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  1. Hey, it's me writing you here in this section. Just like others have said, you have no need to apologise for being late with episodes. To me you're never late, because they're always here when I log on :) So it's perfect for me, how cool is that? Seriously, THANK YOU so much for the episodes, you are so kind, and I can't even explain how much it means, but I have written you be

  2. Oh, I don't know, guys... I think her character can be quite annoying! but she's still a sweet person, she's young and yeah, many young people can relate to her, I think. But she also have a crazy mother, so who can blame her?
  3. Rachel is one of my favourites, I can relate to her so well. She's such a wonderful caring woman. So full of love.
  4. I'm not good at remembering dates, but just in case there's someone's birthday today, then Happy Birthday!
  5. I think Marta belongs with Jack, it's just like that!
  6. I've seen a lot of movies lately. But there are two moies that really got to me. Me and my fiancé decided to rent this movie called "shutter" and it was really creepy. Little did we know. I won't say too much, but you should watch it. The other movie is quite old, I guess. "The day after tomorrow" wanted to see it so long but was too scared, and wow, what a movie, so emotional and real
  7. I have to say Belle is my favourite, becaus she's different, she stands out, she never gives up. I love her style, I relate to her. She's a sweet caring person who wants the best for everyone. And shen she knows something is up, she will find out. I like that. I mean if some people got some sick plan going on Belle will know that and screw it up for them. That's how I see it. She's just so great and so beautiful!
  8. Happy Birthday to anyone having a birthday today!
  9. At first I didn't like them together. In fact, I have never liked Aden at all, his attitude was so horrible, and he didn't care, he was a bully. But then he changed, and became a wonderful man who I came to respect and care for. Belle is a wonderful woman who helped him open up, he needed that. She was lovely for not giving up. She knows what love is. But it's still wrong how he sometimes gets mean because of fear or whatever. But they did seem strong together.
  10. It's so freaking hot in Sweden during summer time, and most people don't really know that, I think. So, right now we've some awesome weather, the sun is shining althrough the day, and I just love it. But it can be quite difficult when it's way too hot, I have to say. I get in such an amazing mood when the sun is shining.
  11. I'm having myself a yummy tasty cup of coffee...
  12. It's no use trying to contact a celebrity on MySpace. They're all just a bunch of sad posers. I don't know why people have to pretend to be others, they obviously have too much time. I don't know. It would be interesting to find the real deal on there, but I don't try to
  13. I went to rent a movie with mom yesterday, and we watched this movie called "Prey" It was a great movie, you should really see it - But it's one scary movie, after all, and I will never dare to visit a safari again
  14. Duffy- Mercy (One of my favorite songs, she's so awesome, I just want to get up and dance)
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