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  1. Yeah, I quite like the Cindy storyline too.

    What I don't like though is the stupid bits where they try to make out like it's Jane and stuff.. things like that are so annoying when it's so obviously not Jane!

    I bet I'll end up looking back on this post in a few weeks time and I'll have been proved wrong!

  2. Lol yeah, I like Dot too.

    I like her interacting with the younger people like Ben & Abi.

    Ben normally irritates the hell out of me but he's been alright recently. I just wish he'd be less whiney, lol.

    I don't know what else they can do with Preeti. They need to let us get to know her a bit more, rather than just have her fancying Mickey. That's the only thing we really know about her character. Give us a bit of her background or something.

  3. Yeah, I don't much like Preeti. I think she just comes across really wimpy. I also think that's to do with the other characters too though. They treat her appauling, so bad that it's not even believable. It's just stupid.

    What happened to Li? The last time I remember seeing her in it was when she & Mickey split up but what happened to her after that?

    I don't know how they'll explain leaving Chelsea and Libby behind either. I take it they'll just stay with Pat? Seems awfully random. Is Denise coming back then if the woman who plays her is only away on maternity leave?

  4. Same :P

    But the OC isn't on anymore :(

    I'm so angry :angry:

    Anyone here??????????????

    I know...One of the best show's ever and its already over!! :(

    Yeah sometimes alcohol can get you into a bad state...I wouldnt know or anything, Im only 14 =]

    I've only just started watching The OC.

    I wasn't well for a bit a couple weeks ago so I bought the first season and I'm a little over half way through now. I love it! I'd never watched it before but it's really awesome, can't wait to watch it all.

    I think with alcohol, the key is knowing when to stop. Having just a bit and getting tipsy or whatever is fun! But some people just can't handle their drink. I never used to know when to stop, drank waaayyy too much and I wouldn't look back on those days as good times, lol.

    I must warn you, The OC is very addictive!! I had watch a repeat off an episode in season 2 when the show was at the end of its 3rd season. I didnt understand half of it but some of my friends loved it so one of them gave me the first season boxset and I became HOOKED!! When I was finished with it I bought season 2 the very next day. I have all the season's on dvd, sad I know, but hey thats what obsession does to you!!

    I sooo agree with you! I'm on the second season now, lol.

    I remember some of my friends used to watch it when it first came out and I just never got the big deal, I think I watched about half an episode and just got annoyed because I didn't know what was going on so didn't bother to keep up, lol.

    But yeah, I finished the first season and just had to had to go and get the second season! I've just watched episode 6. I so want Summer & Seth to get back together but it doesn't much look like it's happening yet!

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