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  1. you've done such a great job on this fic its awesome!! im so sad its over, but at least you're doing a sequel!!!
  2. HSM3 i think i squeed the whole way through the movie!! and then burn after reading, apart from brad pitt's character it was an incredibly disappointing film
  3. ahh this is amazing!! i dont want it to end!! thank the lord your doin another one, else i'd have to hunt you down!!!! sike!!
  4. thank you so much for all the great comments, im glad yous all liked it!!! just thinkin of what to do next...any suggestions are very welcome!!!
  5. that was so good!!! you cant just leave it as a oneshot, you just cant!!!!
  6. mate, i just have three words for this fic MADE OF WIN.
  7. okies i'll do that then thanks for the advice!! hopefully yous'll be gettin a new chapter in the next week!!
  8. yepppppps any suggestions?
  9. im stumped i thought i'd be ok when i left my fic and went away on holiday but apparantly a month is a long time and i have no idea how to continue with my fic :S anyone got any advice please??!!
  10. smiths - please please please let me get what i want
  11. operator please - leave it alone
  12. tom waits - jesus' blood never failed me yet
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