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  1. Thanks for another great chapter Taniya, you never fail to deliver! Yes it definitely seemed realistic. Poor Belle with her hand. Hope Aden gets her bracelet fixed & that Larry is caught & put back in a more secure prison!
  2. Thought you had updated, got all excited, lol. Looking forward to your next chapter later this evening
  3. That was great! Just the kind of thing I can imagine being on the show, well done. Wonder how it will come out in the show & who will be the 1st to know about it.
  4. You are definitely NOT a sloppy writer, your a brilliant writer! Wish I had half the talent of you & all the other writers on here!
  5. Another brilliant chapter, def not boring. You write really well, makes me want to keep reading more, which is what a good author does! Hope Belle is going to be okay & they catch Larry
  6. Blimey you update quick!! Another good chapter, want to know who's there!!!!
  7. Great update again Looking forward to more!
  8. Ooh I want to know what it is, I want to know!!!!! lol. Great update
  9. PLEASE PLEASE YOU HAVE TO UPDATE!!! This is so beautifully written, am absolutely loving it! Really hope they can get past everyting & get back together.
  10. Hi just read from the beginning. Its beautifully written. Good idea, the summarys so don't get muddled with other Adelle Fics. Loving it so far, well done!
  11. Aww, I want pancakes now!!! Still loving the fluff, keep up the good work.
  12. Great story!, 1st time of reading it. Looking forward to an update
  13. Loved all that fluff, keep me going til next week, lol Thank you! Wonder if receipt is for a ring!
  14. Aww that was so sweet at the end, I loved it. Yes you did scare me in the middle thinking they were going to break up. You write all their emotions very well.
  15. Think Lise means a Deep and Meaningful, lol. & I agree
  16. Hope they make up really soon! Don't u dare break them up, lol!
  17. Great story, hope have an update soon?
  18. Also waiting patiently for an update! Loving all these Adelle Fics on here
  19. Yes, more fluff please Great update
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