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  1. May. Does my head in. Grr. Stacey & Bradley I'm one of those sad people who loves them together. && Sean & Carly.
  2. See now I always thought Grant was the one with the Brains, but according to Dot its Phil with the Brains and Grants the vicious one. Talk about confusing me. Grant's face when Sharon burst in and said "Grant, hes my husband" was priceless Can't wiat for tomorrows episode.
  3. Grant is great, I'm not as keen on Phil. But they will make EastEnders interesting for a while. The whole Martin/Sonia stuff is actually quite dull... It may improve though.
  4. I really liked last nights episode, it was good with the interviews, Alfie, Charlie Mo etc... I found Sharon fainting so unbelievably unbelievable. ... I really enjoyed the Stacey Kat scene, its like Kats her Mum as well. (Well thats kinda what it looked like to me) I really enjoyed Sam, she was just entertaining and Kim is a great actress
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