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  1. I was concerned i wouldnt like him or the other morgans but i must admit they do have charisma. Mason himself while it takes a bit to get use to him, he has that personality in his character that you are drawn to, well for me anyhow. But what i like even more is his natural connection to Pheobe, I hope these boys are staying in the bay long term i would like to see something before between these two.
  2. She is in a movie to be released this year called Sinbad and the Minotaur. I think its filmed around queensland although i could be mistaken about that part.....
  3. I loved alot of Home and Away episodes over the years but Amanda and Peter had the best chemistry to my mind. They were both blunt, open and honest about what they felt and directly dealt with it, I remember turning off Home and Away for quite a while afterwards when they left as there was a huge void for me. I miss them heaps. I hoped to see Holly (Amanda) in alot more things since, but at least Peter is in the new show Body of Proof, he still had that chemistry. I will always miss Amanda and Peter......beautiful actors Holly and Nicholas.
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