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  1. Hey, I realised I've been here a year, so I qualify to post in here now....woooo!
  2. *hugs* Di. I'm sorry you're going through such a bad time....as many people have said, I can't give you much better advice than what you've already got, but I think you're very very brave to admit your problem, and I'm sure you'll get over this really soon. Just remeber you're one of the most loved people on this place and...get well soon, k?
  3. Hee...I had quavers the other day and they sent me really hyper and twitchy. So now my mom says I can't have them any more
  4. I had chilli flavoured haribo yesterday! They were weird! And my parents went to the good food show today and they brought me back a load of goodies!
  5. And me!! Well I had them last night, but ah well I got a cherry chubba chop in science..it was soooo gorgeous!!
  6. I'm not sure actually...I always just kinda assumed there were
  7. Monster munch...ugh... *shudders* I really don't like monster munch..especially the pickley one...you're not eating that are you? I have chocolate hobnobs!!!
  8. I don't think I've ever tried Marmite...I *hate* twiglets though, so guess I wouldn't like it much... My mom used to crave marmite crisps when she was pregnant with me....random fact for y'all
  9. Munchies!! Wow I used to love them so so soooo much!!!! Mmmmmm.... Eating hobnobs.
  10. Pick 'n' Mix. Hyperness, wooooooo!!!!!!!!
  11. Woah, you start school early!! I've got another 3 weeks yayy!!!!! Welcome back Ashirr and congrats sir!!!!!
  12. Had another massive storm just, but it's been swelteringly (?) hot for the rest of te day.
  13. We had a massive storm this morning- thunder, lightning, the works... it's been raining on-off all day, got very wet It's supposed to be summer!
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