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  1. Not sure I like this storyline with Amber and Dean. Assuming she's even right about Jai being Dean's son, even though I'm not keen on Ziggy, I wouldn't like to see another relationship of hers ruined by a partner of hers deciding to go with another woman. It will be interesting to see why they killed Evan off if they were going to bring the actor back anyway. Have to admit, I did find Roo and Marilyn's reactions to Ryder and Alf bringing his doppelganger home very amusing. Don't really see much point of Mackenzie even aiding the search for Nikau and Bella. Seems as though the writers were trying to portray her as a calming influence during all the arguing which ensued but they probably would have calmed down by themselves anyway.
  2. Justin still is the only one thinking logically regarding crazy Jasmine - She's all cured after one session. Of course. Loved his comment about Tori sleeping with one eye open. So according to Jasmine's shrink Robbo's death caused the craziness. Who would have thought. My main issue with this storyline at the moment firstly is with Tori. When she took out the AVO, she should have ceased all contact with Jasmine but by being friendly with her she's been too ambiguous. So it's no surprise Jasmine seems to ignore the fact Tori wanted to keep her away from Grace, especially when Tori is taking photos of them with her phone and saying Jasmine can have access to Grace if things go well. The second issue I have is that (which all the other characters are apparently oblivious to) the only reason Jasmine is getting help is so she can have access to Grace. When it should be about realising how she is and working on self improvement. If she was bared permanently from seeing Grace she wouldn't be doing this (I'm not surprised Marilyn was trying to comfort Tori after Tori sort of freaked out when Jasmine offered to look after Grace, given that if Jasmine isn't looking after Grace, she is). I don't think it was realistic to expect Bella not to tell anyone about Colby shooting Ross. It's interesting Angelo being the one to investigate Ross's murder. Both he and Colby cops, both killed someone although I think Angelo did a massive service getting rid of PC plod. I found the testosterone when Colby was forced to join forces with the Paratas quite amusing. And it just so happens that Mackenzie has to be the one to takes Dean's place trying to help Ari and Tane locate Bella and Nikau. Looks as though Tommy has been resigned to the history books.
  3. One thing is when Amber hit Ziggy, how shocked Mackenzie looked. She did push Amber when she was quite drunk. Interesting seeing Dean being the voice of reason to Colby re Bella/Nikau. I liked the way Bella said "Bite me" to Colby (It reminded me when Max said it from Dark Angel). When Colby called Nikau out about him stealing Tori's car, Bella didn't even flinch. I didn't realise Nikau had actually admitted to her that he did it. Unless she had already guessed in which case I'm surprised she hasn't brought up the fact that Grace was in the car. I did laugh when Colby said to Nikau "What happened that day was stupid and irresponsible and you could have ruined lives". Ari's in a difficult predicament as Dean said to Mackenzie - "No one wants to hear that their girlfriend thinks their brother's hot." The fact that she's attracted to Tane should be a red flag given that she didn't tell Ari what happened with Amber/Ziggy. However as Ari admitted to Dean, given his background and I would also add, given they live in a small town, he's not going to have many opportunities to meet any women that may be interested. I would personally go as far as saying he's punching above his weight. I think that's why he saw things as casual from the start because presumably he didn't think it would last. I do hope things actually work out as think Ari is a lot better when he's happy with her. Not sure how Mackenzie is going to continue working with Tane though. I have to admit I did like the way John was watching when Amber had another go at Colby. I have a lot of respect for care workers but I'm not sure it's wise Amber going out and getting wasted almost every night when she has a client the next morning as she has a duty of care. Bella put across a pretty convincing argument as to why Colby left Jai to die. You could argue that it's good for Amber that she doesn't continue hating Colby but I can't help thinking her saying that they are never going to be like they were before that they could end up together. I appreciate Marilyn telling John that she thought the writing was on the wall after the siege but I can't help think that she was unhappy before but as she signed a contract felt she had a duty to remain loyal, then after the siege decided that she wanted out and couldn't tell him so expressed her disdain at being stuck in the marriage, passive aggressively.
  4. Starting to feel a bit sorry for Ari. He's obviously going to get hurt. Whilst I liked Tane hitting on Mackenzie before, he will be fine without her and won't have an issue getting another girl. Ari is obviously quite into Mackenzie and it will probably hit him hard if she got with Tane. The way Ari was with Ziggy, the anger is still there though (I think he didn't go overboard because she's female). Bella and Nikau seem to be getting closer and closer. I'm sure it's not going to be very long until Tommy is a distant memory.
  5. I actually really enjoyed parts of that episode. I have to admit, Amber aint bad looking at all. Would definitely smash it. I don't like the fact that she's a tease though. Tane seemed very at home at that club. Mackenzie wreaked of the Green eyed monster throughout most of that episode. The promo made Amber throwing the punch a lot worse than it was as it didn't show Mackenzie push her first. Not that I'm justifying it but at least it wasn't a case of Amber just hitting someone after saying she didn't like her which was what I originally thought. I can definitely see Mackenzie not liking Amber considering Amber was rude to her when they first met but they were at a night club and Mackenzie was complaining about everything Amber was doing (Even Ziggy thought she was going a bit too far). If Willow had been in Amber's position then she wouldn't have had a problem if Tane defended her like that. Again I don't like how Amber conducted herself dancing against that guy then complaining when he put his hands on her. I think Ziggy is a lot tougher than Mackenzie and I reckon if that punch had hit Mackenzie she would have been on the floor. So add Amber and Willow to the list of people who know she likes Tane. That scene the morning after when Amber called Mackenzie out about it was hilarious although I didn't like the way Amber was gloating when she saw Ziggy's black eye. I also really liked the way Ziggy was there as a bystander. Firstly in the club when Tane spoke to Mackenzie and Ziggy half acknowledged him after and when Mackenzie confided in Ziggy the next morning. This isn't going to end well.
  6. The minute Marilyn's accommodation was at stake she was determined to stay and support John. I do have to admit, I did feel a little bit sorry for her when she departed. Objectively, I still think it's a risk John living on his own as if he has another stroke he might not have the presence of mind to activate the watch Amber gave him to alert someone. I thoroughly enjoyed Willow being out of shape. It was absolutely wonderful, especially towards the end of that episode. Whilst I agree with what she said to Jasmine about Tori and felt someone needed to say it, it's a shame she wasn't keen on being this honest before when she knew Jasmine was getting obsessive and how she was conducting herself on the internet forum, just as Jasmine's behaviour was becoming more problematic. Now that her job is on the line she's worried for Tori and wants Jasmine to see things from Tori's side. Justin has been quite amusing through this whole thing with his reactions although this time he didn't argue too much with Tori when she wanted to talk to Jasmine again as I think he's accepted Tori is going to do what she wants and he just can't be arsed. What I've found interesting is some of the close-ups of Jasmine's face through the last couple of episodes. Almost implying that she's disturbed. Have to agree with Justin's scepticism regarding her getting help. Unfortunately it's all still motivated by Grace. If Tori were to cut off access from Grace, Jasmine wouldn't see any reason to get help.
  7. Poor Marilyn. She has to find somewhere to live whereas John is simply incapacitated from suffering a brain haemorrhage - Looking at the promo, seems as though Amber's presence continues to make Marilyn redundant. I don't think John would do it but I would love it if he asked Amber to move in whilst Marilyn had to live in a caravan. As mentioned, yet again Justin was right. And once more, made out to be the bad guy for being perfectly reasonable and wanting to look out for his sister. He was quite correct when he predicted she would be an issue and crazy Jasmine got all creepy, pretended to be Grace's mum and ultimately wanted to take Grace from Tori. Then he tried to point out in that episode to Irene why the AVO was taken out, Irene just dismissed it because of her bias towards Jasmine and even Leah was disappointing, refusing to see why Justin thought it was such a bad idea. Despite the fact that she's not all there, as Justin said, she was very manipulative. Tori was an idiot for having the meeting with Jasmine without Colby present. Jasmine is not interested in getting help because she doesn't think she is crazy. And her entire motivation would have been purely because of Grace when it should have been about getting better. Even Tori's language about simply dismissing Jasmine's behaviour as 'unacceptable' seemed toned down. If they weren't 'friends' and she had done that Tori wouldn't be so accommodating. I feel any help Jasmine receives should be about moving on from Grace. Which is why I think she should have at least stayed at the Shaw's for a few weeks so whilst there's still actually a tie to Grace with Robbo's parents, at least some time away from people at Summer Bay would have helped and eventually she would start to move on. I must admit, I had a wry smile when just after Tori finished talking to Jasmine, said to Justin in the Diner not to say I told you so and she warned she was about to rant, Justin rhetorically asked "Was it that bad?".
  8. Marilyn must be really enjoying spending time with Grace. A baby all to herself and no time with John. Interestingly, crazy Jasmine's not been so crazy over the last couple of episodes and she has been better spending time with Robbo's parents. I've actually found myself on her side. Irene has been extremely annoying constantly calling Jasmine and even getting annoyed with her in her voicemails. Irene knew Jasmine was safe so if she wasn't getting back to her it was because Jasmine didn't want to talk to her. She should have just left it for a few days and it annoyed me when Irene and Colby went to retrieve her. Tori has also been extremely annoying, again giving mixed signals i.e. the AVO and then wanting to go out of her way to talk to Jasmine. She wants to help Jasmine then fine but Jasmine has an issue with boundaries and how is she supposed to rectify that if Tori has taken out an AVO and still wants to interact with her. I was actually glad Justin had a go at Tori when she blamed him before he changed his stance. I said previously that Jasmine needed to get away and it did seem to do her some good and I really didn't like the way Colby and Irene took her from the Shaw's and delivered her to the Diner, springing Tori and Justin on her. Have to admit, this made me laugh. Justin:"Colby called." Tori:"What? What did he say?" Justin:"Jasmine's agreed to come back to the bay." Tori:"Oh, that's good. It's a good thing" Justin:"Well, that depends on which Jasmine we're getting back"
  9. I said Mackenzie had better watch herself and now even Bella has sussed that she likes Tane. If she isn't careful Ari will soon figure it out. Simply ignoring it or trying to have lunchtime sex with Ari isn't going to resolve matters. She has to deal with it. Justin was right about crazy Jasmine. Nobody forced her to go psycho and try and get obsessive re Grace and again Leah's reaction suggested he was being unreasonable for pointing this out.
  10. Part of me was hoping for Willow to be more out of shape when Amber told her about sleeping with Dean. Wasn't sure what to make of Amber and Tane. I assume she and Willow had been drinking quite a while. She was pretty drunk and presumably Tane was sober as he was at work and took her home, although I do think Amber had a higher tolerance than Willow judging by the next morning. Mackenzie's face when Amber came out of Tane's room and her reaction seeing them chatting the next morning was wonderful. Jealous much!
  11. Couldn't believe it when Dean said Colby had changed. Come on. Interesting seeing Ziggy as an outsider of that group but to me doesn't seems as though she fits in. Once again don't like John at all but given how Marilyn was acting towards him before he had the stroke, I couldn't help feel satisfied that she's effectively being made redundant. Willow: "Why are you in here? Is this some kind of power move?" Amber: "What's it gotta do with you?" Willow: "I'm the manager" Amber: "You serious. Some lunatic left you with the keys to this place" Yep! I would like to know how long Amber was at John's for. The impression I got, was that it was all day. The carers I've known in the UK will have quite a few clients and some clients may have multiple carers. Have to admit, I did like Amber's reaction when she saw Colby was a cop.
  12. Starting to look like you'll be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't want to take a pop at Colby. Liked the way Ryder was there as a third person when Dean was 'catching up' with Amber at Salt and the next day when Amber decked Colby. Although if he's aspiring to be a confidant he probably shouldn't have told Bella about Amber right after Colby told him not to. I thought Amber was a bit rude with Leah when she ushered her out of John's but I can see why she did it. She seemed a bit better with John in that episode although I wouldn't have minded her almost heavy handed approach this time as John just reminded me why I don't like him i.e. Dean going out of his way to bring him home and John went out of his way not to acknowledge it out of spite.
  13. Given how most of the episodes this week have revolved around crazy Jasmine, it was good to have something different. I found the scenes with Tane and Mackenzie, really funny. The best thing was the reactions of the bystanders such as Ryder, Dean and Ziggy. Mackenzie really needs to watch herself though as it's starting to become quite obvious that she likes Tane. I mean, even Tane asked what the logic behind her hiring him was. I did really like Ryder's sus looks especially considering she wasn't even looking for staff and Dean initially asking about why she was overreacting to Tane declining her job offer (Where you'd thought he rejected going out on a date with her). Also, liked the way Dean and Ziggy were talking about it after Mackenzie admitted she liked Tane. Tane showed just how much he likes Mackenzie as there was no reason for him to accept her job offer when another opportunity for him to make a lot more money came through. Not sure I agree with Dean that Ari would absolutely take Tane in a fight. As it's only been one episode, I'm going to reserve judgement of John's carer. Don't get me wrong, it's good to see someone put John in his place but it was the first time she met him and she seemed to lack patience and empathy which I feel is a prerequisite for stroke sufferers. Maybe, she had prior information about how difficult John is and decided to immediately adopt a different approach. Her scene at the end with Dean was interesting. I guess Ryder is going to turn into the bar man who people confide in.
  14. I'm not Justin's biggest fan but I didn't like the way he was made out to be the bad guy just because he was understandably pleased (Although he didn't show it, I would go as far as saying over the moon) that crazy Jasmine did a runner. He warned them from the beginning (when Jasmine started to get possessive and obsessive) that this probably wouldn't end well but because Tori didn't want to hurt Jasmine's feelings, she allowed her to have a significant part of Grace's life. Given how Jasmine has acted I don't blame him. Was disappointed with Leah. I bet Marilyn must be pleased Jasmine has gone as she couldn't get to spend as much time with Grace when Jasmine was around. To repeat what I mentioned previously, Tane is as dodgy as ****. I would like to know what he did exactly to get the money to pay the rent. I mean, how far is he prepared to go? It's amusing seeing how Mackenzie has to fight the attraction she has to Tane anytime she's in close proximity to him. As I said before, I do find it funny when Tane tries to hit on her. I don't mind it as a joke however, I think she is a good influence on Ari and he seems a little bit milder with her so it would be a shame if Tane was to ruin that (especially considering that aren't at war with each other at the moment) and Ari will go back to being angry most of the time.
  15. It seems as though Nikau's bluff worked with Bella. I do agree about him being oblivious to why she freaked out the first time without him even considering the possibility of it happening again when she went round to his. If they're going to take things slowly, then I suspect the relationship will get serious relatively quickly so even if she does find out about the car jacking, it probably won't make any difference to her. Bit surprised she would want to have fun with Nikau in the swimming pool like that though. I was very surprised Tori went round to see crazy Jasmine after pursuing the AVO with the police. It does give off mixed signals and I don't think she should have done it after going to the cops. Although, you can see crazy Jasmine doesn't want help as she only even entertained the possibility if it meant she could spend time with Grace. Justin's reaction when she burst through the door (Completely ignoring the AVO she literally just received) made me laugh. With her scarpering, can't wait to see what she does next. Ari's reaction when he thought Mackenzie paid his rent was amusing.
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