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  1. I wrote to Rhiannon the other day, she's the first person I've written to so I hope I get a reply. Has anyone here had a reply from her? I love looking at the pictures of everyone's letters/ fan cards - you are all so lucky!
  2. Great update. I agree, the colouring and cropping is just perfect!
  3. Beautiful icons. I really love the b&w ones.
  4. Gorgeous icons Barbara. Great caps.
  5. Somehow I missed your last update ! Stunning icons as usual. Love the colouring on the Panic at Rock Island ones.
  6. Gorgeous update, I love the colourings Jen. So nice to see some Geoff/ Nic!! I really miss those two.
  7. Great update. I love the ones of Indi and Romeo in the water, very cute.
  8. Gorgeous work. I love the cropping/ positioning of your icons, it's really good. My favourite is the second last Indi/ Romeo one - I love the little love heart between them!
  9. What a great update - I love the colouring of the icons. The Rebecca/ Ruby ones are my faves.
  10. Lovely update. Number 17 of Nic is my standout fave. Beautiful!
  11. Gorgeous icons, my favourites are 7 and 8 of Rabbit.
  12. Great update. The Annie/ Aden icons are very clever! #2 of Ruby is just gorgeous, I love it.
  13. Gorgeous update, I really like the colouring. I especially love the Romeo ones.
  14. Great update. I love the cropping, Dex's facials are hilarious!
  15. Thank you so much! No, that's alright, I can crop/ save it myself
  16. I love those ichat graphics, they are hilarious! Your icons are lovely too, may I please use number 11 of April from your most recent post? I will credit of course.
  17. Great update. My faves are 7, 8, 11, and 12
  18. Beautiful icons, I particularly love the cropping of the Bianca ones.
  19. I saw that too 4853 and was wondering about it myself. Maybe CH7 have a new mail address?
  20. Beautiful avs. I really love the Annie ones. I really like the blue and red colour you have used on some of them, it looks really nice.
  21. Beautiful avs, I actually really like the colouring. 1 and 2 from the first post are my favourites, I love the cropping.
  22. I have a question about reporting posts. If we see a post somewhere other than the spoiler section, that contains a spoiler, are we able to alert a mod by using the report button? I'm confused because I know that the report button is usually left for offensive or SPAM posts.
  23. Happy birthday BTTB! Thanks so much to everyone who keeps the site going - It is a great place to visit
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