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  1. I don't mean a peck on the cheek I mean a proper kiss lol
  2. It seemed bit naive of Maggie to expect Coco and Ziggy to up sticks and go to Italy to start a new life. Coco is in the middle of a Uni course and Ziggy is happy with Dean and work at the garage. Here's hoping the Parata's boys get what's coming to them, I'm still waiting for redeeming features, the bay magic will have to work hard on this one lol. I agree Colby had some balls turning up at their house after what happened at the airport, I think I would have steered clear as the point was made. Bella and Mac seem to be as reactionary as ever in their choice of boyfriends, H&A seem to
  3. @H&Alover I don't think Jasmine has any legal claim to Grace whatsoever, she's clearly become unhinged, that icy look in her eye is a little un nerving! Is it me or am I the only one who doesn't really like or care about the Paratas? I feel sorry for Gemma having to deal with three thick headed characterless males. I reckon she'd be better on her own with Nik, his uncles are just a constant link to their criminal past. I thought they would grow on me like the Braxtons but not so far. Not helped by the stilted script.
  4. Meanwhile Leah has disappeared off the face of the earth and not even the police seem that bothered! Weird to say the least. Has anyone told VJ?
  5. I feel sorry for Ben, it will take a couple of weeks for his body to adjust to his meds, he could actually get worse before they start working. But hopefully he'll be able to save his marriage. Must say I'm looking forward to the whole gang storyline coming to an end. I'm sure poor Jasmine didn't sign up for getting involved in a life constantly looking over her shoulder.
  6. TBH wasn't sorry to see that Robbo and Jasmin didn't feature in yesterdays episode, I'm finding their storyline a bit tedious not helped by a wooden script and stilted acting. Liking the rest of the unfolding relationships though, especially Ryder and Raffy who are a likeable pair, hope Raffy stays friends once she gets over her wounded pride. Feel sorry for Ben, Summer Bay police need to get their finger out and find the crime, surely it's impossible not to leave a trail these days. Not sure Dean is going to gain much by getting to know his step sister, she appears to have issues and Dean lik
  7. I don't understand Brody, he's a chef, he should know you don't need to go out for a burger if you have steak at home! Ben ain't going to be happy when he finds out. And did Zigs collapse during the run because she's pregnant...I wonder...
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