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  1. That is brilliant, really well written. I was so worried they that something romantic was going to happen between them and I'm so glad it didn't. It was good to see that they had matured, and had a good chemistry as friends. If that makes sense? I hope it does. I especially loved the opening when Drew didn't recognise Belle. I love your choices of names for the kids by the way! I loved it.
  2. ^I agree, I love that poem too. A really lovely story. I think it was an accurate insight into Martha's feelings after Jack's death and that the way you related Martha's feelings subtly to the dialogue (particularly at the end) was really good.
  3. Aw, very cute! Yeah, visual aids is the right word.
  4. A departure from your usual style of chapter writing but I think that it was a good choice as it better suited the scenario, since it was mostly dialogue. Very fast moving chapter and an interesting one. I look forward to finding out if it's a boy or a girl and what they name it.
  5. My breakfast (a piece of toast and a glass of milk), finally!
  6. If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It - Snow Patrol.
  7. It's a completely cloudy, dark and slightly windy and chilly. Brilliant.
  8. black tights and a short, printed black dress.
  9. Finally finished! It is a good story. I love your characterisation of Irene, it is spot on! I know she hasn't been in it for a while, lol, but I had to mention it! Aden, Belle and Sydney are a cute little family. Hope Belle reports what happened to her. And I hope Aden proposes soon too!
  10. Blue and white short boardies and a pink and white striped top. "Sexy little pyjamas" according to the plumber that was just here... ... Even though they aren't pyjamas. I had got out of bed and put on the first thing I found.
  11. ^I agree. I like Belle's storyline at the moment. The writers are really focusing on the effect that all these traumatic events of the past year (supporting Aden through his hardships, being held hostage by Aden, her car accident, being threatened by the developers, being attacked by the developers, the school formal disaster etc.) have had on her. Like LAURZY! said, though it can be kind of annoying the reality is that the things that she's going through now like taking drugs, stressing out, and constantly ringing Aden for help and reassurance (and needing reassurance from other people like Geoff and Irene) are things that real people who have had PTSD do actually go through. I think Jess is doing a fantastic job of portraying someone who feels like they are losing control of their life. I know some people think that Belle's being mean and some of her behaviour is out of character but, again that is what happens when someone thinks that they are losing control. They don't realise what effect their behaviour has on others. They are very focused on their own troubles. I hope that the writers continue to do this storyline justice.
  12. I wish it was snowing here! I love snow... Where I am right now it is rainy, windy and miserable. I wish I could send some of the rain to help put out the Victoria bushfires.
  13. I think it was just a one-off to be honest. I don't think they'd work as a couple long term. Explorig a friendship between them would be nice though.
  14. I agree. I really want to see Hugo and Leah get together. He would be so great with VJ. I like Hugo. He's breath of fresh air next to all the doom and gloom on the show at the moment. He seems like such a lovely, straightforward genuine person (though no doubt he's got some deep dark secret somewhere ). The writers better not make him and Martha get together or I'll be so unhappy...
  15. The Tale of Despereaux. A little underwhelming in my opinion (I thought it would be better) but still sweet, and worth a look.
  16. Half a box of roses chocolates. Probably not the best plan, but oh well!
  17. Yes, I tend avoid replying if I really don't agree with what someone is saying. Less chance of saying something I might regret. I completely understand where are coming from SkyKat, it is posts like that are really annoying when you are looking for an intelligent discussion.
  18. I loved Roman and Martha together and I would love to see them back together at some stage... Though preferably after Jack has died (because I don't think she could move on from Jack unless he was dead) and after she has been single for an extended period of time. Her and Jack were pretty intense so if Jack is dead (from the end of year cliffhanger) I don't think she would rush into a new relationship.
  19. Ah, I haven't been in here for ages... Love all the av's from the last seven or so pages. A couple of the Aden/Nic and Ruby ones were my faves but I can't remember where they were!
  20. I just saw that too! I totally agree it is amazing. I loved it so much. I think Aussie's will probably enjoy it more too. And how hot is Hugh Jackman?
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