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  1. Yuck! I'm sorry, but I'm with some of you on this pairing. They sorta became a family (brother/sister), that having them together just looks very weird. And initially, I never thought they looked well together, they are too much alike. Good as friends, but I can't see the same romantic chemistry I saw in early Aden and Belle.
  2. To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed with the kiss. Maybe because I had high expectations but I thought it could have gone better. Not so much more of the kissing, but maybe if it went a little slower. Hehe, I'm probably over thinking it. I probably need to watch it again.
  3. The break up scene with Angelo was fine until Belle started to cry. Sorry, but to me, it felt like she was making herself out to be the victim. Like we should feel sorry for her too because she was in that situation. Normally I would, cos heck, breaking up with someone is never easy but after all that she's done to Angelo, nuh, no way, you made it this worse, suck it up. Gee, I'm really disliking her right now lol.
  4. I agree, I believe she could have handled it differently. Even though she's been really great about the whole toxic waste dump, it's no excuse to use people like that, especially to someone who's been nothing but supportive of you. There's always another way. You don't need to lie, cheat or steal. And I know she's human so mistakes are inevitable but the fact that she didn't learn from her past mistake in regards to the cheating, to me, just degrades the character she was becoming. Maybe after this one, it will finally sink in. I support Aden and Belle as a couple but Belle has just dis
  5. I think that Angelo stayed with Belle because he developed real feelings for her and even though probably deep down he knew that she wasn't over Aden, he didn't want to admit it to himself or he thought that maybe she could get over Aden soon enough. And I believe a lot of people have been in Angelo's position and find it hard to leave that person even though they should.
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