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  1. Yes, her daughter Maureen actually came to Summer Bay for a few months, and she took over the Drop-in-Centre and had a relationship with Alf. (Who later turned out to be her uncle).
  2. I always thought Pippa & Ian got married at some point. Or was that never mentioned on the show?
  3. I'm currently re-watching 2007 episodes, and I'm at the point where Jonah/Michael has just returned to the Bay. I was wondering when Geoff actually moved in with Irene? I never realised that he lived with Tony for that long.
  4. We just saw that today in Belgium . It's episode 4287. But it was Martha coming out of Brad's appartment, I think.
  5. We just saw that today in Belgium . It's episode 4287.
  6. Yes, she was married to Murdoch Roberts. I think her name was 'McFarlane', because if you go to her character profile (http://www.backtothebay.net/cast/bio/roberts_irene.shtml) it says: Siblings: Wendy McFarlane Although, maybe her sister got married too & her name changed as well
  7. Simon is played by Chris Foy, the guy from Blue Water High (I think that's the show pippa_ross meant) and he also played Woody.
  8. It was a dancing school, but I suppose it's a boarding school too
  9. I put some pictures I had of them here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v214/lis...0and%20matilda/ I don't have that many either, but I hope it's enough for a wallpaper
  10. Not really, but I can post some pictures if that's easier for you.
  11. I can if you want Thanks If you need an icon or something, I'd be happy to return the favour
  12. I have two Jack and Martha icons: And I also have two Jack icons: Also, I was wondering if anyone could make a Matilda and Lucas wallpaper? I'm really not good at making wallpapers myself.
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