lot more sense. Also if you are currently logged on and someone posts in a thread you've registered, a notification comes through in real-time.
  3. Thanks for the updates Chris/Dan and for answering everybody's questions so far. I have several of my own - don't know whether this is just me (Sorry to be a pain in advance): 1. The Search facility doesn't seem to work properly. If you run the default settings without any filters it sometimes brings back old results. If you try specifying some terms in the General discussion area e.g. 'Sophie', 'Maddie', 'Alf', 'Irene' (all separate searches without the quotes) it throws up an error or comes back with no results. Am I doing something wrong? 2. Can't find the option to preview the post before actually posting it. Is this gone now? 3. The avatars seem to displayed at a lower resolution than previously. Do the images need to be re-uploaded? Thanks.
  4. Not necessarily - not everyone does. However, they could have made more effort to make Maddy look sick! I think the problem is whenever the subject of chemotherapy and side effects are brought up most people will almost always associate it with hair loss. So if the writers are trying to do a cancer storyline and you have a character which some viewers associate with, not losing her hair in my opinion could potentially detract from the effects or seriousness of the storyline. Think about an attractive person and one of their best features suddenly goes. It makes some people think more about the situation. If the actress understandably wasn't prepared to shave her head they could at least have given her a wig or scarf like they did with Martha. I think that worked pretty well. I agree it doesn't help that a lot of the time she looks more like someone recovering after going out on a night on the lash than someone who is fighting for their life.
  5. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Even factoring in that the soap shown is 6-8 weeks from when it is actually shot and Anne Kirkbride died in January they still haven't written Deirdre out so it will be interesting to see when and how they do this. I have mixed feelings about this whole scam thing with Tony trying to con Liz/Steve out of the Rovers. I do quite like Steve and don't really want anything bad to happen to him. I really don't like Tony and see him as a bully and a criminal. However I don't like Michelle and cannot stand Liz. I often find Liz incredibly sanctimonious so part of me was glad to see this happen and I quite enjoyed it when Tracy told Liz everything. Although that didn't appear to take Liz down and peg a she reacted pretty badly to it. I would like to think that's the last we've seen of Tony but given that he owns half of the Rovers and the pawnbrokers I don't think so unfortunately. I remember when Tracy saved Carla's life shortly after the bus crash. Immediately afterwards it kinda felt weird when there was a truce between them and they were getting on but I thought they were taking their relationship in a different direction. Carla even helped to bail Tracy out when she was in trouble with her Pawnbroker's shop. But it seems as though Tracy hasn't learned a thing. She was blinded and consumed by pure hatred and jealousy. She was annoyed that Carla purchased the other half of the Rovers and foiled her attempt to be the landlady. But what this really is about is that Carla has succeeded where she failed in business and I guess from a personal point that people respected Carla. That drove her to set fire to Carla's flat (that's how I see it). So surely it's murder and surely she can't get away with this. Although baring a confession I don't see how she can get caught (she confessed to Deirdre about killing Charlie but there's no way she will be stupid enough to do it twice). The worst thing is how she's tried to pin everything on Carla. Although I did find Tracy's welcome to my world line interesting i.e. she couldn't be a success like Carla was so she wants Carla to be in her shoes and feel what she felt. There are times when Leanne annoys me because she comes across as extremely self-righteous but my reaction when she broke Carla's door down with the fire extinguisher, pulled her out of the flat and then when back when it was burning to rescue Amy was...WOW, what a woman. I was shocked when Cal ended up dying from the explosion. I really wasn't expecting that. They were previews about the fire but I thought Carla would be the person to come out the worst. I thought the Nazir's have handled the whole thing really well particularly Yasmeen and Sharif. I especially liked the way Yasmeen was with Simon when she told him about Cal. My opinion of Yasmeen has changed a lot since she first arrived. Even Zidane has been a lot better than how I thought he would be. I don't mind Maddie but was kinda glad she was injured in the other explosion just so it puts her out of action temporarily. She was about to foil Jenny's plan and I would like to see how that plays out. I do think it's a shame with Jenny as I quite liked her and Kevin together initially and thought they made a good couple. I also didn't like the way everyone ganged up on her when she came back. The issue was with Rita and nobody else's business. Even though Jenny was in the wrong I still found myself on her side versus Sophie because I just find Sophie so annoying so I was glad when she threw her toys out the pram when nobody believed her about Jenny then she moved out. It's a shame though because she is going to be proved right and it will be like.. I told you so! I am interested to know more about Jenny's back story. Her dependency on Jack made me initially think she had a son who died but I'm assuming what she said to Maddie it was a baby who died in her care. I'm glad Owen left Anna. He deserved so much better. He gave up everything for her and she treated him like crap a lot of the time constantly blaming him for everything and biting his head off at every opportunity. He should have left with his ex wife to go abroad. I'm glad Anna has been left on her own to look after Faye's baby. A lot of the time I find her utterly repugnant but this hasn't made her any better. She's actually gotten worse because of the pressure from raising a kid, bringing up Faye and trying to juggle this with work. I've found the dynamic between Callum and David fascinating. In one had Callum was prepared to make allowances for David where he wouldn't had that been anybody else purely because he was looking after Max. In the other hand the whole custody about Max thing has effectively become about power struggle and mind games. Such as turning up a David's whenever he feels like it, giving Max gifts to undermine him and engaging in a relationship with David's sister. You could even see it in Callum's eyes when he was staring across from David at the custody hearing. I cannot stand Sarah or Bethany. I find both of them highly annoying, especially Bethany. I don't find anything likeable or funny about either of them and wish they would both get back on a plane to Italy. Sarah annoyed me intensely when she engaged in a relationship with Callum even after he admitted to giving David a kicking. And Bethany also annoyed me when she told Callum about David's misgivings and Calum used that at the hearing against David. They were both a pain in the backside when they initially moved into David's with Sarah refusing to move out and Bethany pulling all kinds of stunts to avoid going back to her mum when Sarah was still abroad. Whilst David and Steph's brother also know about Andy's secret I wonder how long before everything comes out. It's bound to eventually. I thought Gail was kicking herself a while back when she let Gavin blackmail her and had she just waited a day or so (as he died in the accident) she would have saved herself a couple of grand.
  6. OK, fair enough. Point taken! You've mixed my post up with Dee's - It was Dee who brought up the point about being bratty for not liking Maddy regardless of whether you agree with his/her reasoning for not liking her that is that poster's opinion. I agreed with this as I watch the episodes at UK pace and we are many weeks behind. Maddy hasn't been as bad since she had the big C but what I've seen about her has not been sufficient for me to like her (or forgive how she's behaved before - that is relevant IMO for getting past her previous behaviour). Another poster above has given several reasons why their opinion of Maddy has changed for the better. I can't comment on this because the show is not currently airing on the UK at the moment and won't be back for another couple of weeks. After that we will be many weeks behind. Even saying that I doubt it will be enough to change my opinion of her but we'll see. If you want to know why I dislike the character currently, please refer to my post on the previous page. I've gone into fairly lengthy detail about some of her behaviour. If those reasons are not good enough then they're not good enough. Cheers!
  7. I hated him at first after running Casey of the road and wanted him gone but now Andy is one of my favourite characters. I do agree with Angelica in that it's all happened too quickly and did actually prefer it when everyone hated him but I enjoy a lot of his scenes. Whilst I'm not a fan of Hannah I do like the stuff with her and Andy at the moment. I like the effect it's had on him becoming her part time carer and taking on a certain level of commitment. I also like the way whenever he's with her sometimes he has a smile like a Cheshire cat all over his face. I'm quite satisfied that Denny has put her personal feelings aside towards him for the sake of Hannah's recovery. And I like the fact that she still doesn't like him but has accepted that his efforts are helping Hannah. I liked the fact that Evelyn was fighting Andy's corner when Josh was annoyed with him when Hannah almost drowned although I accept that Andy was unbelievably stupid letting Hannah go on a boat without a life jacket. Whilst Josh has the Braxtons to take care of him, I do think Andy needs to work on their relationship but I do like the consistency that they still see each other whilst having separate storylines and are effectively living separate lives. Not only do I not have a problem with him killing Pirovic but I'm glad he did it. I really liked Charlie so it's good to see some payback for her cold blooded murder. And let's not forget he killed Casey too. I think Andy did Brax a massive favour. Given that he already escaped from custody and already killed two people dear to Brax, Pirovic would have dedicated the rest of his existence to making Brax suffer and who knows who would have been next - Heath, Darcy, Harley. I'm glad Emerson didn't have the sense to follow the investigation up and with any luck this won't come back to bite Andy although I suspect either he will be brought to justice someday or one of Pirovic's cronies will catch up with him eventually...
  8. That's fair enough. I can't speak for dee but I was talking from a personal viewpoint. I haven't seen the episodes you are referring to but it's going to take a LOT and some seriously decent writing to get me to the point where I even stop disliking her and I'm not sure the current writers are up to it at the moment. Cancer has been done to death in this show (as have rapes and abductions). So what if that's is the reason? What's the problem with that exactly? Why should somebody feel obliged to 'forgive' a fictional character for past deeds just because they've apparently changed for the better? There are threads were people have done exactly the same thing with other characters. Have you called them out Tebzpriscilla?
  9. I know pathetic isn't it? After being annoying and highly unlikeable for quite a while they play the cancer card. They couldn't even be bothered to give her a different illness. But yep not falling for it.
  10. I generally avoid responding to your posts re Maddy which up until recently very often seemed to defend virtually any negative comment I made about her so I should probably continue biting my tongue here. And I can't see any good coming from this but here goes: It's interesting you say that because that and some of the reasons given above to defend/excuse some of the things I've criticised her about have been used to criticise other characters. Show me one post where I've said it was OK for him to cheat on her. Again don't recall saying they did nothing wrong. In fact I even said above they did the dirty which seems to have been ignored. And? Is it not feasible that she fully intended to sleep with Oscar to get back at Evelyn, followed through with her plan then the morning after her thought process was something along the lines of "What have I done?". Then the guilt and remorse kicked in. And she felt ashamed, even though the damage had already been done. Do people not do things without being able to think about the consequences unless doing so retrospectively? Did she not kiss Oscar at school in front of Evelyn/Josh purely for Evelyn's benefit the day before? Did Spencer not warn Oscar off Maddy shortly after that because he knew she was up to something and he was concerned that Oscar would get hurt? For clarification (in case nobody had worked out from my posts in the UK thread or here) I really don't like Maddy and my post above was not intended to provide balance. I wanted to highlight the reasons why I dislike her and find her annoying. And why should I feel obliged to be impartial?
  11. Maddy is a selfish, self-centered, attention seeking drama queen. On the surface she may have angelic features but underneath she's shown herself to be a manipulative individual. She first started to annoy me regarding her attitude towards Roo. Roo decided to take her under her wing and treat her as her own daughter and Maddy was petulant, ungrateful and generally being a brat. She would purposely be disobedient purely for the sake of being difficult and because she had very little respect for other people. It certainly didn't help that Roo would treat her with kid gloves, mollycoddling her rather than putting her foot down and showing some discipline. I specifically recall one episode where Alf asked her to do something, she refused and went crying to Roo playing the victim putting on the butter-wouldn't-melt act and purposely causing an argument between them. Even when Alf threatened to throw her out, Maddy still refused to comply. He was bluffing but it didn't work. She only apologised in the end for her behaviour because Spencer gave her an ultimatum. I don't really care much about her relationship with Josh but she didn't have a good attitude towards his studies when it came to his exams. And it was all about her. Her attitude was that she was going to pass them with flying colours because she was so talented and he was going to fail because he was so dumb. She was quite dismissive and didn't like that his attention wasn't exclusively directed towards her when he had to study. When she did attempt the study group it didn't go well. So to my delight Josh passed and she didn't. The best thing about that was not the fact that she failed (which I imagine other posters would have really enjoyed) but she couldn't get her head around the fact that Josh beat her. She couldn't be happy for him. She even tried to blame Zac having a personal issue with her for her own failure. And when Sophie eventually said she had to repeat, that was the icing on the cake. Obviously during this time Josh and Evelyn went behind Maddy's back and did the dirty - I'm not going to even try to deny that. So they were going out, frustrated and in love Maddy wanted to get back with him but as payback to the person who stole her man out of pure spite and malice, she prostituted herself, taking advantage of the fact that Oscar had fallen for her purely because he was the closest person to Evelyn and she wanted to hit her right where it hurt. I was quite indifferent to her sleeping with Josh after Casey died but have to admit, I really enjoyed it when Alf laid into her and said she was low. I think she did use the situation to her advantage but Josh wanted it just as much or even more than she did. It's also interesting that she was so focused on that she didn't really seem to care about Casey's death even they were pretty close at one point. Oscar has not done himself any favours. And I've gone into depth about how stupid and delusional he's been but Maddy continued to take advantage of the situation. Not backing off and giving him space during his community service, shortly after he realised that she used him. Again she took advantage of his infatuation to offer to go with him to the dance purely to get closer to Josh - Not because she wanted to spend any time with Oscar. She only called him when she was bored and nobody else wanted to spend any time with her. Inviting him for a shopping spree, stealing Roo's credit card (Despite everything Roo had done for her). When she thought she was pregnant and believed that Josh might not be the father she wanted Oscar to lie about it as some sort of way to entrap Josh with very little regard for how it affected Oscar. The thing that makes me laugh is that she actually went on to claim that Oscar was her best friend. Because he was weak, submissive and did what she wanted. And I'll say what I said then, with friends like Maddy who needs enemies! I believe that Oscar had a lot of potential as a character that has been ruined by Maddy. Then we have the big C. It annoyed me how she did the disappearing act once again with very little regard for how it affected the people who cared about her. But they ruin the end of the season finale and the exciting bus crash with her damn voiceover. And now that she believes she's going to die, she suddenly 'decides' that she is in love with Oscar now and wants a 'relationship' with him. The timing couldn't have been anymore convenient. Let's not forget the fact that she has become completely dependent at someone being at her beck and call. That person has now wised up and realised that he's being played so with all this under threat Maddy basically gives him what he wanted all along. When Nate first told Maddy she was pregnant, I was dreading that storyline because I knew it would suck several characters in. When it was revealed that it was cancer my fear was that killing her off would effectively martyr her so I actually was hoping that she would be cured ASAP. This is the worst possible outcome for me. We are going to have to sit through several months of characters basically acting like she's the best thing since sliced bread and devoting a significant amount of their time to her. It's bad enough seeing Roo continue the mollycoddling but at least that's understandable. Now we have Spencer arranging the charity event and trying to suck Josh and Evelyn in. Oh and that idiot Chris wants to help too. And I'm sure the rest of the Summer Bay residents will be lining up. And I'm concerned that other characters will be ruined like Oscar is. Putting asside all that the worst thing about this storyline is the way she apparently seems to have given up. I actually preferred her before because although she was unlikeable at least she was entertaining. Now I'm finding her quite boring.
  12. I agree it's definitely not the actress. Although I have been enjoying this storyline with her trying to cope with her injury but now that they've given her feeling back in her legs I fear she will be right back at the point before she had the accident so it's only served as a minor inconvenience and not contributed to character development.
  13. I've never liked Hannah. As I mentioned in another thread IMO she is an absolutely dreadful character. She really is - Is there anybody in this forum at this present time who does like her or at least thinks the character adds value? I've mentioned in various threads how I feel about Maddy but at least at times she's provided a certain level of entertainment. Sadly the same cannot be said for Hannah. She's never struck me as someone that's been particularly likeable or pleasant. Even when she's smiling with someone or trying to be a guardian to Oscar and Evelyn she still doesn't seem nice. It all just seems fake, transparent and conceited. I didn't like her attitude towards Denny, when she first showed up, being very suspicious of her and making unpleasant remarks behind her back. I first started to really dislike her when she treated Zac like crap. She had a thing with Zac then decided to cool it because of the twins (or at least that was the excuse she gave). She gets with Andy then lies to Zac about it. I really like Andy now but at the time couldn't understand why she wanted to go out with him because he had no charm whatsoever so assumed it was purely physical. She starts sneaking him in and out of the house because she was to ashamed to tell everyone about him. Zac then sees them together himself which obviously hurt. After Zac slept with Bianca she threatened to take the twins off him. I know that was around the time Zac was drinking but I always got the impression that she was more annoyed about him sleeping with Bianca than the fact he was being a bad guardian. And I also felt she was to immature to get into a relationship with him before anyway. Even when she started giving Andy the runaround and Andy decided to blow her out, it annoyed me intensely how she was so self-absorbed she genuinely couldn't understand why Andy didn't want to spend time with her. As if she was so irresistible and what man in his right mind wouldn't want to be with her (*shakes head*). I'll never forget the expression on her face when Sophie first turned up and told Hannah, Zac spent the evening with her marking essays and Hannah had the audacity to roll her eyes as if Zac was cheating on her or something (you had your chance love!). And then after Andy hid the drugs in the barn, how could she be so stupid as to believe what Andy told her and accuse Zac of setting him up. Why would Zac risk everything just to frame him? So I was glad initially when he wanted nothing more to do with her at that particular time and also when Evelyn started to blow her out. Although Sophie was being ultra paranoid about her, I was glad when she started intimidating Hannah into staying way from Nate but Hannah cops off with Sophie's husband anyway. I'd been waiting a long time to see some comeback so I was really excited when Sophie went for her at the hospital and disappointed when Nate stopped her. Still I was glad when Sophie took her out when Hannah attempted to sedate her. Didn't have one iota of sympathy for her when she had the accident and couldn't walk. Even if she didn't survive the bus crash, I probably wouldn't have bat an eyelid. Probably going against the grain here but I am actually interested to see how this storyline with her and Andy unfolds. Not sure why now but I did feel a little bit sorry for her when Andy rejected her advances. It's odd because it comes down to sex and you'd think her priority would be trying to walk although needs must. Still my opinion about her is the same as it was before - unlikeable.
  14. I very often enjoy reading some of your thoughts but have to admit, you were the last person I would have expected to say that. It's refreshing to know that there are people here that actually DON'T like Chris (or at least don't love him) and can see him for the annoying, useless buffoon he is. And I think it's good to restore some parity to this thread as so many people here seem to think he's a ray of sunshine. Regarding your last sentence, I mentioned a couple of days ago in another thread that a lot of the time I feel like punching him because of his behaviour. And I agree about him getting in people's faces. There was one episode where he grassed Andy up to the police and even though Alf was right to throw Andy out from the Caravan park (and he deserved everything he got afterwards), when Andy went after Chris, I wanted him to knock seven bells out of Chris just to put him out of action for a while and take him down a peg or two. And I was disappointed that Andy let it go.
  15. There's no mention anywhere in my post about the actor, simply the character that is portrayed. The only person who 'attacked' an actor was you.
  16. Funny and loveable in your opinion. So you say my post was harsh and kinda mean for slating and wanting a fictional character off our screens but refer to an actual actor as 'pathetic'. Interesting... So tell me Jacklost, what's the harm in bashing something or someone that doesn't exist in real life? Especially a character that IMO is as dreadful as Chris is.
  17. IMO Chris is a cretinous moron. He's one of my least favourite characters in the show atm. Ever since he first turned up, I've found very little about him remotely entertaining or funny. Admittedly there have been a couple of times where he's made me laugh but for the most part he's incredibly annoying. He's portrayed as a character that's supposed to provide amusement and we're all meant to laugh at his silly little antics. However he's anything but amusing. He doesn't even perform the part of the town jester very well. Believing that he's funny and his humour will endear people towards him. And I suppose in some cases it does. But it doesn't cover up the fact that he is extremely immature. It's pretty sad that Jett and even the old VJ are ten times more grown up than he is. And he constantly has to try so hard to desperately get people to like him. And he seems to employ this tactic particularly around the female characters sometimes as a way to try and pick them up. And whilst he's had limited success - Indy, Denny and Shandi - eventually they grow tired of his behaviour and realise he isn't relationship material. It says a lot that the one person who did want to be with him was pretty much a stalker anyway. He's obviously good looking so clearly doesn't 't have a problem attracting them initially but if we take the way he acted when he first met Denny he basically talked her into going on a date and admits to her on the date that he only went out with her because it was a bribe, pursues her quite persistently afterwards, she agrees to go out with him again, he sleeps with her, she tells him she loves him then he starts avoiding her even pulling a sickie at work. So he wasn't grown up enough to be with her and even though I didn't agree with her eventually cheating on him I could understand and was actually glad in the end. You can argue whether Casey was a better boyfriend or not but that still doesn't negate the fact that Chris wasn't a good one. He actually reminds me a bit of Kyle Canning in Neighbours. Not particularly intelligent but not a bad person. Except that Kyle isn't actually infuriating like Chris is. So as far as I'm concerned Chris is an example of a character who isn't necessarily a bad person but I dislike intensely because he's annoying as hell. I also think he's a walking disaster. One example being trying to redecorate Irene's kitchen at 2am in the morning and making a complete pigs ear of it. His whole behaviour around that was infuriating, refusing to accept help from anyone because he solely wanted to claim the credit. And let's not forget he picked a set of poisonous mushrooms without bothering to check whether they were safe and incorporated them into a meal at the Diner, hospitalising several people resulting in Leah almost having a liver transplant. Putting aside the fact, the Diner could have been closed down after that, all that just to try and get Denny into bed. There have been a couple of occasions where I thought he had left for good. The most recent time I was absolutely over the moon then to my horror a few episodes later, I saw him walking towards Alf and Marilyn by the bait shop and my head dropped (and now he's a regular cast member ). Why oh why did Irene have to call him back? I just wish it was him that been involved on the bus crash and in a coma and not Leah. He's an absolute idiot and I can't stand the guy.
  18. When I look at Oscar now, I just think to myself what a shame. Initially I thought he wasn't the most exciting character but I liked him. I thought he was a much better version of Geoff when Geoff first appeared i.e. led quite a sheltered life and had a certain level of naivete but nowhere near as judgemental or self righteous and fairly likeable. I had a lot of respect for him when Evelyn disgustingly wanted him to save himself from getting in trouble for the hit and run on Tamara and was prepared to let her own uncle not only suffer the guilt but also go to jail and Oscar fessed up and did the right thing. I also respected the way he just tried to get on and do his community service and felt bad for him when Mitch started picking on him. I also initially had sympathy for him when he started getting the panic attacks a while back and when he over exerted himself during his training. I feel now that Maddy has completely ruined him. His head is so far up her arse that it has effectively nullified any character development. His entire existence has transcended into doing the right thing by her. I don't blame him for falling for her. She's physically very attractive, he was spending time with her so I get that from his perspective he saw that as bonding even though Maddy just wanted the company because nobody else really wanted to spend time with her. When she used him to get revenge on Evelyn stealing her man, again I couldn't blame him for sleeping with her. I'm willing to bet virtually any single heterosexual teenager in his position would have done the same thing. And I initially felt sorry for him afterwards when Maddy was spending time with him and she slapped him on the bottom and kissed him in front of Mitch obviously to make Oscar seem more manly (although how she thought Mitch would lay off after that is beyond me). What has annoyed me since is that there have been a number of occasions where it has been obvious that she doesn't love him and he should be focussing his energy on trying to move on rather than forcing something which isn't there. And every time he does seem to wake up and smell the coffee he falls back into the trap again. Take the dance, although she invited him she virtually blanked him repeatedly asking when Josh was coming. Even Zak asked him why he was prepared to put himself through this and he basically admitted he was a doormat, hoping for something. He should have just walked out at that instant and left her on her own. She apologised and gave him a sympathy dance later on but she shouldn't have been given that luxury at that particular moment (I also appreciate there was more important stuff going on). Fast forward and he starts hanging out with her again (dropping anything any time she calls her like some subordinate). He's forgotten that she's in love with Josh and only wants to hang out with him because she's bored and he's helping her buy some new clothes courtesy of Roo's plastic. When he told Roo and after he rejected her when she made a pass at him I thought 'Yes' but then he keeps trying to pressure Josh and Evelyn to get back together almost as a way to ensure that Maddy has no chance of getting back with Josh so he can have her all to himself (What!?). Don't get me wrong I like Josh/Evelyn but Oscar's motives were fuelled significantly by self-interest IMO. When Maddy was sick the first time it just annoyed me how he turned up at the hospital almost hassling Nate and then when he didn't get the information he wanted he went back to her place with three presents and couldn't take it when Maddy told him that she was pregnant and the baby wasn't his. You would think at that point he would back off but no he's chasing her again and then had a go at her for trying to use the situation (i.e. the pregnancy) to get Josh to try and fall in love with her even though he was doing EXACTLY the same thing. When he realised the baby could be Josh's he tells him the truth (knowing full well that it risks the wrath of Maddy) so fair play he went right up in my estimation and I thought he's got him self out of the situation (he wanted to do the right thing but there's still the self-interest argument too) but here at UK pace the latest instalment of the whole Oscar-trying-to-make-Maddy-fall-in-love-with-him thing, she has cancer, Oscar knows and well he's "supporting" her. I find the whole thing incredibly frustrating and tedious. It's like watching a football match with your favourite team and they keep missing so many golden opportunities to score. There are times where some of Oscar's behaviour has bordered on cringeworthy. The whole thing wreaks of desperation. I actually think this is quite realistic but from a viewers perspective (certainly this viewer), I'm sick to my back teeth of him going after her. It's not as if he doesn't know how she feels about Josh because she's made it clear several times. So it's gone way beyond her leading him on. I don't really think he gets on with Evelyn (obviously because of Maddy) and I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed a scene with those two. I don't think there is enough interaction with Zak. I remember seeing the scenes at the party recently and when Sasha/Matt/Spencer/Josh spent a night out in the woods. I enjoyed both of those and wish Oscar had been part of that. But he seems like an outsider not sufficiently interacting with some of the younger characters. I live in hope that he will somehow fall out of love with her but other than a superhot chick turning up meeting Oscar and love at first sight, it's not looking good. Oh well. Just my opinion...
  19. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Interesting the last post here about a year ago refers to the conclusion of a murder which took place and here we are again recently concluded another murder which I will come to in a bit. I think with Corrie I'm at about the same point as Emmerdale i.e. not really enjoying it as much but I like a lot more of the characters. Some of the storylines that I found particular memorable for one reason or another: Haley's death - The fact that I should have felt something but didn't. I was completely indifferent. One thing I won't forget was when Fizz discovered that Haley took her own life and her reaction when she took one look at Anna's face and realised that she knew all about it. Fizz was so annoying especially how she made it all about her and the fact that she wasn't filled in on Haley's plans to euthanise herself. Phelan - Thought him making Owen's life hell was kind of a role reversal given that Owen used to bully people. I also quite enjoyed the way he tormented Anna and blackmailed her into sleeping with him (I think it was the acting I liked more than anything). I don't like the fact that Phelan won but what frustrated me most about the storyline was the whole mess was Gary's fault. Because of his inability to control his temper they ended up losing everything and I personally felt at the time (and still feel now) that they would have better off letting Phelan go to the authorities and keeping everything even if that meant Gary going to jail. Maria - I thought Maria and Marcus were an absolute joke so I was not surprised Todd was able to steal him off her so easily. In saying that I loved that it made her go all obsessive regarding Tyronne. And I found Fizz so unbearable at the time I wanted Maria to succeed in her plan of stealing him off her. Nick going mental - This storyline I actually found really funny although I don't agree with the way he treated Leanne. Tina's murder - I was actually really disappointed that it was Rob as I quite liked him. I still had a hard time believing it. He was quite prepared to screw Carla over just a few months before so I struggled to get my head around the fact that he would risk everything just to stop her finding out that Tina was having an affair with Peter. Tina was actually pretty gobby at the time so I wasn't too bothered it was the end for her even though I thought she was quite cute. What's frustrating is that he framed Peter but when Peter was cleared he left the street anyway. I think Peter is weak and a cheat but it really annoyed me how when he returned most of the residents took the moral highground with him as if he were the actual killer. I do really like Tracy but she's a very selfish person although I accept her turning Rob in was probably the only time she hasn't been selfish. I quite liked the scene with her and Carla where they effectively buried their differences (hopefully). With regards to the more recent storylines: Todd's been pretty unpleasant since he returned but I have to admit I felt sorry for him after he got mugged and had his face scared. With regards to the depression re Steve, I'm wondering if he might be bi-polar. I say that because of how he's basically bankrupted Street Cars to pay for his sports car which he seems quite excited about and even how he was lively and jolly during Christmas. Loving the bromance with Kevin and Tim. I really enjoyed the storyline with the expensive red leather sofa. Love it when Corrie inject humour like that into their storylines every once in a while. Not particularly keen on the Nazir's although I don't mind Alya and Sharif. Cannot stand Yasmeen. I find her quite arrogant and think she generally looks down on certain people. And I struggle to find anything likeable about her. She annoyed me intensely the way she imposed her blasted library on Roy's Cafe. Zidane I find quite petulant and didn't like the way he was with Leanne either to start with. I've completely gone off Kal since he found out about Alya and Gary and punched Gary just because he was going out with his daughter. I'm going to give the Nazir's the benefit of the doubt and assume they don't like Gary because he's a reckless impulsive idiot with not many good career prospects and not because he's a non-muslim. I'm not sure what to make of Gary. I don't think he's a bad person and think he's his own worst enemy. I hate to see him wallowing in self pity but he never seems to learn from his mistakes. I'm not blaming him for what happened with Alya but the reason why he felt the need to steal from Roy was because he lost his temper and ended up smashing Faye's headphones an needed the cash to replace them. I really hope Roy just gets let off with a caution or a fine because after everything he's been through I don't think he deserves anything more and even Gary could see that. I do find it hard to have sympathy for Gary. I wanted to strangle Anna when she told Roy she didn't think she could forgive him. Don't really blame Sinead, I'd imagine watching Roy do that to someone couldn't have been pleasant. Just a shame it wasn't one of those youths who were hassling him. Good to see the actress who played Kim Tate from Emmerdale. Now that Nick's all loved up he's being very pleasant to Leanne and did what he should have done a long time ago, reinstated her as manager. I've never really liked Tony so I'm glad Tracy's got one up on him. I'm assuming she will use his infidelity as some sort of leverage at some point. Forgot to mention, great to see both Ken and Kevin back as full cast members. Oh and what has happened to Deirdre? Can't remember the last time I saw her.
  20. I thought this season was quite disappointing. It started off OK following on from Silas revealing his true from last season then continued with the Augustine vampire storyline. But just getting up to the midway point, I felt a lot of the time I was watching the episodes just as a matter of course and wasn't really enjoying them. I thought it made a real difference the originals not being in it (I never watched their spin off). And when it reached the end I was kind of glad. I would say the highlights were Silas posing as Stefan trying to wreak havoc, Damon's friendship with Enzo and Katherine being killed off once and for all. Although she has been a good character she has now run her course and it felt like she was just coming back to Mistic falls to come between the brothers and that's what Elena is doing. Alaric coming back should be interesting and having Enzo there too should be good. Was good to see Lexi again. I always liked her character. And Tyler's no longer a hybrid. Very disappointed about Damon and Bonnie. They are two characters I like, Damon especially. I loved his one liners and just find him so funny despite the killing of all the innocent people. I really hope we haven't seen the last of those two and now we're stuck with two boring characters - Jeremy and Matt. I probably will watch next season but if the episodes are repetitive like this one I may reconsider.
  21. Slade


    Well it's taken 3 seasons but finally Victoria knows the truth now. I was so glad last season that all the stuff with the Initiative was over because for me this has always been about Emily and the Graysons and the organisation just got in the way of the storyline. The third season started off slowly but towards the end got better and better. Was disappointed Margaux and Jack didn't last but it was never going to work. Still can't stand Daniel and don't like how he manipulated Margaux but part of me thinks that she and Daniel deserve each other. Her brother Gideon seems pretty ruthless (Giving the woman at the bar cocaine so she could overdose and he could use it as leverage to blackmail Daniel) still at least it means he and Nolan can keep Daniel in check. Felt sorry for Charlotte when she realised Jack was involved in the kidnapping. Obviously he didn't actually do it and was trying to help her but she doesn't know that. And not only has David Clarke been exonerated but isn't actually dead and decided to stab Conrad to death after Conrad escaped from the prison. And we got the showdown I'd been hoping for - Emily and her arch nemesis Victoria, all cards on the table. Didn't like the way Victoria smothered Aiden to death but not sure what else his character can do. Also I would like to see something happen with Jack and Emily one day. Anyway the final scene was just perfect, Emily having Victoria committed to the mental institution, doing what Victoria did to her all those years ago. And to finish it off she whispered "Goodbye Victoria", victorious. Although I'm sure Victoria will be back. Emily may have won this particular battle but she hasn't won the war.
  22. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Although quite a while ago now, I was quite satisfied with the conclusion of the whole storyline with Karl. Quite enjoyed seeing Dev and Jason join forces and Jason's concern for Dev after Karl attacked him. Not sure if his sentence was long enough for two murders though. Now we have new owners of the Rovers return although making Steve one of them kind of feels like a step back. Not sure how I feel about Liz coming back. I actually don't mind her although I wasn't sure how I felt about her getting involved with the stuff with Tina and Peter. I guess my main issue with the Rovers is having Michelle there. Never really liked her and I don't really like the way she acts towards Steve sometimes. Re Peter and Carla, part of me wanted something to happen with Peter and Tina purely so that would give him a way out of marrying Carla. I don't think he was ready or wanted to marry her and he went through with it because he was to weak to tell her it wasn't what he wanted. I think he was happy with Carla but the idea of being tied to her for the rest of his life caused him to sway. And I don't think the stuff to do with what happened to Simon had anything to do with it. I felt it was just an excuse to avoid spending any time on the wedding. He was very close to having a drink before Tina stopped him and I suspect he will relapse fairly quickly and become unhappy within the marriage. Worst things are when Leanne finally seemed to accept that Peter and Carla were happy and wished him the best of lucky telling him not to mess the marriage up and the fact that Rob will eventually probably be proved right. I'm pretty sure he warned Carla about Peter before and if it wasn't for her Peter would have gone bankrupt. She's spent a lot of money preventing him from going under so I hope for her sake it's not all in vain. Well I'm glad everything's out in the open as far as the Platt's are concerned re Kylie sleeping with Nick and David trying to kill him. There was one point where I was just so fed up with David and Kylie that I wanted both of them gone. I've actually found Nick's storyline quite interesting i.e. seeing the affect the accident has had on his relationship with Leanne, Simon and his business. Leanne actually annoyed me in one episode when Peter raised concerns about Nick's behaviour then she accused Peter of being a hypocrite because he was the same when he was on the alcohol. Yes Peter may have been hypocritical but you can't possibly expect him to keep quiet when he's worrying about his son's well being just because he did something similar previously. I actually thought Peter was very diplomatic anyway. One thing that I noted was when Nick seemed dejected that Leanne gave Simon back because he was the one thing she wanted more than anything. And he made a comment that she wasn't his wife but his carer. Never really liked Nick. I remember him trying to get Peter back on the alcohol so it could ruin things with Leanne and increase his chances of getting with her. And also sleeping with his brother's wife. However I can kind of understand his attitude towards David and why he gave Gail the ultimatum earlier on this week. I was pleased initially when I saw David in the police station going to confess and so wasn't too happy when Nick talked him out of it. Fessing up would have been the best thing for everyone as at least it would have meant David would face the consequences for what happened and eventually it would allow Nick to forgive him and allowed the whole family to start rebuilding everything. Now it feels we're back to square one. I'm surprised how easily Audrey's forgiven David though. Even though Gail couldn't stand to lose him, at least she was cold and cut him out for a bit. I found the storyline with Faye incredibly frustrating. Whilst her behaviour at times was disgusting i.e. intimidating Mary and humiliating Simon and whilst I was extremely annoyed how Anna defended her when even Owen could see what was going on, my main problem was the real culprit Grace basically got away with it. What a vile horrid creature she was. Well hopefully we won't see her again. And her mother's attitude says it all really. Really not happy about Todd returning it all. He seems sly manipulative and sneaky. He's got Shaun wrapped around his little finger and then there was the way he conducted himself at street cars and the bloke he deceived from London who came after him when he first arrived. Although he broke Marcus's confidence, I'll admit that I actually didn't have a problem with him telling Julie about what Brian did. Brain should have just been upfront with her from the start and it is his aunt after all, although I don't think his reasons were honourable. I got the impression he did that purely to cause trouble for his own amusement. Again as sad as this storyline with Haley is, I'm still finding it hard to get into. I will say that Christian absolutely disgusted me the way he used his own kids to emotionally extort money out of Haley. What was she supposed to do though? She only has months left to live so I didn't blame her for giving into his demands.
  23. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Have to admit, I thought the poison pen letter was absolute genius. I absolutely loved how it wound Leanne up and watching Nick and Kylie squirm. Although I enjoyed the whole revenge plan overall I do think that David went to far unbuckling Nick's seat belt (although I'm struggling to see what difference it made to the truck hitting the driver side of the car head on when the car was stationary). David definitely needs to come clean and fess up to everything. I found it really funny when he overhead Eva bitching about Leanne to Stellar planted the seed and Leanne stormed into Underworld and wanted to knock seven bells out of her sister. Nick's accident does have the positive effect that's it's brought Eva and Leanne closer together and they seem to be getting on quite well. Didn't have on bit of sympathy for Tina when Tracey laid into her. Just a shame it led to her drinking which indirectly led to Rita getting mugged by that gang. This whole thing with her seeing Jake is a recipe for disaster. I was kind of hoping that this particular storyline was over with. If she starts to bond with the baby then it will reopen old wounds. I'm just waiting for Tina to start breastfeeding him. Still with her onscreen partner having been sacked, I'm not sure how it will affect their relationship. I have to be honest and say, because of the stuff that's happening offscreen, I'm really disappointed we won't be seeing the likes of Kevin and Ken anytime in the foreseeable it seems. Both characters have been there a long time. Kevin part of the furniture and Ken is iconic. There was no doubt in my mind that those guys were going to attack Lloyd and I knew Paul would come to the rescue. Almost like a plot device to facilitate a reconciliation. I knew Paul wasn't/isn't racist. Don't understand what his original comment was and the whole thing seems like a really pointless storyline now. At least it's all good. Oh and I'm glad Lloyd and Mandy split up. She turned out to be quite up herself towards the end. And even though what Jeana was doing wasn't ideal, I don't like Mandy's attitude towards her daughter's choice of employment. I was actually over the moon when Tim changed his mind about leaving. Can't believe I'm saying this but I actually quite like him and Sally together. And the best thing about their relationship is the way it rubs Anna up the wrong way. I find myself constantly smiling at her look of disgust whenever she sees these two together particularly when they cop off with each other. It's a shame because I really used to like Anna but she's turned into a bitter, self-righteous cow. I don't like the way when Tim tried to give Faye money she turned it down flat. And when Sally wanted to know if Faye could come round for a barbecue on bank holiday and Anna said she was having one just to stop Tim from spending any time with her out of sheer spite and malice. It now really feels like she's taken a leaf out of Owen's book of bullying. I'm more than happy for them to look after Faye but I really don't want these two winning with regards to forcing Tim out of town.
  24. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Fair play to Tina for doing the right thing in the end and giving the baby back to Izzy and Gary. Fair play to Tommy too for actually growing some backbone and telling Tina she was the one in the wrong. I actually thought their conversation played a part in her changing her mind. Didn't really feel comfortable with the scenes afterwards where Gary, Izzy, Owen etc were inviting Tina to have a drink with them. Why would she want to be in their company after everything that happened? I don't like David and thought the way he treated Gail in yesterday's episode (throwing the peanuts at her, trying to torment her) was absolutely disgusting but I have to admit, I am quite enjoying this whole revenge plan re Nick and Kylie's affair. I found it really funny when he trashed Nick's place, not so much the act itself but their reactions afterwards in particular Leanne's. When he first hid Peter's lighter I actually thought he was trying to make it look like Peter did it. Anyway I was laughing through the bickering with Peter, Gail, Nick and Leanne this week. Personally if I was in David's position I would have confronted him but I don't blame him for wanting revenge. I found it interesting that he confided in Tina because although I was very much on and off with Corrie before I didn't think they were on amicable terms and no way did I think they were close enough for him to tell her something like that. Which especially had me puzzled by the way she lost it with Kylie in Roy's cafe which incidentally I thought was absolutely hilarious although I would imagine it would have something to do with her giving up the baby. I personally believe that Tim definitely shouldn't be looking after Faye. He has pretty much been struggling ever since she moved in and the fact that he didn't bother to check Faye's story about staying with Anna when he was working in Newcastle shows how out of his depth he is but I still think he should be able to see her. I understand Anna getting annoyed but was very disappointed with her telling Owen to drive him out of town but unfortunately not surprised Owen reverted to bully mode. For that reason I hope Tim doesn't decide to leave just like that. Really, really not liking this sleepwalking storyline with Roy. Roy's a character I've never been interested in, I find quite boring and should be limited to cameo roles.
  25. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Even though I didn't like Sunita and hated the way she treated Dev (I always thought he deserved better), I remember initially being disgusted with Karl for starting the fire, leaving her to burn basically being responsible for the deaths of two people. I think this kind of mirrors the Cameron storyline in Emmerdale, Cameron also killing two people and like Cameron without a confession, I don't see how he's every going to be caught. Even though in a way it's very sad seeing Dev trying to clear Sunita's name, certainly the scenes on Fridays episode when he was quizzing Sophie, I do have to admit I've quite enjoyed seeing the effect it's having on Karl. He's actually quite worried that Dev might uncover the truth. I think it's unlikely at the moment. I did feel sorry for Stella initially but if she's stupid enough to be with Karl again given how he stole from her and cheated on her before then I'm inclined to say she deserves everything she gets. I don't really care that Karl saved her from burning as he started the fire anyway. I do agree with Leanne's stance regarding Karl but I have to say that Leanne herself has been absolutely unbearable as of late. All she seems to do mope around with a sour expression on her face, moan and whine all the time. Again I agreed with her stance on Karl but the way she was was so annoying. Then the way she conducted herself when Carla didn't tell Peter that she had arranged to buy Leanne out of the bookies and she was sitting down sniggering whilst Peter and Carla were arguing, refusing to leave. I saw on the front of a magazine a while back a caption suggesting that Karl was going to kill Leanne (obviously it didn't happen) but I was thinking at the time, you know it wouldn't be such a bad thing if that did happen. There's no denying that Rob got some pretty big orders into Underworld but he never would have been working there if it hadn't been for Carla. He has a criminal record and she gave him a chance where most people wouldn't. I get it must have been frustrating for him working with Peter and I thought Peter was acting like an idiot incidentally, (he was such a dinosaur and resisted every opportunity Rob made to actually improve the place and bring it into the 21st century) but it was still a job he probably wouldn't have gotten elsewhere. So trying to con Carla out of 20 grand was really low and TBH he's lucky he's not back in a prison cell. And that fact she actually gave him £5000 speaks for the type of sister she is to him. I think the person he really annoyed me during all of this was Michelle, she keeps making smart remarks, acting like she owns the joint when all she is, is a glorified PA. Chesney is such a wet blanket. He does my head in and very often launches into self-righteous rants so when Katie first started getting close to Ryan when they worked together at Dev's takeaway, I was willing them to cheat on him (even though I don't like Ryan at all) and I was glad when they did. I always thought he was punching above his weight when they were together and I think Katie's behaviour is entirely plausible. I will say that I did agree with Owen when he gave her a piece of his mind. I found this stuff with Izzy, Garry and Tina incredibly frustrating. I don't like Tina at all and one thing that really frustrates me is that a lot of blokes seem to think that the sun shines out of her backside so I was annoyed when Gary tried to kiss her, which was ironic given how he acted when he found out about Katie and Ryan. Even though it's perfectly understandable I've personally found her really annoying as of late and I was glad when Katie had a go at her in Roy's cafe even though Katie completely got the wrong end of the stick and came across as totally hypocritical. It also really annoyed me how Tommy jumped in and tried to act the hard man re Gary. Tina has been particularly annoying this week since she gave birth. She was moaning to Tommy about the baby's name and then harping on about how much he means to her. Although her reasons were selfless she agreed to this arrangement for financial reasons. Biologically it's not even her child, she's given birth so it's none of her business anymore and now she wants to keep the baby. If Tommy really wants to be useful he should be trying to dissuade her and Tina should just get over herself. Found the scenes hilarious re Maria and Marcus when they went to Marcus and Sean's friends wedding, particular their disbelief that Marcus is now in a relationship with a woman and Sean sniggering as a bystander eagerly awaiting his friends reaction upon finding out.
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