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  1. Dull, mundane, insipid....despite the fact that he's a medical student at times seems quite gormless. Can't really think of much he's done that's worthwhile except for putting the other Morgan's lives in jepordy because he was so focused on getting his leg over with Lara that despite their warnings to keep quiet he went and told her about the witness protection and went off to meet her when they going to be relocated after Decker thought they were compromised - which put them all in further jeopardy. Going at UK pace I like Evelyn and am not happy seeing her spending so much time with him and the friends with benefits arrangement frustrates me as I think she's too good for him. I didn't think much of the character the actor played in Neighbours and it's the same here. Feels to me like he's been brought in to show off that body of his. The only positive thing I can say is at least he's not as annoying as Chris.
  2. So after effectively getting away with kidnapping and attempting to kill to Casey, beating Sean and Trystan and leaving them for dead and the illegal gambling, Kyle finally goes down for the one crime he didn't commit. Now isn't that a final irony...
  3. Many thanks. I would actually prefer if it was like Neighbours and the episodes came out on the same day as in Aus as that would mean those following at UK pace wouldn't have to worry about spoilers from the people following at Aus pace who can't be bothered to check where the UK is up to (Yes I said it again and I sound like a cracked record.). Also it would mean we could venture into the character discussion threads without the fear of encountering spoilers.
  4. You've made some fairly interesting points kmp1963. Some of it to do with Phoebe, some if it related to people's attitudes towards characters in general. I'm going to respond to what you've said. This may come across as blunt so apologies in advance (nothing personal) but it's late, I've just finished a five and a half hour drive and I'm tired. I'm not sure what difference that makes TBH. Just because somebody feels a certain way about a character it does not under any circumstance mean that somebody else should feel the same. I don't see a problem with Phoebe (or any other character for that matter including the ones that I like) getting a torrent of abuse. Home and away is not real life, it's a scripted drama with fictional characters in a fictional program. The argument may hold water if this were real life but it's not. I believe that fictional characters are fair game as long as the posters don't continually repeat the same thing and there is some level of reasoned discussion. Critique is fine as long as the posts don't include negative comments about the character's physical appearance, aren't racist or homophobic then I see no problem. I'm not sure what your point is and how that relates to this thread. Are you suggesting that characters who are morally worse than Phoebe are given a free ride because they're hot, whereas Phoebe is not? I don't think there's anything wrong with her appearance actually but again I don't see what the issue is here. People are perfectly entitled to like whoever they want regardless of how shallow their reasons are. Again this is a fictional program Why do you find it offensive? I don't see why it should it matter what other people think. Surely the most important thing should be what you think. Are you suggesting if someone likes a character with violent tendencies in a fictional program they will support or encourage behaviour like that in real life? I found Chris so annoying last year, I wished he was comatosed after the bus crash instead of Leah but of course if it was real life I wouldn't want something like that to happen to someone just because I find them annoying or because I didn't like them. Similarly with Neighbours Paul Robinson is one of my all time favourite characters. I love the way he blackmails, manipulates, lies , schemes and threatens people. Would I advocate behaviour like that in real life? Of course not. But in the context of the fictional program I absolutely love it because I want to be entertained. Would I say what I said above to someones face if I felt that way about them? If someone like Phoebe was in my face delivering a self-righteous sermon, raising her voice, there's no way I would stand there and take it. I'm not sure if I would attack someone personally like I have above. It really depends on the circumstances and what she's actually saying. But I would see it as my right to stand up for myself. Of course not. Why would I? I've got no issue with the actress, simply the character she portrays. Again you're not differentiating between an element of the program and a real person. The two are completely independent as far as I'm concerned. This is not specifically directed at you kmp1963 but as long as I've been posting here there have always been posters that have taken offense and seen it as their right to go into threads and call people out just because they've gotten upset about comments towards a non existent entity. Almost acting as if the poster in question has said that to someone in real life. You see I like to think that people are better than that and irrespective of their comments here they would be different if it was a real person with real feelings.
  5. I increasingly loathe Phoebe. She's a self-righteous moron. It's a shame because when she first came to the bay I really liked her. I liked her lively personality. I thought she was pretty headstrong and a breath of fresh air. I thought she would be able to pacify the most violent Braxton (sorry Bennett) when she rekindled their relationship. I loved the way she would routinely stand up to Brax and wouldn't take any crap off him. In a funny sort of way whilst he clearly found her a pain in the backside I think he actually respected her for that. I liked that she had a very musical side to her. And I've actually enjoyed some of the storylines that have come about as a result. e.g. Nieve when she drugged Phoebe and tried to create the sex tape to boost her popularity and status in the music industry, completely oblivious to what she was doing wrong. And also the storyline with Ryan. I really enjoyed and found his stalking of her fascinating. So I definitely wouldn't have described her as boring before. The main reason why I've turned from liking to disliking her is because she is incredibly sanctimonious. She will often launch self-righteous rants when she feels strongly about something. And it's incredibly annoying because often the character she launches her tirade doesn't deserve it. So much so that I will almost always default to siding with the person who is on the receiving end regardless of whether they are right or not. One of the worst examples of this was when she went for the job interview with Snelgrove and he quite correctly pointed out that her rock band attire was inappropriate for applying for a position as a school teacher. And rather than accept a perfectly reasonable statement she started spouting feminist bullocks. And quite incredibly she still got the job. Other examples of getting on her high horse include the way she spoke to Casey when he wanted Josh to move in, harping on about her parent's marriage failing after rejecting Kyle's proposal, getting annoyed with Kyle for blanking her when she told him to stay away when she finished with him, her attitude towards Charlotte when she got her marching orders from Angelos and in particular the way she was with Ash when she found out Brax was alive after going through his phone. Her holier-than-thou attitude on numerous occasions has made me want to slap her. She also irritated me when she opened her big mouth and congratulated Ricky when she got pregnant even though Kyle specifically told her not to and the way she practically blackmailed Ash into going to Ricky's to reveal that Brax was alive made my blood boil. I dislike Kyle more than her but I don't think him going out with her has made him a better person. He was jealousy possessive and aggressive towards other people. Going out with Ash seems like it's more trouble that it's worth for him. She seems to blame him for anything that goes wrong and she finished with him just because she thought he chose Brax over her ego couldn't handle it (Completely negating the fact that this was all done to protect Ricky and Casey from Gunno). I feel he has to watch everything he does around her and I honestly don't know how he puts up with it. Why he would want to get back with her again especially considering that he finished with her when she was pregnant? As I said before I struggle to understand how the Braxtons even managed to live with her for as long as they did. Even Ricky got fed up with her after one day. And she is enough to drive anybody insane. During her time on the show she's effectively transitioned from a fun hipster type girl into an nagging housewife and I do feel sorry for Ash as she's almost like a vampire sucking the life right out of him.
  6. At UK pace have recently seen the episode of Oscar cheating on Maddy with Asia and you know what - I'm proud of him! I absolutely loved the spontaneity with which he grabbed Asia and just went for it. It was beautiful. I just wish we'd seen more of that from him with other girls previously rather than wasting over a year of his life on Maddy. I was actually disappointed that Oscar didn't want to take things further with Asia but it's hardly unexpected. I do not believe that Maddy ever loved him and TBH she deserved to be cheated on. She only slept with him initially to get back at Evelyn for stealing Josh and she only starting going out with him because she was grateful that he supported her when she thought she was going to die. The minute a perceived higher value guy started to show some interest she fell for him. And rather than end things then and there she was quite prepared to string Oscar along. I'm often very wrong when I predict things in Home and Away but there are two things I called a long time before they actually happened. The first was Nate being in love with Ricky despite apparently moving on. The second was that Maddy would end up hurting Oscar. And I knew she would hurt him because she wasn't in love with him but he was head over heels in love with her. This was pretty evident when she attacked him just as she ended things "You're only holding onto this because of some pathetic nerd who got the girl mentality you have going on. But I'm me, you're you it was never going to last". This was actually incredibly frustrating for me as a viewer because I knew this would happen even after he finished with her the first time (the right choice IMO) and he started to fall for her again. See the problem with girls like Maddy is they tend to be very shallow and they don't normally go for guys like Oscar (this obviously changed when she had the big C and survival was priority). They primarily select guys on appearance, confidence and charisma. Physically there's nothing really wrong with Oscar's but he isn't particularly high on the last two. There's also the issue of him letting her walk all over him. TBH I always felt he was punching way above his weight when he was going out with her. And he should actually count himself lucky he was able to date her for that long. This will surely be one to tell the grandchildren. Although he can spin the story slightly. "When I was in highschool I was a nerd and people often picked on me but I managed to seduce a hot blonde into sleeping with me and we went out for months. I got fed up of her but didn't have the heart to break up so I copped off with another cute girl and let her tell my girlfriend about it so she would finish with me" (He can leave out the parts that Maddy wasn't in love with him, her feelings were the cancer talking, she fell for someone else and the breakup was her choice). I think Oscar should learn from this and count it as a blessing anyway as it will give him an opportunity to seek out someone who genuinely loves him for him. And doesn't pretend to be in love with him out of gratitude. I said a while back that you should never be friends with someone that you fancy and sadly Oscar's proof of that. See the problem was I always felt she saw him as a friend not really a lover whereas it was the reverse for him so the minute he got involved with her he was in deep water emotionally. Although he's proven already with Asia that if he can build his confidence up and meet other females anything can happen. Personally I'm glad he and Maddy are over as maybe we will have a chance to see some storylines with him which don't revolve around her. I'm looking forward to seeing a (hopefully) improved Maddy-free Oscar. Let's hope the writers get it right this time!
  7. Yep I love assassinating fictional characters and that waster certainly deserves it! But I'm so sorry Kyle's feelings were hurt from some of my comments about him. I have to admit I do find him quite amusing sometimes when he loses it. e.g Spitting his dummy out when Brax dared to lend some of the money from his business to help Andy out and Kyle took Brax's money and spent thousands of dollars on musical equipment Getting annoyed when Casey dared to help his own brother out and moved him into Braxton household (even though Kyle did the same thing with Phoebe) Biting Josh and Evelyn's heads off when they were copping off at the Braxtons just because things weren't going well with his own relationship Going for that guy that touched Phoebe's bottom Ricky using him for babysitting duties and the lustful way Kyle was looking at her (deluded enough to think he was in there with a chance initially) Yep Kyle will very often throw his toys out his pram (although not his kid's pram, that can't happen now re my post before last). Good old Kyle. Always guaranteed some laughs.
  8. You do realise that ALL killers start off with never killing anyone don't you? The point was that IMO Kyle is an extremely violent and dangerous person. He almost killed Casey and could have killed Sean and Trystan. If he continues like this he's bound to kill someone one day.
  9. I find it very interesting how popular this particular individual is. The posts towards this character from some people would indicate he's the best thing since sliced bread. People go on and on about how bad Brax is but this piece of garbage is given a free ride and IMO far worse. Kyle is an violent, aggressive, jealous, childish, controlling bully. The Bennett Braxton love child make his glorious entrance by stalking his supposed half-brother. Kidnaps him, beats him and leaves him in the desert to die a slow painful death. Blaming Casey for stopping Danny from murdering someone in cold blood but really it was because he was jealous that Danny spent more time with the other siblings and he couldn't handle it. But just because he puts his hands up in court and says "oh sorry I've been a bad boy" he gets a slap on the wrist. Even when Casey did forgive Kyle, how does he repay him? Steals his girlfriend from right under him. The only reason why Tamara fell for Kyle was because she had amnesia. So I was ecstatic when her feelings for Casey resurfaced when Casey was hospitalised. I loved the way Kyle was completely powerless and watching the inevitable unfold. That's karma for you and it was wonderful how he finally got to experience how Casey felt and got a taste of his own medicine re the woman that he loved. The best part about it was that Casey and Tamara didn't last long anyway so Kyle lost her for nothing - and even sleeping with one of Chris's castoffs didn't help. Kyle's violent tendencies resurfaced after Andy got into strife with Sean. After unsuccessfully trying to pay Sean off, Kyle seriously assaulted him causing internal bleeding. There's an argument as to whether the character deserved (and it does not take away from the fact that Kyle chose to do it) but as a result he puts Irene, Chris and Spencer in serious jeopardy. They were all actually very lucky to get out of that situation unscathed when Sean held them hostage. The problem I have with Kyle is that he won't change or should I say can't change. When things are going well for him he's OK but often a real test for a person is how they react when things are going badly and how they deal with the situation but that is when Kyle is at his most dangerous. He's usually like this when things aren't going his way. So we have girlfriend #2 the annoying self-righteous Phoebe. Ironically Kyle didn't even want her at first as he was so fixated on girlfriend #1. Although that didn't stop him from trying to kiss her when he realised what he did to Sean. She was right to follow her initial instincts and reject him but that didn't stop her persisting in trying to 'save' him from the Braxtons. Obviously failing to realise that Kyle was like that before he had even met them. She was even visibly shaken once he told her about Casey but she still tried to get him away from them anyway and then completely changed her mind. It's funny after looking into Kyle's history the lengths Phoebe's dad went to to protect his daughter from him. And whilst I don't agree with what he did, Mark I guess was essentially right about him. Although I'm not complaining that Kyle was hospitalised. Kyle has shown with his relationship with Phoebe he has veered from controlling, demanding to just plain delusional. He didn't want her to get back into her music initially and bit her head off then attacked Matt for helping her because he was envious it wasn't him. He tried to entrap her by proposing to her in front of everybody at Angelos and couldn't handle it when she rejected his offer of marriage and didn't want kids with him. After they broke up he slept with Billie and didn't want Phoebe when she wanted to get back with him. Then after she moved on and she and Ash got together he couldn't handle that. So like some child stormed off to the city and ended up in debt because he was gambling. And when he couldn't pay the money that was owed and was hospitalised Ash had to waste a kidney on his sorry, miserable existence. Regardless of whether Ash should have told the truth about Brax the fact of the matter remains someone would have had to waste an organ of theirs on him regardless if Brax had been the one to do it. He even admitted to the illegal gambling and how he's not in prison despite being on a suspended sentence I don't know. When Phoebe was pregnant his demanding attitude annoyed me immensely. I'm not going to lie, I was ecstatic when she lost the baby. Kyle's devastation was absolutely wonderful! I loved how he just couldn't handle the fact that he wasn't going to be a father. He attacked Ash but the best part of that episode was when he smashed the cot up. Words cannot describe how euphoric that scene was. After what he's done it's no more than he deserves! But he hasn't stopped there. Without even bothering to check his facts he goes and commits yet another serious assault just because he was gullible enough to believe some story from someone he had a one night stand with. And even before he found out what she was like he was prepared to cover up a murder for her. People often mention that Kyle has anger management issues but this goes way beyond impulsiveness and losing it. Each time he has attacked someone, it has not be reactionary or the heat of the moment. It has been cold, calculated and premeditated. As I mentioned above he cannot change. All we get is each time this happens he sometimes apologises, hold his hands up, is OK for a bit then commits another act of violence. It's only going to be a matter of time before his next victim is dumped in the outback and that person might not be so lucky. At the rate he's going, it's inevitable that he will end up killing someone....
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    Coronation Street

    Whilst I liked the idea of Tracy telling Nick about Carla and Robert sleeping together, I don't like the idea of Tracy blackmailing Carla like this. I was kind of hoping that Tracy would just keep quiet and do it right before they were about to get married. I actually don't think Carla should give in to Tracy's demands and should just tell Nick herself and deal with what happens afterwards. Michelle really should be talking her into fessing up. How do we know Tracy won't blackmail Carla again in the future? Sometimes with blackmail you don't have any choice but in this scenario she does. Even though Leanne was wrong I didn't blame her for reporting Simon to the police given his track record. I actually think he still clearly has anger management issues and needs help. Perhaps a break away from Leanne with his dad will do him some good. Actually haven't minded the stuff at the factory this week with Sinead modelling. Personally I don't feel Chesney is as happy for her as what he should be. Almost like he doesn't want to share her with anybody else. Sally has been a pain in the backside regarding her election campaign and I wasn't particularly happy that she joined forces with Norris although it will be interesting to see the outcome now that Norris himself has decided to run. They could both get actually even more annoying depending on whether either of them win. I knew the minute Anna was jumping for joy when she thought Phelan had left he would be sticking around. As a person I find him quite vile but I absolutely loathe Anna so once again the Phelan/Anna stuff has been a delight. I loved the way he was rubbing her nose in it - "Give us a job, give us a job". And the scene where she went ape and smashed his car up and assaulted him was fun too. The best part is the way he has convinced almost everyone (particularly Jason and Eileen) that he's the victim and Anna is the crazy irrational one to the point where both Kevin and Sophie now doubt her. He's playing an absolute blinder and I'm loving it. I actually hope he changes his mind and decides to go to the police to press charges. It'll be worth it to see Anna suffer some more. That would be the icing on the cake given that Kevin has now finished with her.
  11. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Well it looks like Hope will make a full recovery which is good I guess. TBH I've felt completely indifferent to this storyline. Should I be surprised after overhearing about Carla's affair with Robert Tracy decided to leave Carla to the fate of the robbers when they were attempting to raid Nic's and didn't even call the police to help her? No. But you could argue she's done far worse so that's actually an improvement if you think about it like that. I don't know if Carla was brave or stupid going after Jamie and his cohort and hanging onto the car when they drove off. But I guess it was all down to guilt over her infidelity so she had to get the engagement ring Nick gave her. Well at least they've been caught now and I would imagine that Jamie is going to jail for some time. I don't dislike Carla but purely in terms of entertainment I actually hope Tracy exposes what she did. At her wedding with Nick of course. Whilst I don't condone Mary sleeping with somebody else's husband I'm glad she's actually been given some sort of storyline. I think her boyfriend really just see's her as booty call. Can't believe how matter-of-fact his wife was about it afterwards. His only punishment sleeping on the sofa for maybe a night or two. Dev might have told him to back off but I don't think Mary would want to finish with him because she has no other options at the moment. As predicted Ken and Nessa are finished and it looks like Ken and Audrey will get together. Boo. Good old Pat Phelan. It's funny I mentioned him in my last post but had no idea he was returning. Have to say I'm absolutely delighted. I've already enjoyed the way he's manipulating Kevin and caused problems with his relationship with Anna making himself out to be the good guy. And I find it quite amusing the amount of blatant contempt Anna has for him. If he plays his cards right he could get Gary to snap again. So it will be interesting to see him stick around for a little while at least although not too long. I'm also very pleased that Jenny's back although for different reasons. I actually quite liked her and although I didn't agree with her taking Jack and putting Kevin through the trauma I did have a lot of sympathy for her losing her own son. Rita has really impressed me with the empathy and compassion she's showed. And I'm really glad she's decided to let Jenny move in with her. And I absolutely loved Rita sticking up for her when Sally was bad mouthing her. Even Tim didn't agree with it and when Kevin turned up in the shop and announced he was OK with her living on the street, I quite liked Rita's satisfied expression after that. I think both Phelan/Jen are wonderful as that is a chance to ruin the Kevin/Anna relationship. And although far-fetched I would like to actually like to see Kevin get back with Jen. I think there will always be the issue of Jacks safety but putting that aside Sophie is going to be a big problem as she's never liked Jen anyway and will object to anything other than Kevin seeing her as an arch-nemesis. There's hope though. I know things moved fairly quickly between them before but there is a possibility that a small part of Kevin could be in love with her.
  12. Slade

    Coronation Street

    Firstly it's really good to see Caitlin make semi-regular appearances. I hope she and Craig continue and their relationship grows stronger. I've been up and down with the stuff with the Platts. Even though I find Sarah annoying I was just so fed up with the way David kept hassling her. I do have to admit I still really love his dry sense of humour. I think Sarah having Callum's baby is an interesting twist. One that could potentially have serious repercussions down the line re guilt. Especially given that David took pity on Marion and decided to let her see Max for Christmas. I also felt sorry for her when she got mugged. If she becomes a regular part of Max's life and that of Sarah's baby who knows what could happen. I'm assuming that judging by some of their recent scenes they are trying to pair Anna with Kevin. I really hope not for the same reason why I didn't want Tim to end up with her. Namely Kevin is a good person and I don't think he deserves to be with someone like her. Admittedly she hasn't been too bad as of late but that's only because she hasn't been given too many opportunities. Can't really say I'm that fussed about how things ended up with Gary and Alya. Don't really like either of them. I've generally thought Gary was a waste of space although he has been behaving himself since he attacked Phelan. Alya is just an annoying drama queen. And I just hated the way she made it all about her when Gary found out Jason stole her virginity. The poor me victim act was extremely tiresome so I was glad when her own family temporarily turned on her. In saying that whilst I accept that Gary is gutted he wasn't Alya's first I as they have broken up I personally felt he should have given his share of the gym back to the Nasir's. Of course he's under no obligation to do so but as he is no longer getting married to her I think it would be the right thing to do morally as he hasn't earned a penny of that. I do actually quite like Ken and Nessa together and whilst I can understand she can be annoying at times it's a shame the writers have decided to make her character not such a nice person i.e. sleeping with Cathy's husband obviously as a way to break her and Ken up so he and Audrey can get together. If that does happen the most annoying thing would be the underhand way Audrey has tried to undermine Ken and Nessa's relationship has basically been justified. I had mixed feelings about Tony getting his comeuppance. Whilst I never liked him and think he no doubt deserves it, it has really annoyed me how Liz won. She is a character I dislike intensely even more so than Tony and I hated the way she and Michelle were just so self-righteous about the whole thing. I can't stand either of them. Michelle's sanctimonious nature has also been extended to her attitude towards Johnny being Carla's dad. Don't get me wrong because I'm most definitely not on Johnny's side here (although I am glad he didn't allow himself to be blackmailed). The way he's acted actually reminds me of his character in Family affairs. I've hated the way he's constantly tried to pressurise Carla into not telling Aiden and Kate. Why should she keep quiet? Surely they deserve to know. Regardless Michelle has got no right to give Johnny the evils and be that annoyed towards him. Again with Liz I wanted to strangle her when she told Aiden not to mess with her staff re him sleeping with Eva (this is why you should never get involved with people who you work with) Whilst I don't particularly like him as a person, I've always liked Rob's character. So I relished the prospect of him coming back when I first heard about it. I did initially think they were going to stage another prison break like they did with Tony. As much as I like Tracy I've really, really enjoyed seeing Rob getting some payback and messing her relationship with Robert up. She definitely deserves it (it was also a chance to see some scenes with her and Beth as I've always liked their relationship). However I don't think Carla deserved to be included in his revenge plan although I do kind of hope he's the one to tell Kate and or Aiden that she's their half sister. And the bombshell as I mentioned above seems to have sent her right back to how she was before the Connor's bailed her out and stopped Underworld from going under i.e. drinking/gambling oh and she's slept with Robert. Not good I know although I can't help thinking it's poetic justice after what Nick did to Peter. Still not sure barring the obvious what Carla's connection to the Connor's actually is. Not sure if Emily's gone for good but I would rather it would be Norris that was leaving as I see him as just an awful person. I'll put in spoilers because i don't think anything's been officially announced:
  13. Nope, certainly not just you. I can't stand Chis. Absolutely loathe him. The term I often use when describing him is an oxygen thief. Because that's what he is. I honestly wish one of the other characters would just punch him in the face. I'm a UK viewer and am only following at UK pace but I struggle to understand what Hannah could possibly see in him. It sure as hell can't be his idiot personality so must be his looks and that would make sense as she's always been pretty shallow. His only purpose is a support character and he's not even good at that. I always wonder when he's going to stop being annoying and the only time when that happens is when he's reduced to making cameo appearances in certain episodes. But anytime he features significantly he goes right back to being a cretin. Recent examples (again at UK pace) are when he told Kat about Nate sleeping with Ricky and ruined the secret for Maddy's surprise party.
  14. Oh no. *skulks off into a corner and starts crying* I was hoping TBTB would write him out next year at some point as I still see him as a useless, annoying character.
  15. Grey, grey, grey. Near the end of December and it's not even that cold. In contrast when I was in Norway 3 weeks ago it was freezing.
  16. Search facility works beautifully now. The error that cropped up previously has gone and the results are returned almost instantaneously across all forums - even the password protected ones! Presumably the forum software uses far better indexing now. If you're not signed in there is also an option to post as a guest - I haven't actually tried this though! The notifications play a sound now.
  17. For me this is it in a nutshell although I think the dependency was mutual to start with. Oscar needed Maddy because he was lonely and didn't have anyone else. He was an introvert, wasn't particularly good at socialising and didn't have any experience with the opposite sex. If it hadn't been Maddy it probably would have been another girl that gave him enough attention. Maddy needed Oscar when she got sick and needed support. If Josh had taken her back before Oscar probably wouldn't have even been in the picture because that was someone I feel perhaps she did love. Going back to what I mentioned previously and going by our Australian pace counterparts the fact that it looks like something is going to happen with Maddy and Matt you would assume that the dependency is one way now. If Maddy doesn't need Oscar anymore that would allow feelings to develop for someone else (Here's hoping!).
  18. Slade

    Coronation Street

    I've actually really enjoyed the stuff with the Platt's since Callum's death. The episode where David and Kylie were disposing of the body was brilliant. That and most of the scenes afterwards have had me in stitches. It's almost like a black comedy. What was noticeable was the contrast in all three. Sarah is visibly falling apart and can hardly keep herself together, Kyle is just about holding it together but David is being very calm about all of it. I'm actually surprised how cool he's being. Part of me is wondering whether he is actually enjoying all of this. The fact that he's gotten rid of his arch enemy and the way he's covering it up. Sarah will spill all. It's only a matter of time. I wondered whether she was going to say something to Billy on Friday or if Todd was going to get it out of her. Todd obviously doesn't suspect anything but is worried about the repercussions of he and Tony burning down Callum's car. I have mixed feelings about Tim getting married. Whilst I'm glad it means he hasn't ended up with Anna, I'm just concerned how easily Sally cheated on him. Still I did actually enjoy the wedding episode and was glad he didn't stand Sally up. I'm also really pleased that he and Kevin made up. I'm actually quite pleased with the introduction of Aidan's dad and sister. I haven't seen his dad since he played Dave in Family Affairs. I think their inclusion will add and interesting dynamic to the factory and with Carla. I already enjoyed the scenes at the restaurant and with Kate deliberately winding Beth up pretending to crack onto Kirk. Can't believe Beth can be so gullible. Oh and really good to see Caitlin again. Shame her and Craig aren't an item.
  19. I do accept that she has possibly acknowledged that she wronged Oscar. And I don't disagree Oscar hasn't been good for Maddy. He supported her through her cancer but I still don't think they are suited to being a couple. I agree about the codependency thing which goes back to my point about the basis for their relationship. They should be together because they want each other not because they need each other. No problem that you prefer this version of Maddy. I'm the sort of person these days that prefers a bit more drama now and again. I think I get your point about the friend zone. The way I see it is that there's no actual chemistry between them so they often seem more like friends than lovers.
  20. I try and avoid the character discussion threads, especially the ones that are fairly active as I'm only following at UK pace but this time I just couldn't resist. It has been with great delight that I've read the last couple of pages. By the sound of things not only does the Oscar/Maddy relationship appear to be coming to an end but at Australian pace it seems imminent which means in the UK we have to wait weeks rather than months for the whole thing to be over (Yah!). This may sound premature me celebrating but it's obvious from the initial posts. Anytime something is going to happen in a soap they give small hints especially re relationships. So the fact that people are saying it looks like Matt is going to get together with Maddy means he's probably going to get with her (unless the writers decide to do a dramatic u-turn). IMO Maddy/Oscar are an absolute joke. I said this before but the foundation and basis for the relationship was created on pure desperation. This I feel was extremely unhealthy. Oscar was desperate because Maddy was the only girl in his life let alone the only attractive girl so as Angelica mentioned he effectively idolised her. I didn't mind the writers doing this initially because I don't just think this an Oscar phenomenon or even a young person phenomenon but any male who doesn't have many opportunities to meet many people has the potential to put all their eggs in one basket, like he did and almost worship the object of their desire and it is good to sometimes show this. Maddy knew that Oscar liked him but she used him to get back at his sister for stealing her previous boyfriend, she used him to get closer to Josh at the dance, she used him when she was bored and nobody wanted spend time with her and she used him to try and entrap Josh when she thought she was pregnant. Whilst all these events may seem far fetched, I feel her behaviour is a classic symptom of her effectively lowering Oscar's value because he was so submissive and basically allowed her to treat him like this. The desperation on her part came about in the fact that she actually appeared to fall for him. This is someone again who subconsciously to her I feel didn't rank as high as she did. It wasn't like Spencer who was from a privileged family and gave all that up to be with Maddy. She's a young very attractive person so why would she fall for him? What did he have to offer her? Initially I thought it was because she had a limited social circle but when they had a party for her when she was recovering from the big C there were more people there than I expected. I still think that her not having a lot of friends was a possibility but because she thought she was going to die and was in a very dark place, he offered a very valuable support network. This made her have an enormous amount of gratitude towards him. I'm not convinced she is in love with him and I never have been. I think she got involved in the relationship initially because he helped her and she knew he was loyal. Oscar was right to finish with her the first time and Evelyn was unbelievably stupid to try and push them back together. What person in their right mind would try and renew the relationship of someone the way Maddy treated Oscar before, especially her own brother? I think Maddy stayed in the relationship since because she associates it with being an important part of her life i.e. Oscar supporting her through her worst time. If she is now in remission, I feel perhaps it's hardly surprising that as far as she's concerned the relationship has run its course as she is no longer in danger so her outlook and perspective on things has changed. She no longer needs that person providing her support. Rather than playing it safe she can look at enjoying things and taking risks. And it would obviously be a risk to get involved with Matt, given how his past relationship with Sasha was and the problems he had with his drinking. But he would provide a greater level of excitement due to the nature of his personality. I said this on the UK thread and again in agreement with Angelica but I feel Matt has more chemistry with Maddy than Oscar does. As someone has already mentioned, Oscar seems more like a brother or even a gay best friend than a lover and I don't recall enjoying any of their interactions since they were officially a couple. It feels at times they are like a boring old couple that have been together a long time. Whereas I personally feel her interaction's are more fresh with Matt. The way I see it Oscar's more of the provider type whereas Matt would be more of the lover type. So if Maddy and Matt do happen it will be interesting to see how that pans out. although my main reason for wanting them together is to break her and Oscar up. So even if they don't last I won't be too fussed. It's funny because before she was diagnosed with cancer I disliked her intensely but since she's been behaving herself she's effectively become boring and outside the Oscar relationship has been relegated to effectively a support role. So I really hope she goes back to being an unlikeable, self-absorbed bitch. Purely for entertainment purposes I want to see more of the old Maddy and enjoy the backlash from some of the people who loathed her at the time. You know I think I actually enjoyed disliking her.
  21. Slade


    I watched the end of the fourth season a while back and wanted to comment on it. I actually didn't realise it was the final season even though there were various hints throughout - David Clarke returning, Emily announcing her true identity to the world. As with 'The Initiative' in season two it was completely unrealistic how they managed to get out of the whole mess with Malcolm Black. Part of me was glad when Daniel died as I never really liked his character and I found the fallout with Victoria and Margaux far more interesting. Margaux in particular. She had effectively become Emily with her thirst for revenge, quite prepared hurt innocent people i.e. Jack (well almost innocent) and simply dismiss them as collateral damage. Once scene I thoroughly enjoyed was when Margaux thought she had Emily then when she returned to her office and Emily was sitting on Margaux's chair smug, gloating and victorious. I actually really liked Louise and whilst she temporarily went to the dark side and joined forces with Victoria, I was glad she saw the light in the end. It's funny because the first season started with Jack and Emily and the last season finished with Jack and Emily together at last. For me personally Revenge wasn't about Emily and Jack or the Initiative or Malcolm Black. It was about one rivalry - Emily and Victoria. I absolutely loved it and their whole relationship, even when they were temporarily allies. And I loved the fact that even near the very end there was still the mutual hatred between them.
  22. Slade

    Coronation Street

    One scene I found really funny previously was when Tony beat Callum up. What I enjoyed was the way he grabbed him called him 'sunshine' and just shoved him into the alley. The best part was when David stood there watching, licking his lollipop thoroughly enjoying it. So is everybody just going to forget about Tracy and the fire now? I'm a Tracy fan myself but come on she can't be allowed to get away with it that easily or scot free. Really not happy about Eva returning if I'm honest. Perhaps it's the circumstances in which she left I don't like even though it was Todd's doing. And it feels like another person who only wants to get back with someone because they don't have any better options. Jason should think very carefully about getting back with her. Onto the live episode. Firstly why did they decide to do a live episode? I thought that was reserved for milestone type occasions i.e. the 50th anniversary. Anyway, I thought at the start it was a bit shaky, i.e. the way Roo was having a go at the bus driver but overall everybody did a great job. Even some of the actors who played characters I didn't like. Once again really enjoyed Callum putting the frighteners on Sarah and wanted it to continue so I was disappointed at his apparent death. It felt very anticlimatic. Have to say Sarah, Kylie and David are all unbelievably stupid. Firstly Sarah using Kylie's phone to lure Callum back to the Platt's to trick him into fessing up to getting his cronies to trash Audrey's salon. Then after Kylie hit Callum across the back of the head and killed him and Sarah wanted to call the police and Kylie stopped her. Her immediate thought was to try and cover it up and when she couldn't do it on her own called David. And then there's David going after Callum that in itself was stupid, especially given that it wasn't going to pay him off (which I incidentally don't think would have been a solution as Callum would have just kept coming back for more) but upon finding out what Kylie did he decides to become complicit in her crime. In spite of that I found the crying particularly from Sarah and their fear extremely amusing. It was also quite funny when the Nazir's got involved briefly. I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out but there's one thing I'm sure of. If Sarah wasn't suffering before she's certainly going to suffer now and hopefully that means Bethany will suffer too. I wonder what the significance of Tony and Todd burning Callum's car will be. I'm glad Cathy didn't leave as I would like to see her and Roy as a couple. I think they would work well together and I think she could help him get over Haley eventually. I am disappointed that Lloyd and Andrea are leaving. I actually quite like both of them and the friendship with Lloyd and Steve so that's a shame. A bit disappointing we didn't see Steve at his leaving do though. Whilst I'm not to biggest fan of Liz, have to say her attitude has really impressed me. She's been very civilised about the whole thing. It's funny because I can recall Andrea trying to make a play for Steve and Lloyd was actually her second choice. But I am glad she and Michelle got on because Michelle didn't like her at first because of that. Whilst it was inevitable, quite disappointed about Sally kissing Kevin coming out. Not sure what to make of Anna. I often find her an extremely unpleasant person but Sally is often extremely up herself and she kept goading Anna for no apparent reason. So given that Anna was drunk I can understand her lashing out like that even though it was for purely selfish reasons. As I mentioned previously we can see it has already affected the bromance with Kevin and Tim. But I'm more concerned about Tim asking to sleep on Anna's couch as I fear this will be the start of them getting together and Tim doesn't deserve to be lumbered with her.
  23. Slade

    Coronation Street

    I really enjoyed the funeral episodes but not because they were sad. I actually found them really funny or should I say more the dialogue with Tracy and Ken. As much as I like Tracy I absolutely loved Ken calling her out on her selfishness. And the scene in the church was brilliant where Steve was sitting right between them and looking extremely awkward and Ken was laying into her. Tracy was just so self-absorbed that she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Not sure what to make of her trying to turn over a new leaf. I think I preferred the old Tracy although I did actually really like some of the scenes with her and Ken that have since followed and I like the way they are apparently getting on. Wasn't expecting to see Peter. Thought they could have maybe done a scene or two with Carla. I'm kind of indifferent to Carla's gambling storyline but I did really enjoy the scene where she sacked Sally and gave her a serve in front of everyone. It was harsh but I often find Sally quite pretentious and I'm not happy about her kissing Kevin when whilst being engaged to Tim (Although I don't want this coming out because (a) I really like the bromance with Kevin and Tim (b) I think that will end up pushing Tim to Anna which would be far worse). I'm glad Carla didn't sell the factory to Alya as I find her quite annoying and I enjoyed seeing her sulk at Aidan being the new co-owner. I'm am kind of glad Alya slept with Jason. Can't remember what happened about the whole pregnancy thing but looking forward to when this inevitably comes out and stuff things up for both her and Gary. It's especially worse as the Nazir's have fully accepted him. I quite like Zidane now. Really like the way he is with Simon and Leanne especially. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about Simon. I hate the way he's been towards Leanne and some of the scenes have been slightly uncomfortable to watch. I quite like Andrea and was disappointed when she stole Lloyd's album. And the way she just left like that just didn't ring true. I was expecting Lloyd to put up more resistance than he did and fight for her to stay although he did call her afterwards even though he was drunk. I don't like Liz but I actually really enjoyed the scenes with her Lloyd and Erica when they all got wasted. I especially liked the part when Steve saying look what happens when I leave you alone with these two. I was actually quite enjoying the interaction with Lloyd and Erica and thought they had chemistry so was disappointed when Andrea turned, got jealous, had a go at Lloyd and quickly left again. I don't find characters like Kirk, Fiz, Chesney Sinead etc. that interesting. Beth (in small doses) and Tyronne I don't mind as much. However I did actually enjoy the camping trip. I'm so happy that Craig met someone too. Shame the romance couldn't have continued. She was a nice girl. I hope that everything will be alright with Hope but it's looking quite serious at the moment. As someone who cannot stand Sarah or Bethany these last few episodes have been an absolute treat. I absolutely loved Callum intimidating Sarah and making Bethany cry. Sarah deserves it anyway. She chose dropping her knickers rather than loyalty to her own brother so I'm glad this has come back to bite her. Bethany is an annoying little oxygen thief so I was so happy when Callum filmed her delivering the drugs and used it to blackmail Sarah. I'm hoping this comes out and they send Bethany to juvie. My enjoyment continued when Callum drugged Sarah's drink then blackmailed Bethany into giving him a false alibi. I really enjoyed the suspense in this evening's episode seeing Bethany absolutely bricking it knowing that she would have to fess up to getting Callum off the hook. And boy wasn't I disappointed! I was in stitches when Kyle hit the roof and loved every moment of it, especially given that they got the Champers out beforehand. All this on Lily's birthday. So Callum outsmarts them again. Well for now anyway. I don't think he should get away with what he did to Jason and it will be interesting to see how far Tony is prepared to take things. But before that I hope that Callum makes Sarah and Bethany suffer some more.
  24. I thought overall the sixth season was very good which surprised me because I felt it was reaching the point where maybe they should think about bringing the show to an end but I actually really enjoyed most of the episodes. I quite liked how they forged a strong friendship between Bonnie and Damon when they were trapped in 1994 with Kai. I also liked how they developed things romantically with Stefan and Caroline although that seems to be on hold. Like Elena a couple of seasons ago, I really enjoyed the episodes where Stefan and Caroline both 'turned off' their humanity. I thought they were both really funny and it was good seeing a different side to Caroline who is Miss Goody Two Shoes even as a vampire. Felt sorry for her when Liz died and although I liked her in a way I'm glad as I'm not sure what more her character could do. She was originally a vampire hunter but had to change because of her daughter. Didn't really like the story of the witches and the covenant but thought Kai was a really good bad guy. At times I found him quite amusing when he was in full sociopath mode. When he escaped from being imprisoned in the early 1900s I knew he wouldn't kill Bonnie. He wanted her to suffer. Whilst I was glad Luke was killed off earlier in the season I was disappointed about Liv because I quite liked her and Tyler together. It's also unfortunate now that Tyler's a werewolf again. Was also very disappointed about them killing Jo like that. Really liked her character and her and Alaric together and wanted them to be happy but knew it wasn't going to happen. Not sure what the writers were playing at with the whole Sarah Salvatore thing. It was obvious they wanted to do a storyline that involved the Salvatore family but when Enzo decided to do a u-turn on his plan to use her to get revenge on Stefan it felt like the writers suddenly changed their minds. Hence the reason why they introduced Stefan and Damon's mother instead. I am actually glad. I think she's a great character and I really like her. I love the fact that she's also a 'ripper'. I also liked that she was the one who turned Enzo and they have a bond. More than she does with her own offspring. Now that she has all her 'family' back and they are witches/vampires it has set the basis for the first half of the seventh season.I read a while back that Nina Dobrev was leaving so the finale wasn't unexpected. If you had told me this a few seasons ago, I would have said what would be the point in continuing the show. The basic premise is about her and the Salvatore brothers (that's what the books were based on). But I think the writers have made a good effort to develop other characters so although I'm slightly skeptical (especially given that I mentioned above that they should think about ending the show at some point) we'll just have to wait and see. I would rather she still be present as I like her and Damon as a couple and she obviously has a moderating influence on him. As she is the main character it will be interesting to see what effect her absence has on some of the others. I was very surprised (and equally impressed) that Damon chose to save Bonnie over Elena but will he end up resenting her? His last scene seemed to indicate that he's going to go back on a killing spree which would be a shame because I think he's come a long way from how he was in the first season.
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