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  1. The colouring and style on those banners is just gorgeous!
  2. I love cherry coke!! Wish we could still get that in Australia! I'm eating several sour warheads.
  3. Great new avs. Love the HP ones. Love the ones of Belle in the hospital too. The capping on those is perfect!
  4. Trudi, I miss Lucas too! I love those Miles ones.
  5. I agree Adelle and Jen. He was great on DWTS last night and I was so glad that he won:D. I wish he was sticking around in Summer Bay. I'm interested in seeing him in tonight's episode, looks like Angelo's got a fair bit of drama coming up!
  6. Gorgeous colouring on the Angelo ones. EDIT: For some reason I never commented on those Colleen ones from several pages ago. I loved those!
  7. Melody really annoyed me when she first came on screen earlier in the year but I don't mind her at the moment and think that she has some interesting storylines coming up. Her obsession with Geoff doesn't really bother me too much, I think that she thought that by getting back with Geoff she would get back to the happiest time of her life (which was when she was with Geoff) and thus, it would fix all her problems. I agree that Celeste is doing an amazing job portraying a very lost and vulnerable teenager who is trying to re-adjust after some very turbulent times over the past few months.
  8. I agree, Bareenfan, I really hope there is some sort of revelation about Angelo's past because he just seems to have had a total personality transplant overnight. I know he's mad about Belle and Aden but he was off his rocker on Monday! Although I'm finding the new Angelo quite creepy, I am interested in finding out more about what's coming up for him.
  9. I love Nicole she is such a great character, she's a bit shallow, but she's also just a lot of fun, I really loved her in yesterday's episode when she went and gave Belle that stuff, Belle doesn't really have any friends among the teens at the moment apart from Aden, obviously, so I'd love to see a friendship form between those two. ^ I agree, I love her friendship with Aden, it's so funny, and they better not ever get together! Nicole and Geoff is just so perfect, they are total opposites but it works so well, I like Geoff alot better when he's with her. She is just such a refreshing character and I think Tessa James does a brilliant job playing her.
  10. I love those Colleen ones, great cropping & colouring, the Jai one is my favourite though.
  11. Wow, you make some gorgeous avs! I love these.
  12. Does anyone have any icons of Miles and Leah from the hospital ball? I'd really like one but haven't come across any.
  13. I love your avatars! Especially the this-week-in-pictures ones for this week! The colouring is great. Do you mind if I use the Belle one? I'll definitely credit! EDIT: Just discovered the Grey's ones. They're really good too.
  14. Hi, I joined the forums a little while ago and when I joined I was able to just read all the posts on a page at the same time like on any other forum. However, a couple of days after I joined this changed so that I could only read the first unread post and list of the starting sentences of about the next thirty posts appeared below it in hyperlink form and and because of this I now have to read each post one at a time by pressing it's link. I have no idea how it happened! I looked around on my control panel to for something to fix it but nothing did. I've been waiting a little while now in the hope that it would resolve itself but it hasn't. I would be grateful for some help as it is really frustrating. Has anyone come across anything like this before? Thanks.
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